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5 Tips For Moving During the UAE’S Major Holidays

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As if moving wasn’t already stressful and in this chaos, having to move during the holidays adds to the burden tremendously. The holiday season is meant for spending time with family and friends and enjoying them. The sudden surprise of moving and relocating affects your entire family.

Your kids, who were thinking of shopping and getting treats for the holiday season, now have the work of packing up their books and toys and saying goodbye to their friends. One of the most enjoyable periods gets transformed into a period with hectic work and lots of work. However, there isn’t a need to particularly worry a lot about moving if you hire the right moving company.

The friendly staff of Lyon Movers will ensure that your kids don’t miss out on holiday fun and that you get to spend a lot of time with your family when you hire us for relocation. Learn about five amazing tips for relocating or moving during the holiday season in the UAE.

1. Find A Moving Company That Caters To All Your Needs

When it comes to moving and relocating, the moving company in Dubai that you choose will matter a lot. Some people prefer to do solo DIY relocations. There isn’t any harm in doing a DIY relocation, but it is advisable only if you have ample time at hand and have very minimal things to move out.

Mostly, DIY relocation is good for bachelor and college students who don’t have a lot of stuff to move and have just a very few things to take from point A to point B.

If you have a family and a large house that needs to be suddenly moved during the peak holiday season, hiring reputable movers such as Lyon Movers is a great idea. Not only do all the prices go up in the holiday season, but the availability of things is less as well. More demand and less supply will further raise the prices.

Apart from that, you may have valuable and fragile items such as vintage antiques and other similar artwork, which need a lot of careful packing. Lyon Movers and packers in UAE, such as Lyon Movers, have a lot of experience in handling such delicate items. Our team can efficiently manage these things for you in less time. This will reduce your burden of moving and give you a pleasant moving experience.

2. Have A Backup Plan In Case The Weather Goes Bad

As you may be aware, the weather can be fickle and very unpredictable over the holiday season. Some major holidays in the UAE come in May, during the holy Ramzan. This season is very hot and, occasionally, storms are also witnessed during this season. While obsessing over every change in the forecast is pointless, keeping an eye on it is a good way of protecting yourself from uncertainties. Being informed will help you to have a backup plan in case the worst happens. Consult with the dependable movers and packers in Dubai that you hire to establish a backup plan that works for you in case the weather does not cooperate.

Keeping an eye on the weather also gives you a chance to plan your packing properly. If it’s going to be very hot, you can pack heat-sensitive items accordingly. If it’s going to pour heavily, you can have your boxes wrapped with something waterproof such as a tarp.

3. Stay Hydrated And Manage Your Diet Well

If you will be moving during the holy month of Ramzan, chances are you will be fasting during the period. So you must follow and maintain your diet well. Consume food during the early hours of the morning and ensure you consume liquids that allow you to stay hydrated.

On the other hand, many businesses prefer to stay closed during this period. It is a great idea that you make a booking with your preferred professional movers and packers in Dubai before the holiday season starts. Employees of your moving company may also be fasting, so keeping your cool and not burdening them with extra work is a good idea.Also, avoid working during the hours when the sun is at its peak. This will help you and the staff of the moving company retain energy levels and not feel weak.

4. Maintain the Holiday Spirit

Just because you are burdened with having to move during the holidays doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the fun. When the holiday season arrives, the joy may wane as worry related to the relocation takes control. Instead, set aside time and make an effort to commemorate the holiday season. Listening to seasonal music or viewing holiday specials are simple ways to get into the holiday spirit.

For young children, holidays are especially enchanting. You can take your children for a visit to holiday displays, and indulge in some simple and delicious holiday meals. This all adds to the excitement. Maintain the holiday spirit at your home by doing a little décor and wearing clothes in the holiday theme. When you hire the best movers and packers in Dubai, they will make sure you get the best of the holiday season and yet have a safe and successful relocation as well.

5. Define Your Budget

As we said earlier, the holiday season can ask for some hefty prices. So, defining your budget beforehand for your entire move can be extremely useful. You can call local movers in Dubai near you to find the average price of relocation to your destination and, accordingly, by keeping a margin of 10–20%, you can set a budget for your relocation.

Parting Lines

Choosing Lyon Movers to assist with your move will make your holiday relocation look effortless. You can’t go wrong with Lyon Movers, which offers residential and business movers as well as moving and storage services. If you are planning a large relocation this holiday season, don’t forget to fill out the form to obtain a free quotation right now!

5 Different Ways To Avoid A Moving Scam

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The UAE is a very expat-friendly nation and, as a result, every year, many new people enter the UAE to settle here. In the past decade, this has resulted in a huge demand for movers and packers in the nation. Most legitimate businesses are managed and professionally serve their clients.

But over the years, there have been many cases of fake moving companies pulling off scams on vulnerable customers. One can never be too secure when trying to avoid scams, but one can certainly educate themselves to stay away from such scammers. The idea of losing all your belongings and hard-earned money at the hands of fraudulent people is a very scary thing.

But by following the tips shared by Lyon Movers in this article, you can save yourself from getting scammed by fraud movers. Read until the end to know all the details about avoiding a moving scam and finding the best movers and packers in Dubai for your next relocation.

Don’t Fall Prey To Low Quotation

It is a natural wish for all of us to save money and find the lowest quote. From food, groceries, shopping, and even medicine these days, there are so many schemes and offers thanks to the online portals that sometimes low quotations seem harmless and true.

