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How Lyon Movers Can Help With Your Land Freight Need

When it comes to delivering packages to neighboring nations or cities, land freight services have proven to be a more flexible and cost-effective mode of transportation. Land transport includes all modes of commodity transportation via routes such as highways, roads, trains, and express roads. Today, covering great distances with land is easily achievable. Many nations have built road networks spanning thousands of kilometers, as well as integrated motorways and railroads.

Land freight transport is a comprehensive mode of transportation with a variety of features that is part of an efficient logistics chain. Despite the fact that air and sea travel is becoming more popular, road transportation remains the king of transportation. Road transport is so popular that whenever the word transportation is uttered, people mostly imagine trucks and transportation via them.

Lyon Movers provides excellent and dependable land freight transport where your items are transported. When it comes to package delivery to neighboring nations or cities, Lyon Movers delivers on time and at a fair rate. Because land transportation services, in particular, span medium and large distances for simple delivery of products. In this article, being one of the oldest freight forwarding companies in Dubai, Lyon Movers explains how we can help with your land freight needs.

Picking up Load Directly From the Shipping Port

Many businesses that import their goods need direct assistance to bring their goods from the shipping port to their doorstep. While sometimes businesses need that from shipping port their goods be directly transferred to a warehouse. In both cases, Lyon Movers offers seamless assistance. We assure timely delivery at the lowest possible costs. When we assist businesses in transporting their imported goods from the shipping port to the warehouse, the business does not need to be involved at any step. We manage all the necessary formalities and even help businesses with custom clearance if they want us to. Being one of the reputed land transport companies in Dubai, Lyon Movers can handle transport efficiently at the lowest costs, with minimal interference from our clients.

We Help With Packaging Goods for Export

Many a time, businesses need help with packaging the goods which are to be exported. At Lyon Movers, we have experience in packaging many different types of exported goods, such as perishable food items, FMCG goods, chemicals, automotive components, medicines, hazardous chemicals, and many more goods. Each category of goods has different packaging requirements, and goods such as medicines even need temperature-controlled packaging. Plus, there is an additional requirement of packaging these goods in compliance with the customs norms for cross-border inspections.

That is why most businesses prefer that a professional moving company extend their support for packaging export goods. Lyon Movers, being one of the leading freight forwarders in Dubai, is equipped with skilled staff and all the required equipment and machinery to handle such work. Be it perishable food grains or fruits and medicines, we handle each category of goods to meet its specific requirements and to transport them in the best condition.

Getting Insurance for the Entire Export Freight

Insurance is one of the most important factors that are required for customs clearance and efficient transport of goods to other nations. Many businesses do not have ample time to work on getting insurance cover for their exported goods. That is when freight forwarding companies in Dubai, such as Lyon movers, step in and assist companies in getting insurance. At Lyon movers, we ensure that our clients have to pay the lowest premiums while they get maximum coverage and damage protection. We manage all the paperwork related to insurance. We require next to zero assistance from the exporting company for insurance processing.

We Assist In Loading Trucks with Export Goods and Transporting Them to Port

In terms of international cargo, when goods are to be exported initially, land freight is to be used to transfer goods from the warehouse or business address to the port. For transporting goods via land freight to the port, Lyon Movers offers the best cargo service in Dubai. Our transport fleet of trucks and vehicles is equipped with trucks of various sizes and capacities. We have a one-tonner small truck and a large trailer capable of transporting fifty tons or more in one trip. Having such a large fleet enables Lyon Movers to transport loads of different sizes. We even specialize in transporting large industrial components such as marine engines, which appear gigantic and are difficult to transport.

Loading unusual industrial products such as marine engines, windmills, and other similar products requires specific expertise. Few moving companies in Dubai can handle such difficult jobs; Lyon Movers is one of those moving companies in Dubai that can handle such loading jobs with ease and efficiency. Along with gigantic loads, loading small goods such as electronics and perishable goods poses equal challenges which our skilled staff members efficiently manage.

Unloading Goods from a Transport Truck

Especially when land transportation in the UAE is considered, businesses often need assistance with unloading goods from transport trucks. If the goods are simple, such as sturdy boxes of shoes or clothes, then importing companies can handle unloading. But in the case of delicate and fragile goods or the case of odd-shaped gigantic equipment, specialized technical assistance is needed. Equipment such as cranes and forklifts is needed to be used for such unloading. These special types of equipment require skilled and experienced staff who can handle unloading in such a way that no goods are damaged.

Concluding Lines

Land freight services prove to be the backbone of the economy as major imports and exports of essential commodities are dependent on them. To provide efficient and quick land transport and freight services, experienced companies are needed. Lyon Movers is one of those experienced and skilled companies that can handle all the services related to land freight effortlessly and efficiently.

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