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7 Important Things To Do When Moving Into A New Home

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When moving into a new home, there is a lot to think about and a lot of tasks that are to be done. Unpacking isn’t the only major task that prevents you from fully settling in. Getting involved with your home, learning how it works, and prioritizing which projects you want to tackle are all part of assuming your role as a new homeowner.

It is preferable to do everything correctly at first when you move in rather than waiting and assuming you will figure it all out later. Of course, you already have a lot on your plate but by hiring professional movers and packers in Dubai you can make things easy for yourself. So, to help you organize your to-do list, at Lyon Movers we have compiled a quick list of the seven most important things to do when you are moving into a new home, apartment, or villa.

1.Make Sure Your Utilities Are Set Up

Utilities is the most important thing to look for when moving into any house or apartment. Hopefully, you took care of transferring or setting up your utilities before having to move into your new home, where the case now is the time to ensure everything is ready to go and functioning properly.

On moving day, double-check that your electricity, gas, water, heating and cooling, phone, and internet are all operational. Then, contact your local waste disposal facility to make sure that your new home is also set up for garbage collection. Most reputed home and apartment movers in Dubai have a handyman on the role, by taking the help of your moving company’s handyman you can safely check the working of all the utilities.

2.Clean Higher Areas First

Ceiling fans, overhead lighting fixtures, shelving, and other features near the ceiling are just as prone to dirt and dust as furniture and floors, but they don’t get cleaned as frequently and tend to scatter dirt and dust onto the space below them when they do get a scrub down. Begin at the top of each room and work your way down. Cleaning is perhaps the most important thing to do when moving into any new apartment. If you feel that cleaning isn’t your cup of tea then you can hire home movers and packers in Dubai who will help you with your cleaning errands.

You can then gradually move towards cleaning other areas of your house such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and living room one after the other. But remember to clean the topmost and higher areas first.

3.Change The Locks Of Your New Home

Changing the locks on the new home is always a good idea. Even if you don’t have any reservations about the former owner, you never know who might have a key and access to your home. This is one of those situations where it’s better to be safe than sorry, so call a locksmith or, if you’re feeling brave, change the locks yourself. Leading house and villa movers and packers in Dubai such as Lyon Movers have skilled people on board who can help you with such a job.

Rekey the locks on all doors that lead from the inside to the outside of your home, as well as the windows. It’s a small price to pay for a great deal of peace of mind.

4.Meet and Greet Your New Neighbors

Building a connection with your neighbors is less about common interests and activities and more about simply being friendly to one another. Make a point of saying “hello” and smiling at everyone you meet. You are not required to mention that you have recently moved in. The goal is to lay the groundwork for a pleasant friendship, and a pleasant, sincere greeting upon first gathering is a great way to do so. Most legitimate house movers and packers in Dubai such as Lyon Movers always suggest there clients about the best available neighborhood.

5.Give Priority To The Repairs

Unless you are moving into a new home with no previous owners, chances are you will have some repair projects. You should have a general idea of what these are based on your home inspection, but it never hurts to walk around on your own and get a sense of what needs to be done and what is at the top of the priority list. While you don’t have to start working on these repair work right away (there will be plenty of time for that once you have settled in), making a list of what needs to be done and the order you aim to do it will assist you in organizing your repair needs into point of view and give you a better idea of how much time you will need. You can even hire professional movers and packers in Dubai such as Lyon Movers and employ our handyman or carpentry services to take care of little errands in your house.

6.Locate The Fuse Box And Water Valve

You don’t want to be looking for the fuse box or the water valve when you need them. It’s much better to mark their positions now so that if your electricity goes out or you have to turn off the water for some purpose, you can get there quickly. Your fuse box is most likely to be in your basement, garage, or storage room. The water valve in your home is usually located somewhere around the outside of the house. By hiring some of the best movers and packers in Dubai you can get a lot of ample time on your hand to finish such errands.

7.Do a Complete Walk Through

There is no better time to go through your new home than when it is empty. So, before you move anything in, look around and double-check the following items:

  • Ascertain that the previous owner completed all requested agreed-upon repairs.
  • Everything that was supposed to be included in the sale is present and in good repair, including channels, switches, fixtures, doors, and windows.
  • All service contracts and maintenance manuals were left behind by the seller.
  • There are no dirt, debris, mold, or pests in the house.
  • The grass is in reasonable condition.
  • All of your furniture will fit.