But understand the difference between the industries and segments Most schemes and low offers are given on FMCG goods, which are low in value and are recurring. On the other hand, when you hire movers and packers in the UAE for your relocation, you aren’t particularly buying anything; you are hiring services. And most of the time, services don’t come at lucrative and cheap prices. So, the next time you get an offer for a low quote for a relocation, become very cautious about the offer and completely analyze everything about the moving company offering it.

Legitimate moving companies, such as Lyon Movers, don’t go below a decided threshold or price range. By charging a certain amount, companies like us ensure satisfactory services to their clients and also good pay to their employees.

The Moving Company Is Hesitant To Give A Written Estimate

Professional movers and packers in Dubai will always give you a written estimate and a quotation. Never believe a moving company that gives you a low offer but isn’t willing to give it to you in a written format.

Just giving oral commitments and not giving anything written on paper is an exact sign that the moving company is probably a fraud and pulling a scam. Scamsters do this to lure you into hiring them, and once they arrive at your premises, they increase the price. In most cases, they hike the price by as much as 2 to 3 times the higher amount.

Once they arrive at your doorstep, you feel pressured into giving in to their demand since you are on a tight schedule and have a deadline to meet. Fraud movers not only waste your money but they waste your time and energy and in most cases along with your money they steal all your belongings as well.

Go Through All the Available Options

Some people are very casual about finding movers and packers in Dubai for their relocation. They start searching for the right moving company at the last hour. Whereas there are genuine reasons, some people may have to urgently relocate or move.

Whatever the reason you might have for the last-minute search for movers, don’t fall into the pressure of choosing movers right away. Browse all your options for choosing movers. Go through online searches and search for the right movers on social media as well. Secondly, you can ask your family and friends for recommendations. Legitimate movers and packers in UAE also do their marketing on various media platforms such as newspapers and hoardings. From there too, you can get leads towards good moving companies. Generally, it is a good idea to browse through a few moving companies before choosing and finalizing on any one.

Don’t Pay a Hefty Deposit

Asking for a deposit is a very normal practice in the moving industry. Paying a deposit to the movers gives the moving companies confirmation that you are indeed ready to carry out your relocation. For the home as well as the office, a relocation deposit is normal.

But be very careful when the movers demand a hefty deposit or entire moving fee beforehand. Genuine local movers in Dubai ask only for up to 20% of the total amount as a deposit fee. Some reputed moving companies just ask for a minimum and negligible amount as a token deposit. Fraudulent movers have no intention of successfully finishing or carrying out your relocation. Their only intention is to launder money out of your pockets, so be very careful when a moving company asks for a heavy deposit. You can give such companies a skip.

Look Out For Insurance Coverage

Fraud and scammers A moving company in Dubai will not give appropriate protection to your belongings and furniture, whether you are hiring them to move valuable antiques or have other valuables that need to be moved. People who have fallen prey to moving scams have claimed that some unscrupulous and fraudulent moving firms hold valuables hostage and demand ransoms for failure to pay overinflated invoices. Stay protected by getting insurance and filing an investigation report as soon as possible if this occurs.

Concluding Lines

Moving and relocating to a new place is often a good step in a person’s life. Don’t start this new phase on the wrong foot by hastily hiring the wrong moving company. Take your time, do your research, and hire a reputable moving company like Lyon Movers for a stress-free relocation.

How to Avoid Fake Packers and Movers in Dubai

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Often, new beginnings in life are followed by the tedious process of relocation and moving. You gather all your possessions, pack them up, and begin the process of shifting them to a new place and new city. The process of relocating to a new place can be thrilling sometimes and can be very tiring sometimes.

Moving to a new place can help you bridge the gaps between your dreams and hopes and make them a reality. However, amidst all these things, when you hire a moving company in Dubai for your local or international relocation and it turns out that the movers are fake, the entire experience can become very stressful, especially because all your valuable possessions, vital documents, and even money can be in the hands of some company that turns out to be fake.

In most cases of office relocation in Dubai, dealing with a sham moving company can result in the leak of company secrets and other valuable insights. That is why whenever you choose a moving company in Dubai, you should be very careful that you don’t pick a fake company. In this article, Lyon Movers, one of the best movers and packers in Dubai, shares tips on how to avoid picking fake packers and movers in Dubai.

1. Visit The Company’s Website

A website for any company can give you a lot of information about it. Often, legitimate and professional movers and packers in Dubai have a detailed website with rich content giving you a lot of information about moving and relocation and also about the company.

Pay careful attention to lucrative schemes. Fake movers have lucrative and hard-to-believe schemes and offer that promise a lot for just a fraction of the money. Whenever you see such hard-to-believe schemes and offers, remember the famous English saying which says “there is nothing like a free lunch”. Also, true movers and packers in Dubai have detailed addresses, contact details, and even concerned person details mentioned on their website.

2. Verify The Company’s Registration

Most legitimate moving companies are duly registered with the national authorities. Whenever you visit a genuine moving website, you will often find registered firms’ names listed on the site. In the case of a fake moving company, you will hardly find any legitimate details. Also, the overall branding and legitimacy of a website in the case of fraud movers are very bad and of low quality.

In the case of local movers in Dubai, you will always find their registration details in the national database. If you choose an international moving company, then it will be hard to find their details in your nation’s database, but if you can find out the origin country of that country, then you will certainly find the details in that nation’s national company registration database.

3. Social Media Presences

Genuine moving companies in Dubai have a strong presence on social media. Many people who have taken services from these companies follow them on social media and give their feedback. Not only these, but such companies have a presence across major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and sometimes even YouTube. When you follow and research such moving companies on social media, you can get a sense of their legitimacy.

