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6 Tips For Getting To Know Your Neighbors

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Relocating to a new place involves building new connections and meeting your new neighbor. Meeting your new neighbors can be quite a task and, in some cases, even scary if you are not an extrovert or are a very shy and introverted person. You don’t want to say the wrong thing or leave a terrible impression, after all. However, getting to know the residents of your new area should not be a stressful experience. It can be as easy as waving your hand and as entertaining as a block party.

In this article, Lyon Movers, which is one of the best house movers and packers in Dubai, will take you through 6 interesting suggestions to help you in meeting your new neighbors. So read this blog until the end without missing any parts.

1. Wave and Smile When You See Your New Neighbors

Wave and smile at your neighbor the next time you see them. Make eye contact and introduce yourself. Even though it seems so obvious, these small gestures show others that you are approachable and interested in getting to know them.

The goal is to eventually build a warm friendship and extend an offer to watch a game by starting with a casual comment like, “I see you are a fan of so and so team”. If you fail to take these steps, you might still be on waving terms after three years of relocation.

Building connections with your new neighbors can be extremely easy when you hire prominent villa movers and packers in Dubai, such as Lyon movers.

2. Knock The Door And Introduce Yourself

For this one, you might need to muster a little nerve, but if you have previously waved to each other a few times, it shouldn’t be too awkward. Just walk over or across the street, knock on the door, and say hello. I’m John, and that’s all that has to be said. I recently moved in and wanted to introduce myself.

Just be considerate of the timing. Avoid arriving late at night or on a Saturday morning. Try again on a Saturday or Sunday when you see your neighbor’s car in the driveway. When you hire home movers and packers in Dubai, it’s easy for you to settle in your house and start your life, and when you take simple steps to know your neighbors, it’s much easier to settle.

3. Bring Goodies For Your Neighbors

Give yourself a purpose for being there if knocking on your neighbor’s door feels weird. Offer your neighbor the baked goods you have made, such as cookies, cupcakes, or a loaf of bread. Or, bring fruit from the trees in your new backyard or homemade jam. You can leave whenever it feels right once you have delivered the edibles.

The next piece of advice is to deliver the edibles in a plastic container that you don’t mind if your neighbor keeps. Even if you argue that he doesn’t have to, there’s a good chance that he will give you the container back a few days later. You will get the chance to get to know him even better on this second visit. When you shift from a villa to an apartment and hire apartment movers in Dubai the switch gets swiftly and smoothly completed without any major hassles. However, taking such small steps increases warmth among the neighbors.

4. Ask Your New Neighbor For Advice

Asking your new neighbors for recommendations is another way to get to know them. Want to work with a landscaper? Go next door and inquire about your neighbor’s contacts. Unsure about where to find a great pizza? Perhaps your neighbor is aware. It’s a fantastic chance to introduce yourself and start a conversation.

Asking for assistance can be used in place of advice. On moving day, you can’t find your screwdriver. Ask your neighbor if you can borrow his by knocking on his door. After that, deliver it back the same day in the same state that you acquired it. However, if you hire professional movers and packers in Dubai, such as Lyon Mover, the chances of you needing assistance are slim to none.

5. Offer Help from Your End

Keep an eye out for opportunities to be a good neighbor after you move down. Make a gift of onesies or newborn diapers if you see a banner in the yard welcoming a new baby. Observe someone repairing their vehicle? Inquire about the issue and offer to assist with the fix if you know how.

It doesn’t have to be a huge deal. You can offer assistance the next time your neighbor is having trouble bringing her groceries inside. Your efforts will be recognized, and you will have the chance to strike up a conversation. Such little gestures go a long way toward helping you build lifelong friendships with your neighbors. Help doesn’t always have to be in physical form. Suppose your neighbor wants to move and is looking for a relocation company. You can suggest the best movers and packers in Dubai with whom you planned your relocation.

6. Take a Walk in Your New Neighborhood

Walking offers you the chance to meet your neighbors and learn a little bit more about your neighborhood, in addition to being a fantastic form of exercise. Plan a leisurely route and stop to greet people in their driveways and yards. Prepare questions about the project they are working on in the garage or comments about their dog to start a conversation. Make sure to be careful to introduce yourself and tell your neighbor where you live before going any farther into the conversation.

A Bonus Tip From Lyon Movers

7. Host A Housewarming Party

Inviting your new neighbors to housewarming parties is a terrific chance to meet them. At the very least, including your close neighbors on your guest list is a pretty good idea. Then, make it a point to spend time conversing with each one and getting to know them better. Find out where they are from, where they work, and even what Netflix show they recommend you watch next.

An additional benefit of welcoming neighbors? You might ask them how they decorated a room you are having difficulties with if you show them around your home.

Concluding Lines

Hiring local movers in Dubai, such as Lyon Movers, for your villa or house relocation, gives you ample time on your hands. This helps you bond with your new neighbors and settle down quickly.

How To Move Electronic Appliances Internationally?

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Deciding which electronics and home appliances, if any, to bring with you while moving internationally requires special consideration. To ensure that your new appliances can be maintained anywhere in the world, make sure they have worldwide warranties. Check the terms of the warranties on your current electronics and appliances if you intend to move them. Find out if the makers of your current equipment have a global division, and whether maintenance and replacement parts are offered in the country where you intend to settle. Bring schematic diagrams with you to help with any required repairs.

In this article, Lyon Movers, which is one of the best house movers and packers in Dubai, will explain to you how to move electronics safely and efficiently to an international destination. So read this blog article until the end to know all the details.

Shipping and Custom Clearance Considerations You Must Make

If your relocation is being carried out by your employer, then you must first see the restrictions imposed by your employer on your relocation. Certain larger items may not be allowed if an employer limits the size of household deliveries, either by weight or volume. Check with your employer about any such limits and if they will apply in your situation before determining whether or not to include appliances and electronic devices in your household shipment.