The 5 best tips for packing up your home before a move

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Packing for a move can be the most tiring part of the entire moving process. However, when you manage things carefully, this tiresome thing can become fun too. Generally, the best way to manage the tiring part of packing is by hiring professional movers. When you reside in the Middle East, there are many reputed moving companies that offer their packing services in Dubai at affordable rates. Lyon Movers is one such reputed moving company in Dubai that provides excellent packing services and is regarded as one of the best movers and packers in the UAE.

If you are curious to see easy packing tips before you move your house, then this article covers all those topics. Read till the end to find out all the details.

1. Pack The Least Used Room And Items First

You will wonder what sort of tip this is and question who on earth packs the least used things first. Hold on and read this section till the end to know why we suggest this. Generally, most professional packing and moving companies in Dubai suggest that you begin packing at least two months in advance. When you begin so early, you need the most frequently used items from your home daily. If you begin packing these things first, then there will be no point in packing early as every day you will have to open all the boxes and find the items that you need. Instead of saving your time and organizing things, you will end up being disorganized and wasting your time.

That’s why at Lyon Movers we suggest to our clients that they start packing the least used room and belongings first. As a result, when moving day arrives, you will still have access to your daily necessities while remaining organized and on track for your move.

2. Hire a Moving and Packing Company

One of the easiest ways to have easy packing and safe relocation is to hire professional movers and packers in Dubai. Instead of attempting a DIY pack and move, you can have a safe bet by hiring professionals. You hire professionals for most things, so why not for this important one? Professional movers are equipped with all the necessary tools and have enough manpower with them as well. That is why they can manage all your packing-related activities with ease and efficiency.

And if you don’t want to hire moving companies for everything, you can just hire them for packing services.

3. Protect Your Fragile Goods Carefully

Showpieces, vases, photo frames, and so many other things in our house can be vulnerable to breakage and damage. If you are attempting to pack on your own for your home relocation, then you should be extra careful while picking and packing these fragile things. You can fill your glassware with socks and face napkins, or you can even buy packing materials to pack them safely. Professional movers and packers in Dubai use special types of packing materials to fill up glassware and dinnerware. Professional moving companies use special boxes that are thick and specially made for packing artwork. If you don’t want to hire movers for packing all your goods, you can hire movers specifically for packing such fragile goods. At Lyon Movers, we have all types of customizable services to help our clients get the best solution for their relocation.

4. Prepare a Packing Schedule

Organizing things is the best tip for staying on track with packing. One easy thing you can do to stay organized for your packing is to make a packing schedule. You don’t have to go fancy and get a leather folder to make this schedule. All you have to do is take a piece of paper and write down the free time you have until the moving day. In this free time, assign at least an hour each day to your packing. This way, you will be on schedule and on time by the time your moving day arrives. Professional movers can easily help you pack and move to Dubai, but if you do a DIY move, then you must stay on track and organized for your relocation. You can tackle one room at a time and one drawer at a time.

5. Take Photographs of Furniture and Electrical Circuits

Unless you are a professional handyman or carpenter, you will forget how furniture pieces stick to each other and where each wire can go in a circuit. Taking photographs of all these pieces will help you when you try to assemble them in your new home. In case you find yourself confused mid-way, you can immediately call Lyon Movers and hire our carpentry and handyman services. Along with moving and packing services, Lyon Movers even extends their services to include carpentry and handyman at very affordable rates.

6. Don’t Over-Pack Boxes or Leave Them Half-Filled

We were not going to limit at just five tips and that is why an extra valuable tip just for you.

Your household belongings will be traveling for miles. So when you are packing for a move, bear this in mind and pack carefully. Picking the right-sized boxes is very essential for packing. Overfilling boxes can make boxes tear and spill the belongings inside them. Keeping the boxes half-filled can cause them to be compressed by the pressure of other boxes kept on top of them, and this will damage the goods filled in them. As a safe option to have a successful relocation, you should always consider hiring professional help like Lyon Movers for your relocation needs. Lyon movers are one of the leading movers in Dubai that have been working in this field for more than a decade. You can find solutions to most of your moving-related problems with Lyon Movers.