The websites of real movers are always up to date and always have vital information related to prices, services, and overall general industry-related information.

4. Equipment

Trusted and reputed moving companies such as Lyon Movers have a long list of equipment that they have. Whenever you visit a mover’s office, you can see this equipment in one or the other form.

Trusted movers and packers in Dubai never hesitate to show their clients the list of equipment and tools they have. The most common tools and equipment include moving trucks with branding and logos of the moving company. The fleet of trucks is not limited to one or two trucks, but almost always they have more than three to four trucks. Other common tools are lifting dollies, forklifts, moving blankets, moving belts, and other similar equipment and tools.

5. Quotations and Prices

If you are looking for reliable movers and packers in UAE, you need to first determine the moving industry’s standard pricing. Companies that offer exceptionally cheap or extremely high prices are usually not authentic, so using competitive prices is secure. A low price is never genuine, and if it is, something is missing. However, greater costs may be a front for poor service.

It is critical to obtain quotes from all of your possibilities. You can tell the firms what you need to move and the distance they need to be transported to, as well as if you want moving services, and they will call you with an estimate or come visit and inspect the premises. Also, most legitimate companies offer more than one free quote. At Lyon Movers, we offer as many as five free quotations. Also, at Lyon Movers, we give quotations based on a personal visit and inspection of the moving house or office.

6. Don’t Pay Heavy Advance Fees

Even if you have discovered reputable and qualified movers and packers in Dubai, avoid paying their entire bill before the actual relocation. Making a full, upfront payment might put you in a difficult situation because there is no certainty that the work will get done. In reality, the majority of reliable packers and movers will not want full payment for their services before the relocation.

Some movers may want a deposit of up to 20% of the overall package you’ve chosen. Paying more than that may put you at risk of fraud. Only at the time of final delivery must the total amount be paid.

Concluding Lines

There can be a few fake and rogue moving companies, and the chance of you choosing one of them can be drastically reduced by following the above tips. For safe and secure relocation to international destinations, choose the most reliable movers in the UAE, “Lyon Movers”. Our experts are just a call away.

5 Tips for Packing Your Wardrobe While Relocating to the UAE

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Packing your entire wardrobe for relocation may be time-consuming and daunting. However, it is important to proceed with caution and patience to guarantee that your expensive outfit arrives securely. To stay up with the trends, especially in a large place like Dubai, you may find yourself buying and stockpiling numerous comparable things. As a result, your closet will be crammed with dozens of things that have little in common. Moving such an overflowing wardrobe becomes a monumental effort, necessitating the sacrifice of a few pieces and prioritizing what should be given away and what should be saved.

However, for such daunting tasks, when you hire professional movers and packers in Dubai such as Lyon Movers, your task of moving an entire wardrobe becomes very easy. Professional movers know all the special tricks to make relocation easier. They are equipped with all the modern equipment and tools to facilitate a hassle-free relocation. However, when you are moving and you want to pack your wardrobe, here are a few tips that you must follow:

Start With Decluttering Your Space

When it comes to relocation, decluttering is almost the first thing you must do, and it is also what most movers and packers in Dubai suggest doing so. Prioritize what you desire and what is realistic for your lifestyle in your city’s weather conditions. Have you worn that winter coat in over a year? The likelihood is that you do not require it. Donate or sell the goods you no longer need.

This will make it much easier for you and the local movers in Dubai that you hire to complete the relocation on schedule. If you have objects that require repair, try to keep them aside and get them repaired. You can put garments or accessories that need to be repaired in a box or bag separately and get them repaired before or after relocating. Although to avoid misunderstandings, it is always preferable to have those clothes and accessories repaired before the movers arrive. Also getting rid of all unwanted stuff is a great idea this way you won’t spend money on moving things that you don’t want to take along with you.

After You Declutter, Organize What You Have Retained

After you’ve selected what to retain and what to toss, you can begin sorting them. Your clothing can be organized according to the occasion, such as formal attire, festive wear, or loungewear. It may take some time, but doing so will make the process of moving, packing, and unpacking much easier. Using the same method, you may also organize your bags, shoes, and other accessories. Keeping various clothes in separate bags will make it easier to find things after the move. It will make it easier for you to unpack and organize your clothing.

Leading house movers and packers in Dubai suggest that you can even color code all your clothes so that it’s easier to find all your white shirts in one place and all your black trousers in one place. You can also organize everything according to each individual. For example, you can store his and hers separately and kids’ clothes separately so that things don’t get mixed up and become a big mess.

Start Packing Efficiently

After you have decided what to save and sorted through your clothes, you will need to think about how you will pack them. Delicate materials or clothing, for example, may be tampered with if they are not folded or covered in separate bags. Some textiles, such as linen or denim, may be fine simply folded and stored in a big bag or box. Remember to take careful care of your fine and luxurious goods. If you have a lot of expensive clothing, make sure to tell the villa movers in Dubai that you hire what you will require. It will help them to guarantee that they receive adequate treatment.

When it comes to pricey jewelry or luxury handbags, always be sure to box them securely. Keep an inventory of all the stuff you’ve given the movers. It will help you track your belongings and give you peace of mind during your relocation.

Before Packing, Do Your Laundry

Remember to wash your entire laundry before you start packing to avoid your garments smelling nasty or growing fungus. Pack clothes that need to be washed separately from those that have already been cleaned. Professional launders may also iron and fold your garments for you. It will assist you in ensuring that your items do not take up too much room while packing.

