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Often, new beginnings in life are followed by the tedious process of relocation and moving. You gather all your possessions, pack them up, and begin the process of shifting them to a new place and new city. The process of relocating to a new place can be thrilling sometimes and can be very tiring sometimes.

Moving to a new place can help you bridge the gaps between your dreams and hopes and make them a reality. However, amidst all these things, when you hire a moving company in Dubai for your local or international relocation and it turns out that the movers are fake, the entire experience can become very stressful, especially because all your valuable possessions, vital documents, and even money can be in the hands of some company that turns out to be fake.

In most cases of office relocation in Dubai, dealing with a sham moving company can result in the leak of company secrets and other valuable insights. That is why whenever you choose a moving company in Dubai, you should be very careful that you don’t pick a fake company. In this article, Lyon Movers, one of the best movers and packers in Dubai, shares tips on how to avoid picking fake packers and movers in Dubai.

1. Visit The Company’s Website

A website for any company can give you a lot of information about it. Often, legitimate and professional movers and packers in Dubai have a detailed website with rich content giving you a lot of information about moving and relocation and also about the company.

Pay careful attention to lucrative schemes. Fake movers have lucrative and hard-to-believe schemes and offer that promise a lot for just a fraction of the money. Whenever you see such hard-to-believe schemes and offers, remember the famous English saying which says “there is nothing like a free lunch”. Also, true movers and packers in Dubai have detailed addresses, contact details, and even concerned person details mentioned on their website.

2. Verify The Company’s Registration

Most legitimate moving companies are duly registered with the national authorities. Whenever you visit a genuine moving website, you will often find registered firms’ names listed on the site. In the case of a fake moving company, you will hardly find any legitimate details. Also, the overall branding and legitimacy of a website in the case of fraud movers are very bad and of low quality.

In the case of local movers in Dubai, you will always find their registration details in the national database. If you choose an international moving company, then it will be hard to find their details in your nation’s database, but if you can find out the origin country of that country, then you will certainly find the details in that nation’s national company registration database.

3. Social Media Presences

Genuine moving companies in Dubai have a strong presence on social media. Many people who have taken services from these companies follow them on social media and give their feedback. Not only these, but such companies have a presence across major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and sometimes even YouTube. When you follow and research such moving companies on social media, you can get a sense of their legitimacy.

The websites of real movers are always up to date and always have vital information related to prices, services, and overall general industry-related information.

4. Equipment

Trusted and reputed moving companies such as Lyon Movers have a long list of equipment that they have. Whenever you visit a mover’s office, you can see this equipment in one or the other form.

Trusted movers and packers in Dubai never hesitate to show their clients the list of equipment and tools they have. The most common tools and equipment include moving trucks with branding and logos of the moving company. The fleet of trucks is not limited to one or two trucks, but almost always they have more than three to four trucks. Other common tools are lifting dollies, forklifts, moving blankets, moving belts, and other similar equipment and tools.

5. Quotations and Prices

If you are looking for reliable movers and packers in UAE, you need to first determine the moving industry’s standard pricing. Companies that offer exceptionally cheap or extremely high prices are usually not authentic, so using competitive prices is secure. A low price is never genuine, and if it is, something is missing. However, greater costs may be a front for poor service.

It is critical to obtain quotes from all of your possibilities. You can tell the firms what you need to move and the distance they need to be transported to, as well as if you want moving services, and they will call you with an estimate or come visit and inspect the premises. Also, most legitimate companies offer more than one free quote. At Lyon Movers, we offer as many as five free quotations. Also, at Lyon Movers, we give quotations based on a personal visit and inspection of the moving house or office.

6. Don’t Pay Heavy Advance Fees

Even if you have discovered reputable and qualified movers and packers in Dubai, avoid paying their entire bill before the actual relocation. Making a full, upfront payment might put you in a difficult situation because there is no certainty that the work will get done. In reality, the majority of reliable packers and movers will not want full payment for their services before the relocation.

Some movers may want a deposit of up to 20% of the overall package you’ve chosen. Paying more than that may put you at risk of fraud. Only at the time of final delivery must the total amount be paid.

Concluding Lines

There can be a few fake and rogue moving companies, and the chance of you choosing one of them can be drastically reduced by following the above tips. For safe and secure relocation to international destinations, choose the most reliable movers in the UAE, “Lyon Movers”. Our experts are just a call away.

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