Concluding Lines

Hiring professional movers like Lyon Movers is always your best bet related to moving and relocation. If you want to do it on your own, then by following the above tips you will have a great time organizing your packing and moving. If you have any doubts related to moving, you can contact Lyon Movers at any time. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Disposal Tips For Tidying Up Before You Move

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So you have finally decided to move into that apartment you have always wanted. Like most people, we are sure you must have accumulated a great amount of stuff that you don’t use anymore. When you live in a house, you don’t even realize how much stuff has been accumulated and gathered by you over the years.

It is only when the moving days get closer and you call professional movers and packers in Dubai to give you a quote that you realize that you have too much stuff. In this stuff, there will be things that you will need for future use, and then there will be things that are worth disposing of.

Without proper professional help, you may get confused about properly managing the disposal and tidying up related things while moving your home. Lyon Movers will help you by giving you useful tips for disposal and tidying up your home before you finally begin to move. Read until the end to learn all the useful tips.

Donate Things That You Don’t Use Frequently

That surfboard that you have stocked up for special summer hasn’t come to date or that guitar that you have not found time to play in years. Or that broken table that you aim to fix one day. All this stuff lies in your house, becoming a liability to you.

When you hire the best movers and packers in Dubai for your relocation, they will always suggest you get rid of all this stuff before you plan to move. If the pieces are in good condition but you barely use them, then one of the best ways of disposing of them is by donating them to appropriate NGOs and welfare societies. If you don’t know any such places personally, then a simple search on the internet should help you to find a few good options, and even then, if you are confused, you can ask the moving company that you hire about the possible place that accepts donations.

Shred All The Unwanted Paperwork

Throughout the period, we accumulate a lot of reading materials and paperwork that are not required anymore in the future course. Most people throw them in the garbage without knowing that this paper can instead be recycled and reused.

When you hire Lyon Movers for the relocation of your home or waste disposal in Dubai, our team makes sure that any rubbish or scrap paper that you want to get rid of is shredded. After the paper is shredded, we send it to an appropriate recycling center. Shredding all the unnecessary paper is vital because even though you don’t require a particular document anymore, it may contain sensitive information regarding your privacy and financial details. That is why it is always wiser to shred any type of paper before you dispose of it.

Return All The Borrowed Items

We all borrow items from family, friends, and neighbors. Some items we return within time and some items we forget to return. There are a few things that were borrowed by us and they end up deep somewhere in our house, while some things become a part of our daily lives that we forget that they were borrowed.

When you are planning to move and trying to declutter and dispose of things, you can ask your family and friends to let you know if you have forgotten to return something to them. You can begin by returning things that you have borrowed from people. If you find that something borrowed by is broken by you, you can buy similar things and return them, and at the same time, ask them if they would like to get some extra stuff from you.

Donate Old Linens To Animal Shelters

Do you have a lot of outdated, old, worn, and mismatched linens that no longer serve a purpose and that you despise? Donate them if they aren’t your best and favorite sheets or guest sheets. Animal shelters adore old linens! Giving to an animal shelter is always a pleasant feeling.

Lyon Movers is one of the best waste removal companies in Dubai. When you hire us for relocation and disposal services, our team will gather all your old sheets and donate them to animal shelters. Those poor animals need those old sheets more than anyone else.

We Sell Old Media Items

VHS cassettes, tape cassettes, and similar media items are all obvious items that most millennials own. Let alone this stuff, even DVDs, CDs, and video games will be obsolete for the next generation.

If you are unsure how to get rid of this stuff, then you can sell it off. There are a lot of individuals on the internet who collect them and want to buy these mass-produced commercial media items. Sell them to get some more money for your relocation. You can get rid of more items before your move, make some money, and even save some money. That’s what we call a win-win situation. Your local movers in Dubai can also help you by identifying places that sell such stuff physically, so your time waiting online can be saved.

Hire A Professional Team To Get Rid Of Junk

When you declutter and pack for a move, you will end up with a lot of stuff, such as broken furniture, expired detergents, liquids, and other solutions. Disposing of all this stuff is not only a pain but throwing it irresponsibly can invite heavy fines in many parts of the world.

So, rather than taking things into your own hands, you can hire rubbish removal in Dubai, such as Lyon Movers, who can do the needful for you.

Concluding Lines

The disposal can be overwhelming for most people while relocating. By following the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to dispose of and tidy up your home without any stress.