You may also use silica gel sachets to stuff your shoes and luggage if necessary. It will keep the goods from absorbing moisture and spoiling. This is very useful for packing leather or cashmere items, especially in regions such as the UAE, which have a hot climate. The villa movers and packers in Dubai that you will hire will also prefer to handle clothes that are clean and tidy.

Go Through Your Toiletries and Cosmetics

Before packing your toiletries and cosmetics, double-check the expiration date. If you see that they have expired, discard them properly and replace them in your new home as needed. Makeup and skincare should be packed in individual boxes. Make certain that everything is firmly packed in the boxes. To further insulate them, add bubble wrap or packing peanuts. This will assist you in ensuring that the items do not break, spill, or become damaged during shipment. Mark the cartons containing your toiletries as “fragile. It is also a good idea to notify your packers and movers that such boxes must be handled with care.

Concluding Lines

Don’t worry if moving and packing isn’t your cup of tea! Seek professional assistance from the best packers and movers in Dubai. They will handle everything from sorting to unpacking, making the procedure simple and painless.

5 Things to Keep In Mind Before Hiring Villa Movers and Packers in Dubai

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Whether you are new to the city or have lived here for years, relocation is one painful thing that needs a lot of meticulous planning and preparation. And when it comes to moving a large space such as a villa, the challenge of managing everything is even higher. Choosing the right villa movers in Dubai becomes very useful for relocating such large spaces.

However, when there are several options available when it comes to choosing the right house movers and packers in Dubai, things can get confusing and overwhelming. One mover may have great reviews, while another may have years of experience, and yet another may have low prices. In such situations, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and even get confused about choosing the right movers for your villa relocation. However, there are a few basic things when considering which can make it very easy for you to choose the right movers and packers in Dubai for your villa relocation.

First Understand Your Needs and Requirements

The needs and requirements of every home or villa owner differ from each other. You may need a mover who offers a full-service package, while your friend who recently shifted their house might need only movers for packing heavy goods.

Similarly, the size of your house can be very different from that of your friends. Depending upon all these various factors, you can search for a moving company and can ask those questions. The larger the size of the moving unit, the larger the cost of moving will be. The factor of what distance you will be moving, whether you will be moving locally or internationally, are all the factors that matter a lot when it comes to moving and relocating a house. Lyon Movers is considered amongst the best movers and packers in Dubai. We do local as well as international house and commercial relocation.

Verify the Reputation of the Moving Company

A reputed moving company always has good reviews, but some companies may have good branding and everything and yet may have an underlying reputation of not delivering on time. A mover with a great reputation and high customer evaluations can guarantee that your belongings will be secured. As a result, it is critical to check the complaint registries to ensure that you are dealing with the correct organization. Furthermore, it is possible to acquire an idea by studying Google reviews in which clients have stated their favorable or negative experiences.

When verifying a reputation, it is of utmost importance to verify negative comments as well. It isn’t that reputed moving companies won’t have bad reviews, but within their bad reviews, you will find insights that will help you understand whether the services of that particular mover will be suitable for you or not. You can study reviews of a particular moving company on various platforms and even on social media.

Consider the Amount of Experience Your Moving Company Has

This is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a moving company. A long track record also shows that they know what they’re doing and will take excellent care of your possessions. Whenever you want to choose a professional mover and packer in Dubai for your villa relocation, consider the amount of experience your moving company has. The experience becomes a primary concern when you are choosing a villa mover and packer in Dubai for relocating your villa. Because an experienced moving company knows how to handle delicate belongings in the most critical situations that may arise while relocating or moving.

Inquire about specialist skills such as moving in high-rise buildings or hauling fragile and large things. Additionally, look for services that are related to the relocation procedure. For example, if they provide storage, it would be simple to obtain both services at the same location. Moving storage goods ahead of time decreases the amount of time and labor required on moving days.

Examine the Moving Company’s Legal Status

It is critical to confirm that the company you intend to engage in is legally licensed and insured. Reputable movers such as Lyon Movers hold property damage and cargo insurance, so if something goes wrong with your possessions while they are being carried, they will be held accountable and responsible. Aside from that, it guarantees that your relocation will be handled with care and attention.

Consider The Prices Provided By Your Movers

When comparing prices, you should also consider service quality. Not all low-cost services are beneficial to you. Make cautious not to select a firm purely primarily on pricing; organizations with a solid reputation such as Lyon Movers often offer inexpensive prices as well. Also, to minimize overbilling, you should check about any additional costs that may apply to your situation. It is also vital to understand their cancellation rules and pricing policies. Prior deposits must also be considered. Reputable movers should not require a large deposit in advance for a standard-sized relocation. However, depending on the size of the relocation, some movers just need a small deposit, which is okay.

Concluding Lines

Relocating a big villa from one place to another is one of the most stressful experiences one can have. However, if you begin preparing one month in advance, your move into your new house will go smoothly. It is nearly impossible to accomplish it alone; you will need to employ experienced movers to prevent last-minute panic. You can search for local movers in Dubai near you by searching for movers near you. Or you can even contact us “Lyon Movers” anytime and we will be happy to help you.

Hiring a Carpenter: What to Look for and What Questions to Ask

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You are probably wondering what a carpentry article is doing on a movers and packers website. Carpentry services are one of the important services that are required during the process of relocation and removal.