On the other hand, if you are managing your relocation on your own and hire reputed apartment movers in Dubai such as Lyon Movers, then you will get complete support for your electronic appliance relocation. What items are easily permitted by the customs department and what are not permitted, our team will explain in detail.

Understanding Your Electrical Appliances

To determine whether typical electrically powered products would operate effectively in a nation other than the one in which they were made and purchased, it can be useful to be familiar with a variety of electrical terminologies. The most crucial element in an appliance’s operation is voltage, which is a measurement of the strength of the electric current. When connected to a 220-240 outlet, a device designed to operate at 110-120 volts might suffer significant harm.

The professional movers and packers in Dubai that you will hire for your relocation will always have a handyman on their team. This handyman can help you determine whether your appliances will work in the destination country or not.

Protecting Your Appliance From Damage

Cycle, also known as hertz, denotes the frequency of oscillation, the process that creates alternating current. Appliances with internal timing mechanisms, such as clocks, record players, and other devices, are affected. They will operate more slowly at 50 cycles if wired for 60 cycles. Alternating or direct currents of electricity are both possible. In developed nations, alternating current—which is more reliable and efficient than direct current—is the standard. But in some nations, both kinds might be in use.

By utilizing a transformer, certain appliances can be modified to operate on currents other than those for which they were intended. The device is plugged into an outlet and connected to a transformer that regulates the voltage.

Taking Care of Multi-System Appliances and Electronics

Countries have different types of electric currents. For instance, North America utilizes a 110-120 volt, 60-cycle system, while the European standard is 220-240 volts, 50 cycles. Some appliances are referred to as “multi-system” appliances because they can run on either 110–120 volts or 22–240 volts. Smaller appliances like clock radios, VCRs, and hair dryers can be built with a switch that allows them to run on either current.

There are multi-system television sets as well; however, to prevent distorted reception, they must also be flexible to various scanning standards. It is not possible to create multi-system versions of other, more potent equipment like vacuum cleaners and microwave ovens. By hiring the best movers and packers in Dubai, such as Lyon Movers, you can identify whether your appliances are multi-system or not. In most cases, multi-system appliances are easily allowed at the customs department.

Understanding Plug Configuration

The possibility of multiple plug configurations in your target country complicates transporting your equipment yet again. You might come across two-flat prongs or pins, two- or three-round prongs, three-square prongs, or two-flat prongs or pins with an additional round one. While it’s commonplace to locate gadgets with plugs already attached in some nations, in others you will need to purchase a plug separately and learn how to wire it yourself. Alternatively, you can also get this work done by home movers and packers in Dubai, such as Lyon movers, whom you will hire for your move. Adapter plugs may typically eliminate a discrepancy, but if you are unclear whether this will work, it might be beneficial to get an electrician to install it so it is done properly.

The size of Your Appliances Must Be Considered

Another crucial factor is appliance size. For instance, the smaller kitchens that are prevalent in Europe and other parts of the world often make it difficult for North American-style freezers and stoves to fit. If you are planning to move such large appliances to the Middle East and the UAE, then it will be easier to place them there as the houses in Dubai and the UAE are pretty large. Furthermore, the transformers necessary for such heavy-duty machinery may be particularly huge. Should maintenance be necessary, it could be challenging to find components abroad. So depending on the destination country, you can determine whether to move your appliances or not.

Concluding Lines

You can hire reputed villa movers and packers in Dubai, such as Lyon Movers, to help you relocate your electronic appliance safely and easily to an international destination. Lyon Movers can provide you with a complete solution, right from disassembling electronic appliances, packing them, and shipping them to a cargo container, to then unpacking and assembling appliances again in the destination country.

Things You Need To Do To Ship Your Cargo Internationally

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Do you have a distant cousin who lives abroad, and you need to give them something? If so, you can finish your move by selecting one of three possibilities (i.e., via air, water, or road). Depending on the amount of freight and the form of transportation chosen, the transit process can take anywhere from two days to four weeks. However, international moving involves numerous regulations and constraints that you must abide by, unlike shipping within domestic limits.

Moreover, international cargo has different types of requirements for commercial cargo than for personal, residential, or office cargo. In this blog article, Lyon Movers, which is one of the best freight forwarding companies in Dubai, will take you through a complete guide and explain to you some of the fundamental things that are needed to ship your cargo internationally. So fasten your seatbelts!! And read this blog from beginning to end without skipping any sections.

Get Your Documentation Ready

Even simple commercial cargo within the country requires a lot of documentation and insurance for easy cargo shipping. Here we are talking about international cargo. You will certainly need several proper documents to have a hassle-free cargo shipping experience.

Don’t worry if this is your first time planning to ship international cargo, because Lyon Movers, one of the best movers in Dubai, has got your back. We will provide you with an important list of documents that are needed.

Expect delays and irritation if you don’t have these essential documents while your package is being shipped. Without these, your container can be held, resulting in more administrative work, increased costs, and unfavorable customer feedback. You may need more depending on where you’re shipping to, but there are four essential documents regardless of where you’re shipping from or to.

The important documents are;
1. Commercial invoice
2. Bill of landing
3. Export packing list
4. Certificate of origin

Depending upon the content of your cargo, you may require more documents, the details of which the team at Lyon Movers can provide you with. But the above is a generalized list of documents that is necessary for international cargo or freight.

Know About Surcharges Related To International Cargo

Detention and demurrage these fee terms are frequently used in the cargo shipping world. It can easily build up quickly and result in financial losses if not paid on time. That is one main reason you will hear these two terms a lot when you plan a Dubai cargo. Demurrage describes the extra time a container spends at a port or terminal, whereas detention describes the time the container is held somewhere else for a lengthy period (usually by port authorities).