Local Moving: 5 Benefits and Difficulties

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If you dislike moving or are very fond of your existing residence, you may be put off by the prospect of making a move. People who love their homes can be put off by even local moving and relocation. However, moving is sometimes unavoidable, even when it is a local move. You may require a larger home to accommodate your growing family, your older home may be unsafe, or you may wish to reduce your commute to work.

When deciding whether to relocate to a new location within the same city or state, keep in mind that any move needs planning and effort. Because you aren’t transporting your possessions across the nation, a local move may appear straightforward, but a badly planned and handled local move can cause significant stress and aggravation.

To remove the common problems of a local move, hire professional movers and packers in Dubai. They will guide you through every step of moving effortlessly and stress-free. In this article, Lyon Movers, which is one of the best home movers and packers in Dubai, will show you 5 benefits and challenges of local moving. Read until the end to find out all the benefits and challenges.

Challenges Of Local Moving

1.You End Up Holding On To Stuff

If you don’t have the option of making many visits to your new house while moving a long distance, As a result, it’s in your best interest to get rid of whatever you don’t need. With a local relocation, you don’t have as much reason to donate out dated items.

While this may appear to be a plus, it may also be a disadvantage. Keeping possessions you don’t need might overwhelm your new house and add to your stress. Because moving firms charge by weight, keeping your possessions raises the cost of your relocation.

Even if you’re only relocating locally, you should look over your possessions properly. If you come across anything you no longer need, donate it to someone who needs it. Some of the best home and office movers and packers in Dubai suggest people declutter irrespective of the distance they are moving.

2.It’s Hard to Move On

You probably don’t know many individuals in your new neighborhood after a long-distance move. As a result, you’re inclined to make new acquaintances and establish roots in the new area.

Moving locally, on the other hand, might make it more difficult to consider your new location “home.” Rather than meet some new neighbors, you return to your old neighborhood to see old acquaintances.

3.You Might End Up Managing Two Houses

If you are unable to sell your current home before you move locally, then you will end up having to manage two homes. It gets tempting to go back to your old home or use it as storage for some excess stuff.

Don’t make this mistake if you intend to sell your old home. Don’t let your relatives or friends stay in it or use it as storage because it will reduce the prospects of it getting sold.

4.You Will Be Tempted To Do It Yourself

Many people are enticed to do their own relocation and move. You should attempt it if you are moving solo and don’t have a lot of stuff to move or have a huge number of people with professional tools willing to help you. Hiring local movers in Dubai is your best option to manage a stress-free move.

5.You Might Not Prepare Properly For The Move

People get lazy when it comes to local moves. They think that if they end up forgetting something, they can get it from their old home in a short drive. This makes people less prepared for the move and creates hassles.

The Benefits of Local Moving

1.Moving Locally Opens Up New Opportunities For You

Moving locally can help you live in an area that you have always wanted to. Maybe the top-class gym gets nearer to you or your work becomes just a few blocks away from your home and you can walk to it. You can even move to a neighborhood where your family and friends live and hang out with them more often.

2.Local Moving Can Help You Redo Your Home

Many people move locally from their rented accommodation to their own place. Moving into your own space gives you ample opportunity to do the décor and interior design from scratch. Hiring some of the best movers and packers in Dubai for your local move can reduce your burden related to moving and can help you settle in easily.

3.You Can Move Into A Smaller Space

If you are already a resident of the city and want to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, then moving locally can help you achieve it. You can declutter and purge your existing home, get rid of all the excess things via donation, selling, and disposal, and move into a smaller apartment and have absolute peace of mind. You can hire local movers and packers in UAE such as Lyon Mover to help you manage your move. Local movers will charge you much less for a short-distance move as compared to a long-distance move.

4.You Can Save Time By Moving

Moving locally can help you save valuable time compared to long-distance relocation. Your travel time is reduced for moving, and at the same time, since you move locally, you know most of the suppliers, so you won’t have to waste time in search of suppliers.

5.You Can Save Money On Local Moving.

In a long-distance move, along with distance, in some cases, a lot of paperwork and government fees get involved. In the case of a local move, no such things are required. Thus, a local move helps you save a lot of money.

How To Make Your New Home Feel Like Home

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A home or a house is not built by the bricks and the walls, but by the memories that you build there. And when you move into a new home, you barely have any memories there, so initially, it doesn’t feel like a home.

No matter how delighted and excited you are to move into your new home, the first few weeks will most likely feel strange and unfamiliar. Celebrating special moments like an anniversary or birthday, planting a garden, or decorating your home for the holidays might help the “new-house sensation” dissipate, but waiting for a milestone takes too much patience.

