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How to hire the best moving company in Dubai

Moving and relocating your house or an office is a very important step, it signifies that you achieved your goals and are now getting a step closer to your dream, or perhaps this relocation is itself a dream come true for you. The biggest concern of a home or office relocation people have is about the packing and logistics part.

When you live in a city like Dubai where you are comparatively new, you can get overwhelmed and have thoughts about how to go about relocation. You have certainly thought of hiring movers and packers, but can get confused about how to choose a moving company. Talking about Dubai, a simple Google search will lead you to several web pages of movers and packers in Dubai, but you may not be sure about choosing the best moving company for you.

Lyon movers are one of the best movers in Dubai and local movers in Dubai, our team has compiled a list of a few things for you that will help you in hiring the best moving company for your relocation.

Understand your requirements

The most important thing is identifying what are your needs and requirements. See what is the size of the furniture in your house and how long is your relocation destination. Whether you are going for a short distance or a long-distance and local or international? All these factors help you in filtering movers and packers as per your requirements. After considering all these factors, you can choose amongst the best moving company in Dubai.


Experience is one of the most important things to consider while choosing movers and packers. Lyon movers have over 10 years of experience working internationally. We have successfully conducted several local and international relocations of villas, condos, offices, and big industrial units. This makes Lyon Movers, one of the best movers and packers in the UAE and not alone in Dubai.

An experienced movers’ company has a lot of valuable local networking which helps you in easy and smooth relocation. Experienced teams know how to handle any difficult situations and let them not affect the overall customer experience.

Check Reviews Online

When you choose movers and packers in Dubai, always check reviews on multiple websites and even check their social media accounts. You can understand more about the mover you are hiring through various reviews that are posted for them. While you check the reviews, do give attention to what unsatisfied users have to say. This will give you a better insight into what to expect when you hire a particular company. Along with this, check reviews of the company from your local area. Ask if any of your friends or colleagues have prior experience working with this company. Asking your friends and colleagues will make you sure about hiring any one particular company.

Legal Background

While you finalize your moving company, it is essential to check the credentials of your moving company. Whether the company has a good record, how do they treat their employees’ all these factors are important when you consider a moving company. Lyon Movers has consistently received generous feedback and comments from its clients over the years. It’s also necessary that you ask your moving company if they have the necessary licenses and permits.


You must verify whether your moving company provides insurance or not. Insurance will be helpful to you in case there is an incident where one or all of your belongings go missing, you will at least stay protected. Many moving companies offer insurance according to services. If you take full service, then only some of these companies offer insurance coverage. Whereas, Lyon Movers has a strict policy where every single moving contract of ours is protected and covered under insurance. Not many movers and packers in Dubai offer complete protection and insurance coverage. If you deal with such companies, you put your belongings at risk. It is always better that you discuss all these points and have a written estimate and quotation from your moving company before you hire them.

Ask if they offer any free services

You can always ask if the moving company you are considering gives any free services and add-on benefits. Many movers and packers in Dubai offer referral benefits such as free boxes for packing, etc. You can ask for any such free services and get the benefit, it is always wiser to ask.

Get a free inspection and price estimate

Lyon Movers always offers a free site inspection of your premises and provides an estimate to you based on the inspection. Getting a free inspection allows you to have a conversation with your moving company. Often, moving companies guide and solve the concerns of their clients while they are doing a preliminary inspection. It also allows you to compare the prices of different companies and choose amongst the best local movers in Dubai. If a company is hesitant to offer a free inspection, then you must avoid dealing with that company, as most movers and packers in the UAE offer a free inspection and price estimate.

Visit the office personally

After you get estimates from different moving companies, you can filter out the ones you like and visit their office personally for a final discussion. Legitimate movers and packers in Dubai have well-established offices and when you visit them personally you can clear your doubts if any you have. You can also request your company to show their licenses. You can also ask about their former clients and the services they offer. Lyon Movers has offices located in Dubai and many parts of the UAE you can choose to visit our office any time you prefer we will be happy to help you and solve all your doubts.

Price they offer

Don’t choose your moving company only based on the lowest price. Some companies may offer lower prices to attract customers, but they heavily compromise on the quality of services. A simple example of this would be using thinner boxes for packing to cut costs. Lyon movers use thick and best-quality cardboard boxes for packing normal items. Our team has special types of storage boxes to store valuable and fragile materials. For furniture packing, we use a variety of different materials so that furniture remains in good shape and no scratches appear on them.

Hope this article compiled by Lyon Movers helps you in choosing the right moving company for you. You can always call us and ask for a free estimate or any guidance related to relocating your home or office.

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