When you use carrier-owned containers, you run the danger of having to pay these excess costs (COCs). If a piece of paperwork is missing, the port is backed up, or a truck breaks down, You will be required to pay the carrier a daily surcharge fee for anything that causes you to exceed the predetermined timeframe (or “free time”). You may easily pay a whopping $200 per container, each day, while in this overdraft. That is why working with experienced and reputed freight companies in Dubai is essential. Experienced cargo companies in Dubai, such as Lyon Movers, have an expert team of people who can guide you properly with all the surcharges and fees related to freight, helping you save money rather than spend it while cargo shipping.

Work With a Customs Broker

To speed up the customs clearance procedure, many freight forwarders collaborate with and use the services of customs brokers. Customs brokers are knowledgeable about international trade and the constantly evolving rules and details that go along with it.

When you take cargo services in Dubai from Lyon Movers, our team can introduce you to a reputed customs broker, who in turn can make your cargo shipping experience an easy and hassle-free one. The custom brokers from Lyon Movers can provide customized requirements as well, given that documentation demands can vary greatly.

At The End Track Your Cargo

To make sure the product has arrived at its destination and that everything has gone as planned after all the administration and paperwork, tracking is essential. Make sure the tracking and real-time updates of the transportation partner you choose to meet your requirements. When you choose one of the reputed freight forwarding companies in Dubai, such as Lyon Movers, you get easy access to all the tracking information.

Destination Handling of Your Cargo

Before being released to a consignee, cargo handling is necessary both at the origin and the destination. In a nutshell, destination handling entails moving the container from the ship to land and from the port to the forwarder’s warehouse at the destination. Additionally, it entails emptying the container of its contents and arranging the cargo for pickup by the consignee. Movers and packers in Dubai come into the picture over here. Because international movers have branches in various countries, they can easily handle and manage cargo destination handling.

Managing Import Haulage

The final stage of the transportation process is the delivery of a product or goods to the consignee. It may be carried out by a local transportation business chosen by the consignee or by the freight forwarder. It usually makes sense to utilize a freight forwarder who can also arrange for import transportation if the shipper is handling this portion of the transit. Transport to a certain address is often included in the import haulage, but unloading from the truck is the consignee’s obligation. You can easily avail the best cargo in Dubai with us, “Lyon Movers,” and get everything related to cargo with ease.

Concluding Lines

Shipping international cargo for the first time can be an overwhelming experience but if you hire the right freight forwarding companies in Dubai for your cargo then you will have a hassle free time shipping your cargo to nay destination.

Understanding The Benefits Of Warehousing For Your Business

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In the ever-increasing business and competitive environment, the management of the supply chain must include storage. Logistics warehousing is critical to the success and efficiency of any business. It enables them to distribute their goods to customers in a timely and effective manner. It provides improved stock control and ensures that customers receive their orders on time, thereby boosting business profitability.

In simple terms, warehousing has become the soul of modern-day business. More and more businesses are opting to deliver their products directly from the manufacturer to the end consumer. thereby cutting costs, saving money, and making huge profits. Apart from these common benefits, warehousing in the modern day provides many fundamental advantages. Learn more about them in this blog by Lyon Movers, as we are one of the leading movers and packers in Dubai and the UAE.

Warehousing Aids in Material Safety and Preservation

Before distribution and sale, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, exporters, traders, and stockists keep their products (both raw materials and finished goods) in warehouses. In addition to serving as a storage facility, warehousing also protects from theft, fire, water, and environmental changes. The reduction of spoilage, mistakes, accidents, omissions, breakage, deterioration in quality, etc., is made possible by technical improvements, safety measures, and computerization in warehouses.

You can use warehousing for both long-term and short-term storage services in Dubai with Lyon Movers. We have some attractive plans for both long-term and short-term storage facilities.

Warehousing Is Like Lifeline For Small Traders

Due to their limited resources and the escalating cost of land, small traders are unable to maintain their private warehouses. They can store their goods at reasonable prices with the help of warehousing services. Without warehouses, it will be challenging for small traders to compete in the fierce market since a “stock out” situation, if it lasts for a while, can damage the reputation and goodwill of the dealers, especially the small traders who have little to no marketing budget. Traders and businesses of all sizes use Lyon Mover’s warehousing in Dubai to store their multiple goods and products.

Warehousing Helps With Business Financing

Businesses receive deposit receipts, which serve as evidence of the goods’ deposit when they store goods in warehouses after completing specified procedures. A warehouse warrant is a document that is issued by warehouses in the name of the owner to prevent the storage of goods. This paper may be delivered and simply endorsed to transfer ownership. Due to these documents (warrants), businesspeople may be eligible for private financial company tenders as well as financial aid or loans from banks.

Warehouses may offer businessmen financing in exchange for storing items as collateral. That is why, whenever you choose warehouse storage in Dubai for your business, choose a reliable and reputed firm such as Lyon Movers. At Lyon Movers, we have nearly a decade of experience serving both the moving and warehousing industries.

Warehousing Reduces Risks Considerably

Warehouse owners and authorities ensure that the items kept there are carefully protected, maintained, and observed. Warehouses hire employees and security personnel to maintain accurate records of the commodities and protect the goods from theft and pilferage.

To safeguard the warehouse from fire, they offer a cold storage facility for perishable commodities. Depending on the need, stored items may be covered by insurance against unanticipated events like loss from fire, theft, and natural disasters. Many businesses choose to use warehouse facilities when they are relocating their offices and commercial spaces. At such times, when they decide to hire office movers and packers in Dubai such as Lyon Movers, they get help with warehousing in one package.

