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How to Declutter Your Home Before a Big Move

Decluttering: Why would I need it? Is this the first thought you get when someone suggests decluttering? You aren’t alone in this. Many individuals think similarly. Decluttering your house is essential, especially when you are moving your house or office and relocating to a new place. It becomes very essential when you are moving internationally.

Agreed, we all love having things and the mere thought of parting with a few things that we have collected over the years makes us cry. But decluttering before moving gives many benefits, which will help you in the long run during your relocation. Most villa movers and packers in Dubai suggest their clients declutter before they move to a new place. Because if you don’t declutter before you move, you will end up spending a good chunk of money on shifting things that you never needed. During decluttering, you can discover hidden gems that you possess that you had forgotten about.

If you think decluttering isn’t for faint-hearted people like you and it involves a lot of energy and effort, then hangs on. Lyon Movers has compiled this article specially for you to help you declutter your home easily before your big move of yours. Continue reading to learn all of the amazing tips and tricks for an effortless declutter.

Prepare Before Hand

Don’t you prepare months in advance for the dress you will be wearing at your best friend’s wedding? Similarly, decluttering is a task that requires a bit of planning and management. When you plan and manage all the tasks, things become easy for you. Here’s how you should plan for your decluttering:

Set a Date

Set a date for you to declutter so that you don’t have any other plans on that day and you can focus on the activity of decluttering. Most apartment movers in Dubai suggest that the more organized you stay while decluttering your home, the easier it will be for you to manage things. The day you decide to relocate your house, decide on a decluttering date. Maybe order food from your favorite restaurant as a treat for decluttering.

Make a list

Making a list for decluttering makes it easy for you to prioritize what needs to be decluttered first. Maybe you can begin with your cosmetics cabinet and remove all the cosmetics that are nearing their expiry date or have already expired. List things to be decluttered, like your wardrobe, bookcase, children’s room, and so on.

Set a Deadline

Procrastination is a game that has many masters. A task that seems like a burden can naturally have a lot of postponements. So, if you are someone who finds it difficult to stay organized, then assign a deadline for decluttering. Some of the best movers and packers in Dubai, including Lyon Mover, suggest this advice to their clients. This helps people get the decluttering done within a reasonable period.

How to Declutter Before Moving

Working On Yourself

Relocation seems like a heavy burden on its own and adding to it, decluttering, can play a toll on your mental health. That is why professional movers and packers in Dubai advise their clients to take a break and get some rest. You can take a break and listen to your favorite music or do some deep breathing. All of this will help you relax and stay focused for the next step in relocation and decluttering.

Declutter One Room at a Time

If you get overwhelmed, you might end up decluttering an entire home at a time. This is a big mistake that must be avoided. Many house movers and packers in Dubai also offer their support for decluttering during the packing phase, but it is advised that you declutter before the movers arrive at your home. Start with the smallest room and start with the least used room as well. This way, it will be easier for you to declutter your home.

Think Of Removing Items That You Haven’t Seen In Over A Year.

When you begin decluttering, you will be surprised to find the number of objects in your house that you haven’t touched or even looked at in at least a year. If you find too many objects that belong in this category, it is a clear sign that you don’t need that particular thing. It is better that you get rid of such things rather than spend a fortune on moving them along with you.

Home movers and packers in Dubai think that you save your money by segregating things that aren’t used by you in a year. You can either donate these things or even sell them.

Begin With Paper

Everybody collects a lot of paper. When you start decluttering, you will find boxes full of parking receipts and bills. There can be flyers, brochures, and paper cuttings. When it comes to paper, be careful because even though a scrap may seem worthless at first glance, chances are it can be extremely useful for you. But at the same time, we end up accumulating a lot of paper that isn’t required at all. Segregate paper that isn’t required by you anymore and send it to the nearest recycling center. Books can be included here too. Donate books that you no longer feel like reading or aren’t special to you, like paperbacks. You can sell these books online too.

Concluding lines

Decluttering isn’t very difficult in reality, but if you get overwhelmed by the idea of it, reading the above blog will help you declutter your home easily and effortlessly in simple steps. Follow the easy steps described above or you can even call your local movers in Dubai for getting help with decluttering. If your local mover is reputed movers like Lyon Movers they will certainly help you by giving suggestions that help declutter your home.

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