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How to Pack Efficiently for a Move

Relocating and moving is like visiting a dentist. Nobody enjoys going to the dentist, but everyone must do so at some point in their lives. Similarly, each person moves at least once in their lifetime. Most find relocating and moving unpleasant and avoid it. But the unpleasant experience can be made into a fun experience by planning for it and following some easy tips.

Lyon Movers is one of the best movers and packers in Dubai. We have compiled this list of tips that will help you with packing for your move efficiently. Keep reading on to find out all the tips:

Get Rid Of Unwanted Things

This is one tip that almost all movers and packers in Dubai will give you; get rid of unwanted things from your house or office before you start packing for a move. We tend to gather extra stuff in our house all the time. Mostly, this extra stuff has either served its purpose or is just an item we thought we would need in the future, but it has never been used to date. If you don’t get rid of these things, you will end up spending a fortune on packing them and then moving them to your new house. You should start decluttering and either sell these things or donate them.

Put Heavy Items At Bottom

Needless to say, whenever you pack a box, always remember to put heavy boxes in the bottom of the box. If you put lighter items on the bottom, the heavier items on top will damage the lighter item at the bottom. To ensure your belongings are packed safely, keep them heavy at the bottom and light on top.

Hire Movers and Packers

Most people prefer to hire professional movers and packers when they are moving for the first time. There are two advantages to hiring professional movers. One is that professional movers can efficiently pack all your belongings, and the second is that professional movers save your valuable time. If you have figured out how you will ship your goods, you can hire reputed moving companies in Dubai like Lyon Movers to help you with packing.

Don’t Mix Items from Two Rooms in One Box

Many people think that if a box is empty, then it should be filled to the brim with something. Without giving a second thought, they fill up the boxes with random goods. When they start unpacking their goods, they end up with sheets and saucepans in one box. Not only will you have to make endless trips to different rooms, but you will also get frustrated if you follow such a packing pattern. If you hire professional movers and packers in Dubai like Lyon Movers, then they pack the contents of each room in specific boxes and they never mix the contents of two rooms in a box.

Don’t Leave Empty Space On Top Of Boxes

If you have excess space on top of a box, then don’t leave it empty. Leaving empty space on top will damage the contents of the box that are packed in it. Either pack an empty space with packing materials or fold it in such a way that it doesn’t get torn and then tape it tightly. Doing this will ensure that all contents are packed tightly and reach your new space safely. Most moving companies in Dubai do this to ensure that boxes arrive safely.

Label Each Box

Labeling boxes is the most important thing during packing for a move. Labeling is especially important during office relocation. Most office movers and packers in Dubai label boxes while they do packing. By labeling boxes, you will not have a mess of opening all the boxes while setting up your house. Suppose you want to first set up your bedroom, then if you label your boxes, you can shift all the bedroom boxes into the bedroom and open them. This will be very easy and efficient for your unpacking.

Pack Your Electronics Properly

Packing electronics is quite a difficult task. If you own a villa and your own number of electronics, then hiring villa movers and packers in Dubai, especially for packing all your electronics, will be very helpful for you. Because electronics are very fragile and delicate, they need to be packed in proper boxes similar to the ones they were packed in when in the showroom. Professional movers and packers have special types of boxes that can accommodate costly electronics properly without damaging them.

Tape Your Boxes Well

Taping is the most important part of packing. Most people are confused about how to tape and leave boxes open by loosely taping them. The proper way of taping a box is to tape it in a crossway across the middle length of the walls of the box. Most movers and packers in Dubai use high-quality tape to pack boxes. The quality of tape also matters the most when you pack. These days, greener options are available for taping. You can use paper tape to pack your boxes. These paper tapes are known to be better than ordinary tapes and are better for the planet too.

Pack Your Art Carefully

If you have a lot of costly art pieces and paintings, then you have to take special care of them. People think that just because their paintings are framed, they will be OK with it. But such carelessness destroys costly artwork. You should always hire one of the best movers and packers in Dubai, like Lyon Movers, to pack your artwork. Professional movers have special carrying cases and crates to pack art pieces properly. This ensures your artwork remains undamaged.

Use Special Packing For Wardrobes

Are you wondering how to pack your wardrobe? Then don’t worry, Lyon Movers have found a solution for you. You can pack your entire wardrobe in special wardrobe packing boxes. The major benefit of doing this is that you won’t have to figure out how to pack your hangers. You can simply open this box in your new apartment and put your clothes in your new wardrobe. This not only saves time but also your efforts.

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