The holiday season may be months away and you may not have any special occasion to celebrate. At such times, your new home can feel empty and lonely. To make things easy for you and to help you make your new home feel like home, Lyon Movers has compiled this article. Lyon Movers has nearly ten years of experience in relocation and moving houses locally as well as internationally. We are regarded among the top ten home movers and packers in Dubai. Read until the end to find out all the tips.

Decorate Your Walls With Art Pieces

There are significant benefits to decorating your walls with art. According to studies, merely gazing at art may alleviate stress and make you joyful. Aside from the fact that we receive a large surge of enjoyment from gazing at beautiful objects, hanging art in your house helps inject your particular personality and interests into the room. The more you surround yourself with things that make you happy, the more you will feel at home.

Some of the best professional movers and packers in Dubai suggest hanging personalized art as an even better option. You may hang art pieces drawn by your loved ones. The watercolor painting done by your mother will instill more joyful emotions inside of you than getting the artwork of any artist. You can even take this opportunity to learn the art yourself and hang artwork done by you. You don’t need to opt for painting and drawing. You can choose any other art form that interests you.

Use Fragrances In Your New Space

A new home may not have any fragrance of its own, and this may make it feel lonelier because you are accustomed to entering your former home smelling divine and like home. And to add to the new home feeling, all the smells from opening packages and the smell of fresh paint add to the feeling of the new home.

Using fragrances is a good way to brighten up your home and make it feel like a home. There are a lot of options to make your home smell nice. There are several air fresheners available on the market that you may use. You can also use fragrant candles and incense sticks. Even using diffusers and burning essential oils is a great way. You can even start baking cakes and cookies. Your family will love getting into a house that smells of delicious chocolate cookies. Most house movers and packers in Dubai have said that baking in a new house helps people instantly settle into their new homes.

Use a Lot of Pillows and Throws

No pillows are enough pillows. Pillows and throws add character to a room while also adding a touch of class and elegance. Imagine coming home tired late at night and sinking into your pillows. Sinking all of your tiredness into those pillows will be a wonderful feeling. Your kids can build pillow castles, and you guys can even have a pillow fight. All these moments will help you feel cozy and settle down in your new house. Some designers love their pillows so much that many local movers in Dubai have said that pillows make up for huge luggage in many people’s packing lists.

Keep Your New Home Clean

Many villa movers and packers in Dubai have suggested that when people move into a new home, they initially have a lot of clutter and mess. Some families take the initiative to clear the clutter, while others just adjust and begin living with the clutter.

Do you know how getting into freshly cleaned linens always feels the best? That’s because it’s quite difficult to feel entirely at ease in a messy and/or cluttered environment. If you want to know how to make a house warm, you should start by cleaning it. Your physical area is an indication of how you feel, and if you want to feel completely calm and at home, you should keep your place cozy and clean. Keep your linens and towels clean regularly, keep your house and other surfaces clean, and make it a practice to eliminate clutter before it becomes an issue.

For the first few days, you can even hire professional cleaners at your house. You can ask your apartment movers in Dubai if they provide cleaning services. Many movers do so.

Make Your House a Spa!

Take some inspiration from a location that is specifically created to make you feel comfortable: the spa, if you want your house to be nice and peaceful. Aromatherapy diffusers, candles, soft lighting, trickling waterfalls, and other spa-specific elements may all be brought into your own home for an instant dose of coziness. If you do it correctly, you may never want to leave your home again.

Concluding Lines

Your house should be more than just a place to sleep at night; it should be your happy place and your sanctuary. Simple design touches may capture sentiments of warmth and transmit them to you every time you enter the area of your house. Whether you live in a dorm, a rental, or a freshly acquired home, choose to surround yourself with items that, above all, make you happy. Hire some of the best movers and packers in Dubai to make your relocation journey stress-free. When your relocation is easy and joyous, your first few weeks in your new home will be stress-free too.

7 Tips For Packing Your Bedroom Like A Pro

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Relocation is a wonderful experience. But packing your existing home is a tiresome experience. In the end, it is natural to get overwhelmed because one invests their entire life into building a home, and then one day they have to pack it all up and move to a new place.