Warehousing Also Aids With the Process of Selling

Most warehouses offer assistance with the inspection of goods, sorting, branding, packaging, financing, and labeling that is necessary for the sale of goods following depositors’ requests. Transport options may occasionally be made available to depositors for their bulk deposits. Being one of the leading movers and packers in Dubai, Lyon Movers provides all facilities and services to its clients, right from packing and transporting to warehousing. You get a complete solution under one roof with Lyon Movers.

You Get Trouble Free Handling Warehousing

Today’s warehouses are often huge, straightforward structures located in industrial or commercial districts of cities and towns with loading docks for loading and unloading trucks from railroads, ports of entry, or airports. Additionally, they have cranes and motorized forklifts for transporting objects within the warehouse. There is less waste and easier handling when loading and unloading items in some warehouses because they are entirely automated and have no employees working there. That is how Lyon Movers’ warehousing services provide complete solutions for moving and storage in Dubai.

With Warehousing You Can Ensure Continuous Supply

While agricultural products are produced at certain times of the year, they are used or required all year. The year-round, uninterrupted supply of such seasonal goods is guaranteed by warehouses.

Even many electronic goods, gadgets, and apparel can have a yearlong uninterrupted supply with the help of warehousing services.

Warehousing Facilities Aid in Goods Production

Warehouses enable manufacturers to produce items all year without fear of raw material shortages. Manufacturers who typically produce in bulk need a lot of raw materials. They employ warehouses to supply industrial and agricultural (seasonal) supplies all year.

Without proper warehousing services in Dubai, it will become difficult for the manufacturers to have an uninterrupted supply of goods and raw materials for manufacturing.

Concluding Lines

As we have read above, warehousing provides multiple benefits to all the stakeholders, such as the trader or business, the manufacturer, and even the end-user or consumer. So if you don’t already use a warehousing facility in Dubai, now is the time to switch to a reputed facility.

If You Plan, Unpacking Can Be Fun!

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While most people loathe making decisions and arranging after a move, there are ways to add a little fun and joy to the process.And when you organize a major move, the majority of your concentration is directed toward packing up your possessions, renting a moving van, and transporting everyone and everything to your new house without incident. But what do you discover when you get there? More work and stress are typical outcomes. Unpacking may be just as hectic and irritating as the actual moving process. As you unpack, it turns into a puzzle since you have to make sure everything fits, like all the socks in the drawer or all the books on the shelf. There are additional dimensions to this as the game progresses; the first level is merely a bedroom, but it eventually grows to encompass an entire house. You might open a box in the bedroom, but within are pots, pans, and other things.

But when you hire the right house movers and packers in Dubai for your home relocation, you can become stress-free and enjoy the process rather than stressing over it. In this article, Lyon Movers will take you through some fun steps to make your unpacking journey fun and easy.

Have Fun With The Packing Process

Packing is where the fun starts. Grab a handful of colored markers in a range of sizes before you pack your things. Choose a particular hue for each room. Make your master bedroom blue and your kitchen green, for instance. As you pack, label each box with the proper color. Inform your apartment movers in Dubai of your color scheme when you arrive at your new home so they can more easily decide where to put your belongings.

Number Your Boxes

Number your boxes on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least important and 10 the most, in addition to color-coding them. Because they will have the highest numbers, you will be able to prioritize when you get to your new home and collect your most important boxes first. Most villa movers and packers in Dubai use this technique to make unpacking fun and easy.

Pack and Unpack With Your Kids

If you have small children, you may ask them to use the markers to draw pictures of the goods while adhering to the color scheme. For instance, why not let them loose on the box containing basic toiletries? The one you have stocked with supplies like toilet paper, soap, and towels. The children’s artwork may not be of much use to your hired home movers and packers in Dubai, but it could give the children a sense of accomplishment and cheer up what would otherwise be a tedious process.

Don’t Forget To Pack a Bag Of Essentials

Pack a suitcase with your essentials as though you were going on a weekend break. Bring enough clothing and toiletries to last you the first few days as you unpack your bathroom and closet. You can also include emergency medicines, a few cosmetics, and some eatables in your bag of essentials. If you decide to hire packing services from Dubai for your relocation, then your unpacking may get done quickly as the movers have a team of people who can work together and get the task completed in no time.

As You Unpack, Declutter

Set the first several boxes near the front door once you have emptied them. Label one as donated and the other as discarded. You will undoubtedly come across things when you unpack your belongings that will make you ponder why you packed them in the first place. Put them in the proper box to reduce your workload. Decluttering is pretty therapeutic, and you can also ask your kids or children to have some fun with the stuff that is about to get discarded.

Although professional movers and packers in Dubai always suggest that you thoroughly clean and purge your home before you begin packing. But we always end up with stuff that isn’t needed. Don’t pressurize yourself to get rid of things that you love just because you read about them online. You can keep the things that you love and want to keep.

Prioritize Things

Locate the boxes containing the necessities you will need to survive a few days and nights in your new house. These have to consist of toiletries, cleaning materials, and enough clothing to last a few days. After that, open the kitchen. Connect any additional small appliances, such as the coffee maker and toaster, so you can prepare a quick breakfast or snack to sustain you while you unload. Before you unpack and store any cooking equipment, take the time to line the cabinets and drawers. You will eventually save some time and effort by doing this. Most experienced packing and moving companies in Dubai insist that you make a list of top priorities so that unpacking is an easy task rather than a tedious one.

Take Ample Time

After you have taken care of the fundamental components of your bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, and living space, you can take a short break. Keep in mind that you do not need to immediately start unpacking those boxes once you get to your new house. Don’t rush things; take your time. Don’t apply more pressure than is required. Stop after dinner so that everyone can sleep well. Assign each child a room in the morning, and let them focus on unpacking and putting everything away. By dividing the work, everyone will move through the process much more swiftly and avoid obstructing one another. When you hire one of the best movers and packers in Dubai like Lyon Movers, you can stay relaxed and not even lift a finger while our team does the rest of the job.

