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5 Things You Need to Know About Lyon Movers

Whenever people decide to relocate to a new city they are often excited and conscious both at the same time; excited for the new opportunities that are waiting for them and conscious because of the gigantic task of relocating that is to be done.

If one plans properly in advance there is no need to be worried or stressed about the relocation journey. Even when planning doesn’t help you be stress-free for your relocation hiring professional movers and packers in Dubai is the best way to have a stress-free and hassle-free relocation.

If you reside in the UAE, then Lyon Mover is one of the best movers and packers in the entire UAE region. We have experience of nearly a decade of helping different commercial establishments, industries, and residences have a smooth and worry-free relocation. If you are searching for a moving company for your next relocation then here are five points that you must know before you hire a moving company.

1. We are experienced

Lyon Movers was established nearly a decade ago in Dubai. Back in those days Dubai was growing rapidly and witnessing a lot of expats coming in every day. The growing expat population had an immense need for a good moving company. In those days there were not many companies in the moving industry that could be trusted easily. Our founders took this opportunity to bridge the gap between the growing demand for a moving company and offering quality services, Lyon Movers was established.

In the last decade of our service in the moving industry, we have helped more than 5000 companies, individuals, commercial business owners, and others to relocate their houses, offices, and commercial spaces locally as well as internationally. Out of the 5000 plus relocations, nearly half of them were office and commercial relocations to international destinations. So if you are searching for a international office movers and packers in Dubai Lyon Movers can be your best option.

2. We Have Well Trained Staff

As we have mentioned above that we have completed more than 5000 local and international relocations. Being able to cater to such a large number of people wouldn’t have been possible for Lyon Movers without the aid of our experienced staff. At Lyon Movers, we believe in human relations and we strongly also believe that our staff is our main strength. In our decade-long experience, less than 10% of our employees have left us and those who left us had to do so because of some personal reasons.

Our staff members have grown along with us and we have regularly invested in the skill development of our staff. This makes our staff not only experienced but professionally trained and skilled as well. So the next time you wish to relocate your villa and search for villa movers and packers in Dubai, in which hands will you, want your belongings to be? Experienced and skilled hands or novice hands?

3. We Have One Of The Largest Fleet Of Trucks

The most important tool for movers is their trucks. Without a proper truck, a moving company will never be able to efficiently cater to the requirements of its clients. Lyon Movers has developed a fleet of more than 50 trucks over the decade of our work experience. Our fleet of transport vehicles consists of different types of trucks. Right from 1-ton trucks to large tractor-trailer units that can carry more than 50 tons at a time. Whether you want to relocate a small space or a large space such as a villa we can easily handle different relocations of varied sizes. Very few moving companies in Dubai have such a large fleet of moving trucks with them.

Moreover, Lyon Movers have all their truck fully equipped with the necessary tools and equipment that are required for a hassle-free relocation.

4. We Are Flexible And Transparent

Maintaining transparency before our clients is one of the biggest values that drive us. We value human connections and believe that it is the right of every individual to be fairly treated and transparently dealt with. Even when there is something difficult like an extra charge that will need to be debited in our clients’ invoices we are very transparent with our clients and convey all the facts clearly before agreeing to relocation. We believe that our honest transactions are our biggest USP and the more honest we are the more business we will gain. Our revenue of the past years is a clear marker our honesty is the best policy. Being transparent with our clients irrespective of circumstances makes us one of the best movers and packers in Dubai.

Sometimes, our clients need some extra time with packing or they need some urgent last-minute services. In such circumstances, we are always flexible and leave no stone unturned to help our clients. Whether it is office relocation or a villa relocation our team comes up with an innovative solution to help meet our clients’ emergencies.

5. We Offer A Range Of Services

At Lyon Movers, we aren’t limited to being just one of the leading and professional movers and packers in Dubai. We simultaneously offer a full range of services. Our services include removal services, packing, and unpacking services, air-freight and sea-freight, disposal services, home relocation, office relocation, carpentry works, import-export services, and handyman services. We even have storage spaces in Dubai, if you need an additional storage space you can safely store your extra goods and belongings at our storage facility.

When you hire Lyon Movers as your movers and packers in Dubai you don’t just get moving services but you can simultaneously avail a whole lot of services. Whenever you need help with all the above-mentioned services or anyone at any given time you can call us and you will be served within the least amount of time.

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