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Moving into a new place or relocating to a different city is often a stressful experience for most people and when we talk about pets even they experience anxiety and stress related to moving. For pets especially pets such as cats and dogs if you suddenly take them to a new place it becomes difficult for them to get adjusted to the new surroundings and they may behave or act strangely.

Apart from this, there can be many issues that a family may experience when they move along with their pets. With over ten years of experience in international relocations Lyn Movers has compiled this article to help you all have an easy relocation experience along with your fur babies, so read this article until the end.

Be Patient With Your Pets

It’s critical to keep your patience when introducing your pets like cats and dogs to a new home. While you may be super excited and motivated to make the new house feel like home the moment you step into it but your pets may have a different approach. Building a positive relationship with the carrier, adding familiar items, and gradually exposing them to their new environment will help them feel at ease in their new environment says top-rated villa movers and packers in Dubai.

If your pet begins to act strangely when they arrive at their new home, don’t worry; this is a normal reaction to all of the changes they are going through. The best thing you can do is be patient throughout the process and allow them to adjust at their own pace.

Shower Lots Of Love

For us humans, it is easy to get caught up in unpacking and settling into a new home during the transition of a recent move. But for our pets, their lives revolve and surround us so if we forget to spend time with them it can negatively impact them. Pets need love and lots of love. Especially pets such as dogs are addicted to the love that we give them. Make time to play and snuggle with your pet, and reassure them that the move hasn’t changed your relationship with them. Though familiar toys and litter boxes can help provide some stability, you are their most important source of stability.

Cats and dogs see their owners as a source of security and stress relief, so simply being around your fur baby and paying attention to them can go a long way toward making them feel welcome. Most apartment movers in Dubai suggest that you keep unpacking as a secondary priority or hire a professional mover for the same and spend a lot of time with your pet instead to make the transition easier.

Dedicate a Special Room For Your Pet

When you arrive at your new home, it will most likely be messy for at least the first few hours, if not several days. Find a room in your house that you know will be free of heaps of boxes and shuffling feet. You can place a cage or a carrier in that room and keep your pet in the safety of that room. Place some favorite toys, food, and treats in the room, and leave the carrier open on the floor. Close the door to the room and allow your pet to adjust to the new surroundings while you finish unpacking boxes.

Many people often are confused and wonder how to deal with their pets when they relocate. Having one room set aside for your pet as a haven from the chaos of the move will allow them to get some space from moving and relocation-related stress and allow them time to adjust at their own pace. Hiring professional movers and packers in Dubai can make the process of relocation go more quickly and smoothly, giving your pet and you some time to adjust.

Use a Pet Carrier or Cage

Carriers or cages can make your pet feel safe and secure while traveling. Amid all the changes and chaos, this small shelter will provide some stability. Make this carrier or cage as familiar and appealing to your pet as possible well in advance of the moving day.

They will be familiar with their carrier and associate it with something positive by the time the moving day arrives. Most home movers and packers in Dubai highly recommend training your pets for a cage or carrier when you start planning for a relocation. There are several ways to establish a positive bond between your pet and the carrier;

• Start training early
• Introduce meals to your pet in the cage/carrier
• Praise them when they use a cage/carrier
• Motivate them to use a cage/carrier using toys, treats, and positive treatment.
• Add Familiarity

Small, everyday items and following former routines can help add a much-needed acquaintance to your pet’s new home. Bringing your cat’s familiar litter box, your dog’s bed, or your favorite toy will help your pet correlate the new home with familiar items.

Playing with your pets can also help relieve the stress of moving to a new home. Bringing your previous home’s laser pointer will help habituate your cat while giving you a pause to recharge. Your priority for relocation must be your and your pet’s peace of mind you can do so by hiring professional house movers and packers in Dubai such as Lyon Movers.

Give Them Extra Exercise

Moving a dog frequently causes stress as they adjust to their new surroundings. Giving them some exercise is an easy way to help them de-stress. Play fetch, take them for a walk around the new neighborhood, or engage in some tug-of-war with a toy. The activity will help them adjust to their new surroundings while also dealing with the additional stress of moving. For cats, you can use a treadmill and motivate your cat to run on it by keeping a rat as a treat. You can also use a laser pointer for your cat. This is one of the easiest tips for moving with pets that are given by some of the best movers and packers in Dubai.

Concluding Lines

You can hire some of the best local movers in Dubai if you are moving with pets and want to have a completely stress-free relocation for you and your pet.

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