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The UAE is a very expat-friendly nation and, as a result, every year, many new people enter the UAE to settle here. In the past decade, this has resulted in a huge demand for movers and packers in the nation. Most legitimate businesses are managed and professionally serve their clients.

But over the years, there have been many cases of fake moving companies pulling off scams on vulnerable customers. One can never be too secure when trying to avoid scams, but one can certainly educate themselves to stay away from such scammers. The idea of losing all your belongings and hard-earned money at the hands of fraudulent people is a very scary thing.

But by following the tips shared by Lyon Movers in this article, you can save yourself from getting scammed by fraud movers. Read until the end to know all the details about avoiding a moving scam and finding the best movers and packers in Dubai for your next relocation.

Don’t Fall Prey To Low Quotation

It is a natural wish for all of us to save money and find the lowest quote. From food, groceries, shopping, and even medicine these days, there are so many schemes and offers thanks to the online portals that sometimes low quotations seem harmless and true.

But understand the difference between the industries and segments Most schemes and low offers are given on FMCG goods, which are low in value and are recurring. On the other hand, when you hire movers and packers in the UAE for your relocation, you aren’t particularly buying anything; you are hiring services. And most of the time, services don’t come at lucrative and cheap prices. So, the next time you get an offer for a low quote for a relocation, become very cautious about the offer and completely analyze everything about the moving company offering it.

Legitimate moving companies, such as Lyon Movers, don’t go below a decided threshold or price range. By charging a certain amount, companies like us ensure satisfactory services to their clients and also good pay to their employees.

The Moving Company Is Hesitant To Give A Written Estimate

Professional movers and packers in Dubai will always give you a written estimate and a quotation. Never believe a moving company that gives you a low offer but isn’t willing to give it to you in a written format.

Just giving oral commitments and not giving anything written on paper is an exact sign that the moving company is probably a fraud and pulling a scam. Scamsters do this to lure you into hiring them, and once they arrive at your premises, they increase the price. In most cases, they hike the price by as much as 2 to 3 times the higher amount.

Once they arrive at your doorstep, you feel pressured into giving in to their demand since you are on a tight schedule and have a deadline to meet. Fraud movers not only waste your money but they waste your time and energy and in most cases along with your money they steal all your belongings as well.

Go Through All the Available Options

Some people are very casual about finding movers and packers in Dubai for their relocation. They start searching for the right moving company at the last hour. Whereas there are genuine reasons, some people may have to urgently relocate or move.

Whatever the reason you might have for the last-minute search for movers, don’t fall into the pressure of choosing movers right away. Browse all your options for choosing movers. Go through online searches and search for the right movers on social media as well. Secondly, you can ask your family and friends for recommendations. Legitimate movers and packers in UAE also do their marketing on various media platforms such as newspapers and hoardings. From there too, you can get leads towards good moving companies. Generally, it is a good idea to browse through a few moving companies before choosing and finalizing on any one.

Don’t Pay a Hefty Deposit

Asking for a deposit is a very normal practice in the moving industry. Paying a deposit to the movers gives the moving companies confirmation that you are indeed ready to carry out your relocation. For the home as well as the office, a relocation deposit is normal.

But be very careful when the movers demand a hefty deposit or entire moving fee beforehand. Genuine local movers in Dubai ask only for up to 20% of the total amount as a deposit fee. Some reputed moving companies just ask for a minimum and negligible amount as a token deposit. Fraudulent movers have no intention of successfully finishing or carrying out your relocation. Their only intention is to launder money out of your pockets, so be very careful when a moving company asks for a heavy deposit. You can give such companies a skip.

Look Out For Insurance Coverage

Fraud and scammers A moving company in Dubai will not give appropriate protection to your belongings and furniture, whether you are hiring them to move valuable antiques or have other valuables that need to be moved. People who have fallen prey to moving scams have claimed that some unscrupulous and fraudulent moving firms hold valuables hostage and demand ransoms for failure to pay overinflated invoices. Stay protected by getting insurance and filing an investigation report as soon as possible if this occurs.

Concluding Lines

Moving and relocating to a new place is often a good step in a person’s life. Don’t start this new phase on the wrong foot by hastily hiring the wrong moving company. Take your time, do your research, and hire a reputable moving company like Lyon Movers for a stress-free relocation.

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