Concluding Lines

Moving can be difficult and stressful. There are techniques to make the process go more easily and comparatively hassle-free. Take your time, make a plan, and you and your family will soon be unpacking and settling into your new home, leaving the move in the rearview mirror.

Tips For Emptying Your Pantry And Refrigerator Before You Move

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We love loading our fridge and pantry with fresh vegetables and ingredients so that cooking anything at any time to satiate our hunger becomes easy. But as soon as you start planning for home relocation, this full pantry starts becoming a big issue. People get confused about how to manage the relocation of things inside the refrigerator and of all the ingredients that lie in the pantry.

If you are moving locally within Dubai, where your new home is just a couple of hours away, then managing the pantry will not be that difficult. However, if your new home is in another city or you are moving to another country, then you must empty your pantry. Most of the time, professional home and villa movers and packers in Dubai don’t handle the relocation of food items as they can easily attract pests and rodents, and their chances of getting spoiled are huge. However, when you hire Lyon Movers for your local or international relocation, we can help you with packing and managing your pantry efficiently. In this article, we will explain to you how you can empty your pantry and refrigerator for an upcoming move.

Plan Early

Whether it is a local move or an international relocation you are thinking about, Lyon Movers gives one golden tip to everyone, and that is to plan early. The sooner you plan, the easier it will be for you to manage several errands related to relocation. By hiring apartment movers in Dubai, you can surely make your relocation experience smoother. When you plan your local relocation in Dubai at least two months in advance, you increase the chance of making it successful and stress-free.

Take an Inventory of Your Pantry and Refrigerator

To transport all your belongings to their destination properly, first, you need to keep track of and make a list of all the things you need to move and manage. Lyon Mover suggests that taking an inventory of the entire home before you start planning a relocation is a must. However, here we are specifically focused on refrigerators and pantries.

Similarly, for the pantry and your refrigerator, you can start taking an inventory of all the items that are within them.

As you take an inventory of your pantry, make a separate list of proteins, fats, pulses, staples, spices, snacks, and so on. Then further divide the list into two categories: perishable items and non-perishable items. Most house movers and packers in Dubai take inventory of all the items they want to relocate, which is why making an inventory list is the most important step in your pantry and refrigerator management before you move.

Donate Unopened Cans and Packets of Food

Food banks and homeless shelters in your community are always in desperate need of assistance and donations. Donating is an excellent way to help your community while also making the packing process easier on yourself. Since the pandemic, some communities have even built their food banks, which often include shelves and food tables for easy drop-off of food and ingredients. They are often known as “lawn food pantries” or “community tables,” and they provide a simple, accessible way for people to help one another.

However, when it comes to established food pantries and shelters, you must be cautious about what you donate. You should avoid donating anything that has been opened or is half-used, as well as anything perishable. If you are not sure about any such donation centers near you, then the local movers in Dubai that you hire will be able to help you locate such centers.

Start Meal Prep and Use up Most of the Ingredients

While you might be able to get away with wearing the same pants three days in a row, you can’t go three days without eating. Make a diet plan for the week or the last few days before you move before packing everything into boxes and coolers. Most importantly, make a meal plan for the moving day. Eating healthy home-cooked meals is always better than ordering takeout. Make a diet plan for the week or the last few days before you move before packing everything into boxes and coolers. Most importantly, make a meal plan for the moving day. Eating healthy home-cooked meals is always better than ordering takeout.

Decide beforehand what you will be eating for breakfast. Ask yourself if you can finish the last two eggs in the carton. How about some bread? Or perhaps you enjoy oatmeal in the morning. Similarly, you can set aside one or two saucepans, as well as a few cups and dishes, for moving day meal preparation. By hiring professional home movers and packers in Dubai, such as Lyon Movers, your moving day will be stress-free. You can manage your meals and take care of yourself while the movers take care of the rest of the duties.

Mix Your Doubles

It’s unavoidable: you have two cartons of the same spice, both half empty. Perhaps it’s the baking flour you forgot you had and bought more of. Do you waste space by packing both? Not. This is why we advise going through everything and attempting to merge any duplicates into one. You can even use the original glass or plastic bottles! If they are too small, you can buy plain spice containers online or at home furnishing stores and fill them up. Your home pantry will have more than just spices. Peanut butter, honey, baking supplies, tea bags, there will be numerous things you can manage all these things. By hiring professional movers and packers in Dubai, you can save a lot of time and use it on things like this.

Concluding Lines

Relocation of pantries and refrigerators is one of the toughest jobs, but it can be made easy and stress-free by hiring some of the best movers and packers in Dubai, such as Lyon Movers. The above-listed tips should be helpful to you for emptying your pantry and refrigerator for an upcoming relocation. If you have any further queries, you can call the Lyon Movers team anytime.

The Ultimate Guide For Your Gulf Relocation

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Deciding to move to a foreign country takes a lot of courage. No matter what the reason is for your relocation there will always be jitters and some anxiety before you finally move and settle into the place. One of the best ways to be sure and confident about moving to a foreign country is to prepare for it in detail as you prepare for an important meeting or your exams.

Preparation for relocating to a new place involves studying about the place, city, country, and neighborhood where you will be moving. If you are planning to move to Dubai, Sharjah, or any of the cities within UAE then this guide compiled by Lyon Movers will guide you thoroughly for everything.