In the process of relocating a home or an office, many big, odd-shaped, bulky pieces of furniture have to be shifted and transferred from your old space to a newer space, such as a new home or office. During this process, oftentimes furniture pieces need to be disassembled and reassembled. For such times, carpentry services play a major role. Thus, to help our clients find easy solutions during home removals, at Lyon Movers, being a leading moving company in Dubai, we also offer handyman and carpentry services.

We don’t limit our carpentry services just to removals or relocations; we extend our services for other occasions as well. So even when you are not moving or relocating your space and need carpentry assistance our team will be delighted to guide you and fix your problems.

In this article, Lyon Movers will explain to you what to look for when hiring a carpenter and what questions to ask them. Keep reading until the end to find out all the details.

What to Look for in a Carpenter

When you hire carpentry services from us, you are sorted out, as at Lyon Movers we thoroughly and regularly check every minute detail of our staff members. We conduct background checks and surprise checks now and then. That is why when you search for carpentry companies in Dubai, Lyon Movers will always appear among the top 10 companies. In any case, if you wish to hire your carpenter from other sources, here are some of the things that you must look for in your carpenter.

• The Qualifications Of Your Carpenter

It may be tempting to employ the carpenter with the lowest price, but keep in mind that a poor carpentry project will almost certainly result in paying out of pocket for repairs and replacement components in the future. To avoid disaster later, be sure the carpenter you employ has the necessary abilities and expertise to do the project appropriately. Consider the carpenter’s abilities and credentials before requesting quotes.

• Think About Whether Your Carpenter Is Trained

While a degree is not necessary, many carpenters learn the craft through apprenticeships. These might happen at trade schools, community colleges, or even high school shop classes. Carpenters in training begin as apprentices, learning the profession either officially or by aiding more experienced carpenters in their work.

A well-trained carpenter knows how to fix the most rigid problems that can occur commonly or less frequently. Common problems are easy to solve but the most common problems can take up a very dramatic turn and it can be a difficult feat to fix them. Hiring a carpenter from Lyon Movers that provides the best carpentry services in Dubai can ensure that your common carpentry problems don’t become a big headache over time.

• Is The Carpenter Licensed?

Hiring a carpenter who does not have a license can get dangerous. It is even considered illegal in various parts of the world and in countries like the United States to hire an unlicensed carpenter. While each country or region can have its own set of license criteria, some basic common practices are followed in the United Arab Emirates too. A valid carpentry license indicates that your carpenter is insured and bonded as required by the regional authorities and is up to speed on industry standards. This implies that your home, office, or any other premises you intend to work on are safe from any harm that may occur throughout the remodeling process.

Especially when you hire a carpenter for your relocation hiring a licensed carpenter becomes useful for many other processes. Lyon Movers being Professional movers and packers in Dubai always hires licensed carpenters for its handyman and carpentry services.

• Consider the Insurance Factor

A professional carpenter should have both liability insurance, to protect your house from work-related losses and also worker’s compensation insurance to ensure you are not held accountable if the carpenter is injured on the job. The carpenter you hire should have a bond so that you are covered if he or she fails to follow the conditions of your contract. All these things are possible when you hire a carpenter from the best movers and packers in Dubai, Lyon Movers.

Questions to Ask Your Carpenter Before Hiring Him or Her

  • Ask them about their experience, whether they are fresher or have worked as an apprentice.
  • Details about their past projects if they are experienced.
  • Ask your carpenter about his niche, some carpenters are experts in cabinet making, while some are experts in making artistic pieces, get details about this.
  • Ask your carpenter about his license and permit to work in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Ask your carpenter how he charges whether flat or hourly rate.
  • Ask if he is willing to give proper invoices.
  • Ask if he is willing to do a written contract.
  • As your carpenter, he has insurance to cover damages.
  • Ask your carpenter about his availability.

Concluding Lines

It sounds easy enough in principle, but selecting the proper carpenter for your requirements and budget may be difficult. Different carpenters specialize in different areas, and at times a simple Google search isn’t perfect enough to get to the exact carpenter that you’re looking for. Hope this article by the leading local movers in Dubai helped you in choosing the right carpenter for your projects. You can call us anytime and hire the best carpentry workers in Dubai.

Making The Most Of Your Moving Truck Rental: Tips And Tricks

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Moving is a marvelous phase of life for most people. Moving and relocating to a new place means new work and growing personally, professionally, and in every other aspect of life. Selling, purchasing, and relocating may all be exciting occasions. With so many things to juggle, plan, and organize, these are frequently highly emotional and stressful periods for individuals, families, and organizations.

Most people are afraid of the entire moving thing. Since the work related to moving is considered an extremely stressful period by many people, Some adventurous people choose to do DIY relocations. Be it home or office moving should be planned thoroughly a few days ahead to avoid stress and failure in moving.

The fact is that we frequently don’t know how much stuff we’ve amassed until we need to take inventory, pack it up, and relocate it. Moving to a new location necessitates the use of a moving truck. Renting a moving truck is not a difficult task, but it should not be taken lightly. Failure to perform your homework can lead to additional expenses, damage to your goods, a messed-up timetable, and greater stress and irritation-none of which are good! In this article, Lyon Movers, one of the best movers and packers in Dubai.

will explain how to make the most of your moving truck. Read until the end to know all the tips.

Plan and Go Shopping

Making the most of your moving truck begins far in advance of the big day. Yes, we’re referring to everyone’s favorite pastime: packing and shopping. The first thing you should do is go to your local packing and moving company and stock up on boxes, tape, tie-downs, and labeling markers. Inquire with the truck rental business if they also supply dolly or furniture pads. At Lyon Movers, being one of the top moving truck rentals in Dubai, we supply additional accessories such as dollys or furniture pads when our clients request the same.