Moving to a new place brings many new opportunities and experiences that make all the effort of relocating worthwhile. When it comes to packing your home, of all the rooms, packing a bedroom is the most difficult of all tasks. The bedroom not only has our clothes but also our important documents and valuables like jewelry.

Packing up a bedroom is all about a few tricks and tips. If you follow those tips, packing up your bedroom will be like a breeze, and if you fail to follow those particular tips, packing your bedroom will be a difficult task.

Lyon Mover is consistently ranked among the best movers and packers in Dubai. In this article, we will show you 7 efficient ways of packing your bedroom like a pro. Let us begin by

1.Start With Items That You Don’t Use Frequently

Packing is entirely contingent on preparation. If you prepare ahead of time, your packing will undoubtedly go well. You should begin by packing products that you do not use regularly. Like the fancy bed sheets that you only use for special events or the white curtains that you only use on special occasions. By doing so, you will feel as if you have solved half of the challenges associated with bedroom packing.

When you hire professional movers and packers in Dubai for moving your house, they will suggest you pack first the items that you don’t frequently use. In the course of the time that we reside in a home, we end up accumulating a lot of stuff that we hardly need. Such things can be packed beforehand so that, in the end, we don’t have to hastily pack things.

2.Plan Your Packing Ahead Of Time

Packing the bedroom will be a difficult and time-consuming task. At the earliest, accomplish your packing plan. Do not presume that you will do this at the last minute. If you truly want to be successful in your packing endeavor, you need to begin packing as soon as possible.

3.Pack Your Clothes Like A Pro

Cloth packing is the most difficult aspect of the entire moving procedure. If you truly want to get things done correctly, you should pack your clothes effectively. Begin with off-season clothing, since this will save you a lot of time. Use properly-sized boxes because you cannot risk ruined garments after the transfer if you use the incorrect boxes or bags.

When it comes to packing wardrobes, packing and moving companies in Dubai like Lyon Movers use special wardrobe packing boxes in which your entire wardrobe can be packed as it is. You don’t even need to fold individual clothes separately. Odd-shaped items such as yoga mats and other heavy gowns or tuxedos can also be properly packed in such professional boxes. That is why hiring professional movers becomes the best option for you because they can bring along with them such boxes, which saves your packing time.

4.Disassemble The Entire Furniture Of The Bedroom

The bedroom is a room in the house with large and heavy furniture, such as a bed, a cabinet, and so on. If you want to handle the moving procedure effectively, make sure you disassemble the furniture correctly. This will ensure that you pack and transfer it safely and securely.

If you attempt to move furniture, it will be very difficult for you to move the entire furniture. It will be next to impossible to even move the entire bed a bit without disassembling it. You can hire Lyon Movers, especially for our packing services in Dubai, as well as carpentry or handyman services. Our carpentry and handyman services will help you with assembling and disassembling furniture pieces effortlessly.

5.Hire professional packing services.

Even if you are a packing expert and are confident that you can accomplish the process on your own, you will still require the services of professionals. There are a few specialist things in which you should not take any chances. Hire movers and packers in Dubai for specialist item packaging to save unnecessary stress and valuable time.

Relocation is a difficult procedure, and the number of products moved during the process makes it considerably more difficult. If you want to finish the tasks easily and effortlessly, you need to start early and hire reputed movers such as Lyon Movers for packing your bedroom. Jumping to pack your items at the last minute is not a good solution.

6.Use Bags For Packing Linen

All the extra linen that you own should be packed beforehand. But your daily linen, like bathroom and bedroom linen, can be packed into bags. Wrap your linen into reusable bags. Pack the curtains, bed sheets, cushions, and pillows the day before you go. The main advantage of reusable bags is that they are good for the environment and can be used multiple times, resulting in less clutter in and around your new house. Most movers in Dubai suggest this tip to their clients.

7.Label Each Box Individually

Labeling is required if you do not want any issues throughout the relocation procedure. Each moving box should be appropriately labeled so that it may be handled properly in a manner that ensures no damage is caused to it during the entire moving procedure. Labeling will ensure that the goods within the package are dealt with generously and remain unharmed.

Concluding Lines

If you are unsure if you can pack a bedroom on your own or not, you need to first devise a strategy. You should count the number of objects you are carrying to see if you can do it alone or if you need the help of a professional. Of course, professional packers and movers are a preferable option any day. Search for pack and move in Dubai and you will be directed to Lyon Movers, which is one of the best moving companies in Dubai and the UAE.