When you relocate in particular to one of the gulf countries there is a little bit of research you must do before you finally move there because the lifestyle and culture in those countries are a bit different than the rest of the western part of the world. It is difficult to adjust to life in a foreign country. It takes time to adjust to new customs and traditions. While there is no surefire way to avoid culture clash when moving to another country, it is usually better to teach yourself about the country you will be visiting. This gives you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Read this article by one of the best home and villa movers and packers in Dubai to understand how to move and settle smoothly in any of the gulf countries.

Relocating To Dubai

High-rise buildings and expensive luxury cars are synonymous with Dubai. But there’s more to this incredible city than that. Dubai is a modern and rapidly growing city. With a 0% crime rate, it is one of the least risky cities in the Middle East. Expatriates have little to fear when relocating to this city because immigrants make up 83% of the population. This is what draws ex-pats to this United Arab Emirates city.

Dubai is one of the best cities to move to especially if you want to grow your career. And no, career prospects in Dubai are not limited to just petrochemical industries there are multiple work opportunities in various fields that you can get here. From banking and finance to entertainment, real estate, Automobiles, hospitality and so much more. So if you ever plan on relocating to a gulf nation Dubai should be your number one choice. You can hire professional movers and packers in Dubai such as Lyon movers for your hassle-free international move and stress-free move.

Moving To Kuwait

Kuwait is a country with a semi-democratic government. Expats from the Indian sub-continent like India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan are the most common here. The main reason people relocate to Kuwait is for better job opportunities. Kuwait’s currency is the most valuable in the world. This is what entices ex-pats to relocate to Kuwait.

Although Kuwait has a low crime rate, it is still prudent to exercise extreme caution when out and about alone, especially at night. Women must be extra cautious about their surroundings and who they date. Kuwait’s government provides free education, housing, and healthcare to its citizens. Expats are not entitled to any of these benefits. They do, however, have access to world-class healthcare facilities. If you are moving from India or the Indian sub-continent then you can hire reputed home movers and packers in Dubai such as Lyon Movers for easy and hassle-free relocation.

Relocating To Oman

Oman’s capital is Muscat. It is also the country’s most populous city. Oman’s desert climate is hot and arid for the majority of the year. The best time to visit Oman is in the winter weather. Oman is one of the world’s safest countries. Expats make up nearly 43% of Oman’s population. This makes it relatively simple for ex-pats to find friends and adapt to life in the city. Some people shift to Oman after spending some time in Dubai so if you are one of those and planning on relocating to Oman as well then searching for one of the best house movers and packers in Dubai is a good idea.

Relocating to Qatar

Qatar is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. Qataris have the world’s second-highest per capita income. Qatar is the largest producer of Liquid Nitrogen Gas, from which the country derives the majority of its revenue. Migrant workers in Qatar face several challenges, but this does not deter people from relocating to the country. Immigrants account for 90% of the population. Most people spend a few years in Qatar and then plan on moving to Dubai or Sharjah or any other liberal nation in the Gulf region so if you are planning for the same then you may hire Lyon Movers which is consistently ranked among the top apartment movers in Dubai.

Relocating To Bahrain

While ex-pats quickly adapt to Bahraini life and culture, they often struggle to adjust to ‘Bahraini time.’ Bahraini time, according to locals, is their unbeatable habit of arriving late everywhere. If you have an appointment at 11 a.m., be prepared for the meeting to begin at 1 p.m. Bahrain combines a very well, western influence in the country with a touch of Arab culture. The nation is best for people who looking for a career opportunity and at the same time want to have a balanced life. Lyon Movers offers local relocation in Bahrain and it is one of the best local movers in Dubai as well.

Concluding Lines

Be it moving to Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Dubai Sharjah knowing the basics of the country before moving there always helps you get prepared for the move and have a confident and stress-free moving experience. Additionally, you can hire the best movers and packers in Dubai or the country you currently live in and have a safe relocation.

How To Make Moving With Pets Easier

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Moving into a new place or relocating to a different city is often a stressful experience for most people and when we talk about pets even they experience anxiety and stress related to moving. For pets especially pets such as cats and dogs if you suddenly take them to a new place it becomes difficult for them to get adjusted to the new surroundings and they may behave or act strangely.

Apart from this, there can be many issues that a family may experience when they move along with their pets. With over ten years of experience in international relocations Lyn Movers has compiled this article to help you all have an easy relocation experience along with your fur babies, so read this article until the end.

Be Patient With Your Pets

It’s critical to keep your patience when introducing your pets like cats and dogs to a new home. While you may be super excited and motivated to make the new house feel like home the moment you step into it but your pets may have a different approach. Building a positive relationship with the carrier, adding familiar items, and gradually exposing them to their new environment will help them feel at ease in their new environment says top-rated villa movers and packers in Dubai.

If your pet begins to act strangely when they arrive at their new home, don’t worry; this is a normal reaction to all of the changes they are going through. The best thing you can do is be patient throughout the process and allow them to adjust at their own pace.

Shower Lots Of Love

For us humans, it is easy to get caught up in unpacking and settling into a new home during the transition of a recent move. But for our pets, their lives revolve and surround us so if we forget to spend time with them it can negatively impact them. Pets need love and lots of love. Especially pets such as dogs are addicted to the love that we give them. Make time to play and snuggle with your pet, and reassure them that the move hasn’t changed your relationship with them. Though familiar toys and litter boxes can help provide some stability, you are their most important source of stability.

Cats and dogs see their owners as a source of security and stress relief, so simply being around your fur baby and paying attention to them can go a long way toward making them feel welcome. Most apartment movers in Dubai suggest that you keep unpacking as a secondary priority or hire a professional mover for the same and spend a lot of time with your pet instead to make the transition easier.