We aim to serve our clients to the fullest and help them solve all their moving-related problems. We even have packing services where if you want help with just packing your stuff, we can provide the same for you.

Pack Wisely Before the Moving Day

Now that you have your supplies, you may begin packing. Begin by preparing a travel bag for each member of the household so that you are not caught without clean clothing, a toothbrush, and so on. Remember to pack all the essentials in a separate essentials bag or make an essentials box to make it easy for the moving day. Pack objects that will dwell in the same place in the same box and pack them according to how you will unpack them. Label both sides of the boxes clearly with the name of the space or individual, as well as the contents. Overpacked boxes can damage the contents or possibly the box itself. To safeguard glass and breakables, wrap them in towels, T-shirts, and linens.

When you hire professional movers and packers in Dubai and take their full-service package, you get all the support right from packing to loading the moving truck. So you can rest assured and relax while your movers take care of the rest.

Get Everything in One Place

If you have enough space in your house or office, assemble all of your belongings in one location before beginning to load the truck. This will help you understand how to manage, organize, arrange, and load the vehicle.

If you don’t have enough space or room within your home or office, then if the weather permits, outside locations such as the yard or driveway are ideal for this. Otherwise, go for the largest room closest to the exit. By searching for a rental truck in Dubai, you can manage your relocation and the logistics of moving.

Begin Loading Your Tuck with Large Appliances

Large appliances like your washer and dryer, refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher should be the first things you load into your moving vehicle. This makes it easy to tie these large things to the truck’s frame, preventing them from moving during travel. Strong ratchet straps or tie-downs are recommended.

Fill in The Blanks Don’t Keep Empty Spaces

After you have perfectly secured your appliances, fill up the gaps around your appliances with boxes and other things. Because appliances have a very stable base, consider stacking your other kitchen boxes with dishes, glasses, cutlery, and cookware on top. To avoid scratching, use towels or other material between boxes and appliances.

This tip is a very old trick used by local movers in Dubai to prevent damage to goods while in transit.

Use the Mattress Trick

Mattresses are large and floppy, and packing them is a difficult task. Mattresses should be fastened to the truck’s sidewall. A saggy mattress can cause havoc, so make sure it’s securely fastened. You may also safeguard your flat-screen TVs and computer displays by placing them between two soft mattresses. If you’re going to put a delicate flat-screen TV between them, make sure nothing heavy or bulky presses against the mattress. While you search for the best moving truck in Dubai, Lyon Movers can be of great help to you because we have one of the largest fleets of moving trucks in the entire United Arab Emirates.

Fill In The Blanks Again

Once every single thing and every single piece of furniture is in place, begin filling in the gaps. Because furniture can be fragile, be careful how you arrange it and utilize buffers where required. Wrap breakables like mirrors and picture frames in your heaviest blankets and position them next to anything soft while transporting them. You will get the best pickup truck rental in Dubai with us.

Concluding Lines

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of relocation, or just don’t have time to complete all of the packing and preparation you’d like to do ahead of time, call us. Our crew is available to assist you with moving tips, methods, and supplies to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

The Benefits of Hiring a Handyman Service From Lyon Movers

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For businesses or households, there may be many difficulties that can be experienced from time to time. A difficulty or two can cause a lot of headaches for businesses and homeowners. When handyman services are easily accessible and readily available, it helps businesses and homeowners a lot.

A qualified handyman can take care of broken or damaged electrical wiring and blocked bathrooms or toilets efficiently, among other things. As a busy business or homeowner, you would struggle to manage your company or home while simultaneously thinking about the repairs that need to be done.

Furthermore, repeated repair issues would not only waste your time but also your resources. You are also likely to lose any income that your company may produce. Hiring professional handyman services for your business will save you the time and effort that you would have spent completing repairs on your own. Because he is experienced in many areas, a handyman can perform most repairs without requiring you to call your contractor.

In this article, Lyon Movers will explain to you the multiple benefits of hiring a handyman service. Read until the end to get all the details.

What Are the Different Handyman Services?

A handyman is a competent worker who can complete a variety of activities and occupations. Most individuals engage a handyman for different jobs, from little repair work to significant big jobs that cause major difficulties. Different handyman services include

  • Plumbing
  • Home Improvement
  • Gardening, as well as
  • Additional home renovation projects

Lyon Movers, the leading local movers in Dubai, trains its handymen to deliver world-class results. Our handymen will work hard to complete the many repairs and other activities that need to be completed at your business, institution, or home.

You Will Do Minimal or No Work at All

Being busy and focusing on your work at home or office and taking care of repair work can be a difficult task for many people. Shopping for repairs then hiring an individual or getting the right tools and doing the job yourself can be very time-consuming.

Apart from consuming time, if you start a DIY job, you may end up injuring yourself. What you thought would be a quick job could turn into a project that lasts several days or even weeks. On the other hand, when you hire a handyman from Lyon Movers, who are among the best movers and packers in Dubai, you get a professional handyman to visit your doorstep and take care of everything related to your repair work.

Hiring A Handyman Helps Save Money

Hiring a single person to handle all the tasks might save you a significant amount of time spent contacting contractors. Furthermore, hiring handyman services for your business from Lyon Movers, who are the best furniture movers and packers in Dubai, can eliminate the possibility of being overcharged or penalized for overtime. A handyman hired by us can arrange a timetable that will save you and your company money on utility bills while the repair is being done. Our handyman services are aimed at helping avoid overcharging because they are billed by the hour. This becomes less expensive and more affordable than hiring or completing a job through a contractor.