How To Pick Last-Minute Movers In Dubai

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While giving yourself plenty of time for moving and relocation is ideal, the fact is that you never know when you will need to relocate until the time comes. For example, suppose you have been looking for new work for a few months. You locate an opportunity for a position that you have always wanted, but the catch is that the city where you will be moving is quiet and a couple of provinces away. You ultimately obtain the position, but the fact is that they need you there in two weeks for training. While this may appear excessive, it is a reality for today’s mobile workforce. As a result, preparation for a last-minute transfer might be critical.

There are several reasons why you might need to hire movers on the go at the last minute, ranging from unexpected job offers to quick house closings. However, you should not let the strain of time force you to relocate on your own or, worse, hire inexperienced movers.

In this article, Lyon Movers, which is considered one of the best house movers and packers in Dubai, will explain to you in detail how to pick reputed movers at the last minute.

Request References from Friends and Colleagues

When you are in haste to move at the last minute, then at such times, choosing a moving company is always safer than trying your luck. It is always safer to ask for referrals from friends, family, and colleagues.

If your family or friend has prior experience dealing with certain home movers and packers in Dubai, then it will be easier for you to trust the moving company and go ahead with your relocation. Your trusted people can guide you through the pros and cons of working with a certain moving company. Your friend or family can also get the benefit of a referral. Some movers may have referral bonus options, so you may save some amount from your entire relocation journey, and your friend or family member who gives you the referral might also get some benefit, such as a gift or an attractive cash voucher. Although this referral scheme depends upon respective moving companies.

Verify the movers’ address

Request a business card or visit the mover’s website, then check for the provided address online or in the phonebook. Check if the address of the moving firm is recorded and registered under the company name. Any address listed under a residential name should be avoided. Nowadays, it is easy to check the address on online maps as well. A simple search on a map and going through the reviews can give you a fair idea about the legitimacy of any business.

Do You Research Online?

Even when your friends, family, and colleagues refer to you as particular movers in Dubai, it may not be the case that they have always dealt with that moving company. It could also be that they worked with the villa movers and packers in Dubai years ago and have no experience working with them in recent times.

Searching online becomes your best option to verify the creditability of any moving company. An online search will take you hardly a couple of hours, but these hours spent at the last minute in haste will help you save future losses and time wastage that could be caused by choosing the wrong moving company.

For searching online, you can visit the website of the moving company that you think of hiring. Professional movers and packers in Dubai have detailed websites with a neat layouts; you will find a lot of information on the websites of such companies. For example, on our website, you will find a lot of information related to even carrying out a DIY relocation. Also, on the websites of reputed movers, you will always find all the contact details and names of contact people.

Another thing that you can do is visit the social media accounts of the moving company you are thinking of hiring. From reviews to negative comments, you will find a lot of information on the social media pages of a certain moving company.

Don’t Ignore Red Flags

Even when you are in a hurry to move at the last minute, don’t ignore red flags. Keep an eye out for red flags at all stages of your meeting with the mover. Most trustworthy house, villa, or apartment movers in Dubai, for example, will not need a cash deposit before you move.

If the mover appears to be desperate for the money upfront, the firm may not be legal. Also, take notice of how professional the movers appear during the estimate. Look for another firm if they are late, appear doubtful of their talents, or can’t answer your inquiries. Also, be aware of movers that arrive in a hired moving vehicle. A professional business will have its equipment, including a moving vehicle with the branding and logo of their firm.

Ask About Professional Accreditation

Professional accreditation is just like a group or union of different companies working in a similar industry. To make understanding this easy for you, in flights there is a star alliance. Members of the Star Alliance enjoy certain extra facilities as compared to non-members. That is why passengers prefer to choose to book flight tickets with a Star Alliance member.

Similarly, the moving industry has no indifference. Ask your movers if they are associated with any professional accreditation. Such professional associations verify a company before making it a member, so if your preferred local movers in Dubai have any reputable accreditation, then go for that particular moving company without any hesitation.

Concluding Lines

As you can see, these are all the tips and tactics for picking a moving company at the last minute. It is not impossible, but it will require more effort and energy. Hiring a moving company is always the best solution. You require a professional because you do not have much time on your hands. The best movers and packers in Dubai have all of the tools, talents, and expertise needed to complete your relocation swiftly and successfully.