Dedicate a Special Room For Your Pet

When you arrive at your new home, it will most likely be messy for at least the first few hours, if not several days. Find a room in your house that you know will be free of heaps of boxes and shuffling feet. You can place a cage or a carrier in that room and keep your pet in the safety of that room. Place some favorite toys, food, and treats in the room, and leave the carrier open on the floor. Close the door to the room and allow your pet to adjust to the new surroundings while you finish unpacking boxes.

Many people often are confused and wonder how to deal with their pets when they relocate. Having one room set aside for your pet as a haven from the chaos of the move will allow them to get some space from moving and relocation-related stress and allow them time to adjust at their own pace. Hiring professional movers and packers in Dubai can make the process of relocation go more quickly and smoothly, giving your pet and you some time to adjust.

Use a Pet Carrier or Cage

Carriers or cages can make your pet feel safe and secure while traveling. Amid all the changes and chaos, this small shelter will provide some stability. Make this carrier or cage as familiar and appealing to your pet as possible well in advance of the moving day.

They will be familiar with their carrier and associate it with something positive by the time the moving day arrives. Most home movers and packers in Dubai highly recommend training your pets for a cage or carrier when you start planning for a relocation. There are several ways to establish a positive bond between your pet and the carrier;

• Start training early
• Introduce meals to your pet in the cage/carrier
• Praise them when they use a cage/carrier
• Motivate them to use a cage/carrier using toys, treats, and positive treatment.
• Add Familiarity

Small, everyday items and following former routines can help add a much-needed acquaintance to your pet’s new home. Bringing your cat’s familiar litter box, your dog’s bed, or your favorite toy will help your pet correlate the new home with familiar items.

Playing with your pets can also help relieve the stress of moving to a new home. Bringing your previous home’s laser pointer will help habituate your cat while giving you a pause to recharge. Your priority for relocation must be your and your pet’s peace of mind you can do so by hiring professional house movers and packers in Dubai such as Lyon Movers.

Give Them Extra Exercise

Moving a dog frequently causes stress as they adjust to their new surroundings. Giving them some exercise is an easy way to help them de-stress. Play fetch, take them for a walk around the new neighborhood, or engage in some tug-of-war with a toy. The activity will help them adjust to their new surroundings while also dealing with the additional stress of moving. For cats, you can use a treadmill and motivate your cat to run on it by keeping a rat as a treat. You can also use a laser pointer for your cat. This is one of the easiest tips for moving with pets that are given by some of the best movers and packers in Dubai.

Concluding Lines

You can hire some of the best local movers in Dubai if you are moving with pets and want to have a completely stress-free relocation for you and your pet.

Worst Moving Mistakes You Should Try To Avoid

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When you are juggling a lot of things at once, you are bound to make a few mistakes. And, while it is human to make mistakes, moving is already stressful mistakes are bound to happen when moving. The fewer moving mistakes you make, the more enjoyable (and cost-effective) the entire process will be.

Cooking, trigonometry, and driving a car are just a few examples of things that are better learned the hard way. But how to move is not one of them. The more you know about what you should and shouldn’t do before making your next move during the relocation process, the better your decision will be. So keep reading this article compiled by the team of Lyon Movers, until the end to find out important moving mistakes you should avoid.

You Don’t Budget Correctly

Because it is impossible to predict the cost of your move to every single penny, moving companies provide estimates rather than quotes. But it’s still a good idea to get a general idea of how much your move will cost, especially if you are trying to keep costs within a budget or a certain range. Paying higher moving bills is a common shock after a move, but it can be avoided by doing research ahead of time to determine what you are comfortable paying and how much you will need to budget.

Rather than deciding jiffy instead, try this:

Use a moving cost calculator to estimate how much you will spend based on the number of belongings you have and the distance you’ll be traveling. Don’t forget to factor in extra costs such as packing supplies and potential days off from work. You can hire the best movers and packers in Dubai such as Lyon Movers who will guide you through every step of moving carefully.

You Try To Do A DIY Move Rather Than Hiring Help

Hiring professional movers comes at a cost, but the price you pay is almost always worthwhile. Moving, even with friends to assist, will take more time and effort than hiring professionals. It will be far more dangerous if you have high-value items. While there are many situations in which moving yourself is perfectly acceptable, it is a mistake to dismiss the idea of hiring a moving company simply because you want to save money or believe it will be a simple task because it rarely is. Whether you move a villa or an apartment and hire villa movers and packers in Dubai, hiring the right moving company will always help you save more money rather than attempting a DIY move.

You Try To Move without Insurance

No reputed and professional movers and packers in Dubai will ever attempt to have relocation with proper insurance. Government regulations require that office or home movers and packers in Dubai provide their clients with both released-value and full-value protection. However, full-value protection does not imply that the moving company will write you a check for that amount if your contents are damaged (rather, you will receive an equal-value replacement item or the company will pay for the item’s repair). Separate liability insurance, which is offered by some movers and is governed by state law, is another option, as is additional moving insurance from a third-party company.

While the requirement of having to use your insurance is low when you chose to work with a reputable moving company, you must decide how much risk you are willing to accept. If you don’t, you may find yourself with little to no recourse if something goes wrong.

You Don’t Do Enough Research On The Moving Company

There are many moving companies, although not all of them are created equal. To find the best professional movers for the job, ask for recommendations, read reviews, and call a few different companies for data and estimates. If you simply select the first name that appears on the search engine results page, you are putting both your possessions and your peace of mind at risk. You are also not helping your wallet because the only way to know if you are getting a good deal is to compare prices. At Lyon Movers, we have been constantly ranked among the top ten office and house movers and packers in Dubai, we always insist our clients do through background checks of any mover before hiring them.

You Don’t Give Yourself Enough Time To Pack

Packing takes time, even if you are just throwing things into moving boxes haphazardly. It’s almost unavoidable that areas that you thought would take 10 minutes to bundle take nearer to an hour, and then there are those areas that you know will be a challenge from the start like the kitchen. Giving yourself insufficient time will always result in stress, stress that might have been avoided with proper planning.