As You Learn About More Problems That Need To Be Repaired Or Fixed

Since a handyman is experienced in a variety of fields, you may also receive advice on other areas that require repair or replacement. An experienced handyman can inform you if your pipes need to be replaced or unclogged. You may also receive advice if your walls need to be repainted or if your roof needs repair or replacement, which is the ultimate solution. Knowing about these issues can save you money and time on future repairs and replacements. It will also assist you to have fewer unanticipated difficulties that might disturb your business’s or home’s seamless running. Hiring the best handyman in Dubai from reputed sources such as Lyon Movers helps people save a lot of time and headaches over big and menial repair issues.

Your Place Will Look Fantastic

When you hire a handyman for your business or home, it will improve the overall appearance. As we have said earlier, a handyman possesses a variety of abilities that will assist you in achieving the desired appearance or outcomes for your home or commercial premises.

Whether it’s replacing a broken faucet or repainting a wall, a handyman can execute the work precisely without affecting or harming other aspects. When the project is over, you can be confident that everything will function properly or look great according to your specifications.

Handyman Services Give Reliability

Reliability is an important aspect of any handyman service. Having a professional handyman service with a solid track record in your region can spare you from the inconveniences of back-to-back tasks, which may be costly.

Heavy winds, sand, salt, and the odd storm, for example, all have an impact on the inside and external integrity of building structures and even interiors. When dealing with these challenges, it is preferable to contact the best handyman services in Dubai that have credibility and competence in this field. At Lyon Movers, you can get the best services at any time.

A Handyman Makes Relocation Easier

If you are relocating to another city or just another part of town and you encounter the need to hire someone for repair work, then hiring professional movers and packers in Dubai will become very helpful for you. Finding cheap handymen in Dubai can get challenging, but at Lyon Movers, we are dedicated to providing the best solutions. Thus, our handyman services are precisely charged, which allows us to give the best quality while making the deal affordable for our clients, be it for relocation or a normal job.

Concluding Lines

Your house or office is one of your most valuable possessions, so you should take care of it properly. If you lack the time, equipment, or tools to perform house maintenance and repair, it is preferable to hire professional handyman services in your area to complete the work.

Why Hiring a Professional Mover is Worth the Investment

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When you count stressful events in your life, do you include relocation in them? We are sure you have long forgotten the trauma of your last relocation. But like you, most people have gone through the trauma of relocation at least once in their lives.

And we understand how stressful the events of relocation can be. There are numerous errands and several tasks that need to be accomplished for a relocation to be successful.

And on top of that, many people choose to do their relocations on their own without any support. If you are single and have things that can be counted on your fingertips, then doing a DIY relocation is a great idea. But on the other hand, if you own a large house and have a family of multiple people, then certainly hiring professional movers becomes a great choice.

Professional movers are not expenses or make you spend extra money. Hiring them becomes a vital investment and becomes the right step in the right direction of your relocation journey. In this article, Lyon Movers, one of the best movers and packers in Dubai, will explain why hiring professional movers is worth the investment.

Hiring Professional Movers Helps You Save Time

Everybody knows how essential is to save time in today’s world. With long video platforms switching to short videos and fast communication, the world is shrinking, and so is the free time that we have for us. In such a busy world when you are already burdened with multiple works why waste your time doing odd jobs or relocation?

Relocation tasks aren’t easy jobs, they need a lot of planning and even certain expertise to some extent. In such situations hiring professional movers and packers in Dubai makes a lot of sense. Hiring movers become one of the best investments that you will ever do for your home or office relocation.

Hiring Professional Movers Can Help You Save Money

Relocating an office, a house, or a commercial space involves a lot of different tasks and work. The job of relocation isn’t limited to packing boxes and taping them. It may start with packing but never ends there or is limited to it.

Relocation involves a lot of things, such as disassembling furniture, securing walls and floors of the home so that they don’t get damaged, and searching for the perfect moving truck which is equipped with all the right equipment and safety tools, and other similar tasks. This entire list of multiple and different tasks needs a lot of money when you try to do each job individually.

But when you hire an experienced and seasoned mover and packer in the UAE, such as Lyon Movers, then you can save a lot of money that would otherwise go to waste.

Lyon Movers has different packages for different sizes of homes with bundles of different services, such as full package services and half-package services. You can choose a package as per your requirements and save a lot of money. Thus, hiring professional movers has become a great investment.

By Hiring Professional Movers, Your Friends and Family Will be Less Burdened

We all know how embarrassing it can get when requesting our friends and family to help us with odd jobs such as lifting heavy furniture and driving moving trucks. Since the job of relocation involves a lot of things such as decluttering, informing service providers about address changes, changing addresses with bankers and postal services, and all other similar jobs, Managing everything single-handedly can get very intimidating at times.

In such cases, rather than requesting your family and friends, you can directly hire a professional mover. Since your loved ones aren’t relocation experts, chances are they will end up hurting themselves and you wouldn’t want that. Thus, getting experienced packing and moving companies in Dubai on the job can become one of the wisest decisions you will ever make related to relocation and moving.

Organize Everything Accurately By Hiring Professionals

If you are somebody who appreciates schedules and loves maintaining proper times, then getting professional help is a must for you. Consider that half-hour of packing that you thought would take a couple of hours. So, unless you want to disturb your daily routine, seek professional help.

