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Disposal Services

Professional Disposal Services in Dubai

We all love accumulating things, but there comes a time when all these accumulated things begin to pile up in our homes and offices and become a nuisance.

Often, the tasks related to moving and relocating are very stressful for home movers, and they add to that list the worries of disposing of old junk materials. The situation becomes even worse when we start with our relocation to a new place. As people begin to start packing for their relocation, they find themselves with a pile of old and broken pieces of unwanted things, having no idea what to do with them. Most landlords prefer that their property be handed over to them sparkling clean and without a trace of any unwanted furniture.

Lyon Movers is here to take away your worries. Lyon Movers is one of the leading professional movers and packers in Dubai. We have a team of trained professionals who can take care of all your disposal-related tasks efficiently.

The Removal Experts in Dubai

At Lyon Movers, we don’t just collect your waste items in bins and dump them anywhere. We adhere to the local laws and guidelines laid down by the government and, accordingly, dispose of each item safely. We also analyze and segregate all your old stuff so that whatever pieces can be recycled are sent to recycling centers. As one of the oldest and most reputed packers and movers in Dubai, it is our responsibility to care for the environment and engage in sustainable practices. That is why, apart from trying to recycle old stuff, we keep ourselves engaged and up to date with the latest technology and methods of waste removal and disposal.

Disposal Services

Experts in Waste Removal and Disposal in Dubai

Lyon Movers is one of the leading waste removal companies in Dubai, and we don’t limit ourselves to waste disposal services; we offer a comprehensive set of services that cater to all your moving and relocating-related needs. Our mission at Lyon Movers is to offer a sustainable and eco-friendly removal service to our clients.
To achieve this, we have partnerships with some of the best junkyard owners, recycling centers, and landfill operators in the region. The scope of waste disposal is not just grabbing everything, packing it in bags, and then throwing it in a bin. We analyze the materials minutely and, wherever possible, we ensure that rightful justice is done to an old wobbly chair or a table.

Lyon Movers: Breaking Barriers to a Clutter-Free Living!

Too much clutter doesn’t sound like an ideal place to live or work in. We extend our removal services to our clients even when they aren’t moving out. When our clients refurbish and renovate their houses or office spaces and are left with a pile of difficult-to-manage items, we are here to help them. Whenever you want to redo your spaces and want to get rid of old furniture, we are just a call away. Call us! And our team will do the rest of the work.

Remove all old Furniture and Electronics Safely!

When it comes to disposing of electronics, the laws in Dubai are very strict. You cannot just leave your old refrigerator or a television set in a dump yard. To dispose of sensitive and probably hazardous things like air conditioner sets or refrigerators, we follow a prescribed set of rules and instructions and carefully disassemble every piece before disposing of it properly. Lyon Movers offers a responsible, hazardous waste disposal service in Dubai.

Your Secrets Are Always Safe with Us

When people dispose of their office materials, there are often many documents and papers that, if leaked in public, can become a serious problem for them. Lyon Movers is one of the most reputed waste removal companies in Dubai. We understand the importance of your secrets, and that is why all the documents that come to us for disposal are discarded by us in such a way that they never get circulated in public ever again.


Steps Of Waste Removal With Lyon Movers


After you call us, we will visit your site of waste removal and do a preliminary inspection of the materials that are to be disposed of. And then give an estimate of the cost and fix a date that is suitable for you.


On the day that is fixed for waste removal, we pack every item that is to be discarded such that it does not harm the environment in any way.


After we collect everything from your premises, we proceed ahead and segregate each item and, accordingly, either send it to a landfill or a recycling center.