Instead, try this:

When it comes to packing, be realistic. A small studio flat or a one-bedroom apartment should take about two days for packing, whereas a two-bedroom house should take about 3 days, and a three-bedroom house should take about five days to complete packing. You must add a minimum of two days if you have a lot of delicate items to pack. Hiring apartment movers in Dubai can significantly reduce the time for packing everything up.

You Don’t Declutter and Get Rid Of Things

The ultimate moving advice you will ever receive will include the idea that there is no better time than during a move to declutter and reduce your personal belongings. The less you have to move, the better it will be to move. And at the same time, it’s pointless to waste time packing and unpacking items you no longer want or need. Yet, all too often, many people get caught up in the desire to reduce the number of tasks and simply throw everything into a box rather than organize and get rid of things. Aside from being a waste of time, bringing unnecessary items can increase the cost of your move. Hiring local movers in Dubai can help you with decluttering and disposing of as well.

10 Things To Know Before Moving To Dubai

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Over the past few decades, Dubai has had a phenomenal transformation. Dubai transformed from a sleepy fishing village into one of the most thriving and richest cities of the gulf. Are you planning to move to this city of dreams too?

Then you are not alone. Every year, Dubai witnesses millions of ex-pats entering and leaving it. Dubai is one of those cities that has a considerable population of foreigners and visitors. It is a city full of opportunities for people from all walks of life.

In this article, Lyon Movers, which is one of the best offices and home movers and packers in Dubai, will take you through ten important things that you must know before moving to this amazing city. To avoid missing any important information, read the entire article until the end.

1.You Can Meet People From All Over The World

If you are moving to Dubai to enhance your work and grow your career, then it is the best decision you will ever make, as Dubai is a city where you can meet different people. All you need to do is hire one of the best movers and packers in Dubai to pack your bags and all your other belongings and settle down here. A simple visit to a corner café can bring you in contact with people from different industries.

2.You Will Face A Lot Of Traffic In Dubai

If you are moving to Dubai with the hopes that traffic will be slow here, you will be met with a surprise as the city usually has a lot of traffic. This will be a shocking thing for people who come here from cities with good public transportation.

Even though the city has traffic, you can still ship your favorite supercar by hiring professional movers and packers in Dubai, such as Lyon Movers, and enjoy driving it at full speed. There are multiple highways on the outskirts of Dubai where you can drive your supercar at full speed and enjoy it to the fullest.

3.You Will Never Be Bored In Dubai

If adventure and fun are your things, then you must not wait for a second longer and hire reputed house movers and packers in Dubai and relocate to this city immediately because, from desert safaris to scuba diving, the city offers loads of activities that can interest people from different backgrounds. Even if you are on a tight budget, there will always be some activities in Dubai that are either free or have minimal entry fees.

4.Dubai Has Almost a Tax-Free Lifestyle

The reason people from all over the world build villas and big mansions in Dubai is that the UAE federal government doesn’t impose taxes on individuals and companies like other nations. That is why hiring villa movers and packers in Dubai and shifting to this beautiful tax-free nation is what many people do. Although there are still some taxes, such as import duties and rental tax, that have to be paid, they too are negligible as compared to the taxes of other nations.

5.Be Prepared for Heat

If you are relocating to Dubai, be ready to face a lot of heat. In the summer, the temperature can rise as much as 45 degrees, which can be extremely uncomfortable and unbearable for many. In the winter, temperatures can drop to as low as 20 degrees. If you are relocating to the city for the first time, then you can hire home or apartment movers in Dubai and move during the winter season, which falls between December and March.

6.It Is One Of The Safest Cities To Live In

If safety is your primary concern when deciding where to live, Dubai should be at the top of your list because it is consistently ranked as one of the safest cities to live in. Even minor offenses are subject to harsh punishment in the country. All these factors make the city one of the safest places to live.

7.There Are Many Women-Only Areas

If there is any country that takes women’s safety seriously, then it has to be the UAE. The entire UAE and specifically Dubai City have numerous areas and zones that are marked exclusively for women. Dubai has several metro coaches marked only for women; the city also has exclusive women’s taxis. There are days when only women are permitted to visit certain beaches.

8.Brunches Can Be Found Almost Anywhere in Dubai

You can enjoy a lot of gastronomical experiences in Dubai, as it is a city that loves brunches. From lip-smacking Indian buffets to a lavish spread of seafood and European meals, you will find a lot of all-day diners, buffets, and brunch places everywhere in Dubai. The cost of the same item can range from a few dirhams to hundreds of dirhams. So no matter what your budget is or what your taste buds are, you will always find a great place to dine in the city. So even if you are living in Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, moving to the city by hiring local movers in Dubai will be the best decision you ever make.

9.English Is A Widely Spoken Language

You’re in luck if your language skills aren’t up to par. Because English is widely spoken in Dubai, you won’t need to learn Arabic to get around. Having said that, most people who live in Dubai will eventually learn some Arabic. For instance, if a stranger starts shouting “Yalla, Yalla, Yalla!” behind you in the street, you’ll quickly figure out that it means “hurry up!”

10.In Dubai, Every Night Is Ladies Night

‘Ladies’ Night,” once a Tuesday tradition, has now taken over Dubai’s hospitality industry. Every night, hundreds of ‘ladies’ night’ deals are advertised at various venues throughout the city, inviting women to free drinks, discounted meals, or complimentary shisha. It’s not just about food and drinks; some establishments also provide women with free pool or beach access, as well as mini-spa treatments. Gents are usually allowed to accompany women, but they must pay the full price. So if you are a woman, be ready to save a lot of money by relocating to this city.