You can consider many moving companies and choose one of the best movers and packers in Dubai for your next relocation. You will not only have fewer headaches while relocating but will also stay organized and be able to manage your discipline by hiring professionals for your relocation.

Safeguard Your Belongings

Relocation is not only stressful for you, but it wreaks havoc on your belongings. Furniture pieces may seem sturdy and heavy, but they are very vulnerable to scratching, dents, and even breakage. Nobody would like to have a large scratch appear on their beloved marble table or get their carpets dirty due to improper handling.

The question of fragile items such as dinnerware and vases is altogether a very delicate issue. And the question of vintage and precious artwork is very exceptional. Nobody would want to have either of these get damaged or broken in any way. That is why, to safeguard all these things, getting help from professional movers in Dubai can prove to be a better deal any day.

Be Less Stressed By Hiring Professional Movers

When you are planning for relocating to Dubai and looking to pack and move in Dubai then hiring a moving company that has years of experience such as Lyon Movers will be the best choice that you will ever make.

The feeling of knowing that all the jobs are taken care of and you have ample time in your hand will be the sure feeling that helps you become less stressed. And it will be one of the best investments that you will ever make for your relocation.

7 Benefits Of Using A Professional Loading And Unloading Service

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Packing up your entire home or office can be a tiring process. Some find it so tiring and so stressful that they dread the idea of moving and prefer not to move at all or buy new things in every city they visit. When you are looking to move from Dubai, then you shouldn’t worry as one of the leading movers in Dubai, Lyon Movers, is at your aid to make moving easy for you.

When you hire professional loading and unloading services, you get an excellent moving experience that involves no stress and no worries. Here in this article, Lyon Movers, being one of the best and most professional movers and packers in Dubai, explains to you seven benefits of using a professional loading and unloading service.

Avoid Breakage Of Your Goods and Belongings

When people attempt DIY moving, they don’t have a lot of experience in moving and moving-related tasks. With a lack of experience, they can end up damaging their goods and belongings in major ways.

The damage that can occur during a home relocation is not limited to the damage of goods individually; the damage of goods is often combined with damage to walls and flooring. If the house or office premises are rented or leased, then damage can cause heavy fees. On the other hand, even when the premises are owned, the repair costs have to be borne, which are unnecessary. Hiring a leading packing and moving company in Dubai, such as Lyon Movers, always proves beneficial when it comes to avoiding damage and breakage of goods.

You’ll Get Fast And Efficient Packing Of Your Belongings

People lack experience in packing and, on top of that, they also lack the resources that are required for packing their belongings. By hiring a professional loading and unloading service, you ensure that everything gets properly packed in your house or office, whatever you are choosing to relocate.

The staff members of movers and packers in the UAE are experienced and well-trained. They know exactly how to pack everything well and load it into the moving trucks so they can efficiently unload the truck and unpack everything in your new home. They help you save time and also your money.

Hiring professionals helps you save money when you choose DIY relocation over hiring professionals, you end up spending a large chunk of money.

For completing relocation, many consumables are required on top of specific equipment, tools, and packing supplies. As an individual, when you visit stores to buy these things, it becomes a very costly affair. Unless you move every couple of months, buying tools and equipment related to moving won’t make any sense. Most of the tools used for moving to require specialized operators for them. So, even if you buy a certain tool, you will have to hire a professional who can use it.

On the other hand, when you hire professional movers and packers in Dubai, they already have different tools and equipment and also have skilled operators who can use them. By hiring movers, you can save a lot of your money here.

Save Your Time

Relocation is something that requires a lot of time. And for such a time-consuming task, if you try to do it DIY, you will lack the necessary support and expertise. In such a case, you can waste a lot of time. You don’t only waste time, but you also waste your money because time is equal to money.

Hiring professional movers helps people plan everything properly and saves them time. The well-equipped team can quickly turn around all the chores related to relocation in a quarter of the time that you may take and quickly securely load the moving trucks. So, without a doubt, if you want to save your time, then you must hire professional loading and unloading services for your next relocation and make things good for you.

Make Your Relocation Experience Easy

Moving to a new place is highly stressful and can consume a lot of your energy. Most working professionals or even entrepreneurs don’t have enough time to do their routine work, let alone manage a relocation on their own. To make the overwhelming and stressful experience of relocation a blissful one, hiring professional services makes things easy.

The experienced team that is well equipped with all modern tools and is well trained can help you have a great moving experience.

Manoeuvre Easily

If your premises include narrow entry or exit gates and include stairs, then relocation in such conditions becomes a very challenging job. Imagine having to relocate a heavy vintage pillow from two storeys high and having to pass it through narrow passages. It will be one of the most challenging jobs involved in your relocation.

Your friends and family will lovingly try to help you with such a relocation, but it would be inappropriate to put them at risk. Hiring professional movers in Dubai helps get you started quickly for easy relocation.

Avoid injuring yourself

As we mentioned above, packing and unpacking stuff during relocation or loading and unloading stuff can be a very challenging and demanding job. It can involve injuries to whoever is trying to do the errands.

Bringing a professional team on board can help you avoid injuries. Not only is packing and moving furniture but loading those things inside a moving truck a tough job as well. Make this tough job easy and avoid injuries by choosing the safest way of hiring professional movers in Dubai like Lyon Movers.

Concluding Lines

We saw how hiring professional loading and unloading services can help home or office movers make their relocation successful and easy.