5 Tips For A Stress-Free Student Move

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Starting college is one of the best phases in a student’s life. Getting into a university gives every student some form of freedom. But this freedom often comes with a price. Moving to a new city or dorm is often one of the first major responsibilities that university students have to face.

And this major task can make many students nervous. Relocation and moving is one such task that can make big people nervous, let alone university students. But the good news is that, like most other things, relocation is something which can be easily managed. And in the case of students’ relocation and moving becomes a tad bit easier because they will be moving with much less stuff as compared to families’ relocation.

Like any other major task, relocation for students can be made easier by doing a few things like planning and preparing for it.

1.Know The Place Where You Will Be Moving

Whether you are getting ready to start a new semester or ending another year at university, make a plan for where your belongings will go. If you are returning home, make sure your living area is prepared. If you are moving into a college dorm, it’s a good idea to identify your building and the allotted room ahead of time. This will help to reduce confusion, reduce trips up and down the stairs, and keep everything organized on the big day.

Identifying the place where you will be moving will give you scope to plan things. Not knowing the place where you will be living for the next few months can make things a bit difficult for you. Some of the best movers and packers in Dubai suggest to most of their clients that they make at least one visit to the place they are moving to before moving there for the long term. It will also be easier for you to know how much stuff to carry to your new place. You can also plan on renovating or painting your dorm or new place and carry supplies for the same.

2.Hire Professional Movers

If you will be carrying just your clothes, then you probably won’t need to hire any house movers or packers in Dubai. But if you are planning to rent a house or an apartment, then you will need more than just your clothes, and hiring home movers and packers in Dubai will be helpful to you.

Professional movers have the necessary equipment and staff to make your relocation easier and safer. As a student moving to a new city, you may be alone without any support, so movers can be your support and help you settle down smoothly.

3.Keep Cleaning Supplies on Hand

It doesn’t hurt to bring your cleaning materials and inspect your dorm before moving in. The room may have been cleaned before you arrived and appear tidy, but a parent will notice all the dust you don’t. They’ll notice dust and grime around the baseboards, beneath the bed, and on the windowsills and blinds. Allow them to assist you in cleaning your room because it will be your responsibility to keep it tidy after they have left. Disinfectant wipes, paper towels, sponges, tiny garbage bags, and a small broom and dustpan are the most important supplies. You should also bring disinfectant wipes to the bathroom, especially if you have to use a public restroom. Professional movers and packers in Dubai always suggest getting your new space thoroughly cleaned by professionals before moving in.

4.Inspect Your New Dorm Or Apartment

Examine your new living environment in the same way you would a car rental. Notify your dorm representative or landlord of any damage, dirt, damaged appliances, or non-functioning light fixtures or outlets. You must do this before you move into the apartment or dorm and move anything inside the dorm to avoid being accused and charged. It also provides the dorm representative/landlord time to contact someone to resolve any difficulties before you move in. Seeing the dorm may provide you with insight into items you did not bring and will need to purchase, such as curtains, a towel drying rack, and a whiteboard. If you hire any house or villa movers or packers in Dubai for your relocation, they will often do a preliminary inspection before they begin unpacking in a new place.

5.Stay In Touch With Your Roommate

Talk to your roommate about scheduling and furniture a few weeks before moving in. By agreeing on who delivers what, you can save money and space. Are you both moving in together? both at the same time? If possible, stagger your unloading and packing periods; dorm rooms aren’t vast, and the fewer boxes and humans in there at once, the better it will be for both of you.

Here is an extra tip to make your move easier.

6.Pack Logically And Not Sentimentally

Starting a new adult life is thrilling, but it makes you want to cling to your childhood and family life even more. There’s nothing wrong with bringing some photos and artifacts from your upbringing, but you don’t have to bring everything. You don’t have to bring all of your high school yearbooks, teddy bears, toys, posters, favorite clothing that no longer fits, or the guitar you don’t know how to play but will learn to play someday. You won’t have enough room in your dorm for everything, so only bring what you need. Also, local movers in Dubai that you hire will be able to offer you cheaper deals when there is less stuff to move.

Concluding Lines

A well-thought-out plan of action makes the entire college moving process much smoother, from settling into packing up. And it gives you more time to get enthusiastic about the enjoyable stuff, like how to design your new house and which portion of the new city to explore first. Follow the above-mentioned tips and hire reputed apartment movers in Dubai to make your college relocation as easy as possible.