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How to Pack Fragile Items Efficiently

Everybody loves moving to a new city and expanding their business or career. But rarely there are people who will say that they love packing and doing things for relocating. Most people find tasks related to moving and relocating cumbersome and daunting. Some hate the concept of moving all because of packing and unpacking. Add to this already dreadful list packing fragile items. Over the years families gather several fragile keepsake pieces, these pieces are costly and at the same time very fragile. Many people either donate these pieces or take a risk and shift it with them only to find out that those fragile pieces broke during transit.

You need not worry about losing your precious artwork and favorite art pieces that are fragile when you hire professional movers like Lyon Movers. You can have a splendid relocation experience if you follow a few steps properly. Below in this article team of Lyon Movers has given a few tips to pack your fragile items carefully so they reach intact and in shape to your new home.

1. Make an inventory list of all fragile items

You should begin by making a detailed inventory list of all the fragile items that you have. By making an inventory list you make it easy to segregate pieces that are very fragile and the ones that rent that fragile. The more fragile items you plan to take with you means more time packing them and buying more supplies to pack them. Carefully go through each and every fragile item and check if it is worth taking along with you or not. Leave the pieces that are very delicate and already have a little bit of damage. If you are unsure about packing some pieces leave they don’t risk taking them along with you. If there is a very special piece with you that you don’t want to miss then you can hire one of the best movers and packers in Dubai to help you pack that piece. Professional movers have expertise in packing fragile items.

2. Buy the right packing supplies

The key to packing fragile items properly is getting the right packing supplies. if you start packing your costly china vases directly in a box then it will end very badly, chances when you reach the new place you will find crumbling of what was once your costly china vase. Leaving fragile items loosely packed using the wrong supply is not at all an option. When you think of hiring professional movers and packers in Dubai that have expertise in packing you must consider hiring Lyon Movers. Lyon Movers can help you pack the most fragile items that you own carefully and properly.

Leaving your fragile items packed improperly is like inviting their breakage so here is a list of few supplies that you will need to pack your fragile items properly:

i. Cardboard boxes:

Strong cardboard boxes and not just any random boxes will be required for packing fragile items carefully. Professional house movers and packers in Dubai have a special grade of cardboard boxes that are used for packing fragile goods. These boxes have thicker walls made up of two to three layers of sandwiched cardboard material. When you pick cardboard boxes ensure the boxes are clean, dry, and strong.

ii. Packing paper:

Packing paper helps in keeping a distance between two fragile items. When you pack kitchen crockery items like plates, cups, saucers, and glasses packing paper makes a barrier between the two items while not permitting them to knock on each other and break. While packing it is essential that you must use special thick-grade packing paper as it will ensure a safe distance between two items. On average about a sum of 200 dollars worth of packing paper is required while packing kitchen utensils alone.

iii. Bubble wrap:

Remember as kids how much you loved taking sheets of bubble wrap in hand and breaking the small air pockets? Those air pockets which you loved breaking were the ones that helped protect your delicate item from breaking. Now when as grown up you will pack your household delicate goods you will need these same things. Make sure you have enough supply of bubble wrap and roll each item in it before putting it in boxes.

iv. Marker and other small supplies:

Along with all those big things you will need a number of smaller items to make your fragile items packing successful. When you hire home movers and packers in Dubai they come ready with all packing supplies you won’t have to buy or invest in a single thing.

3. Secure cardboard boxes

Packing fragile goods is a delicate business. A little mistake and you will end up losing your beloved piece. Take care that your cardboard boxes will stay still even during transit. For that experienced apartment movers in Dubai use straps to secure these boxes while in transit. When you take all care to pack goods properly but boxes are loos there are chances that you may still get your fragile goods damaged that is why securing boxes is a must when you put them in moving trucks. If you want you can hire local movers in Dubai near you to just load trucks and secure boxes as well.

4. Label your boxes always

Whenever you pack boxes with fragile goods ensure that you label those boxes as fragile. By labeling them you will be able to identify these delicate boxes immediately and during loading and unloading it will be easier for you to keep these boxes aside from general stuff. Most packing & moving services in Dubai label the boxes to ensure the contents within it stay safe and secure.

Concluding Lines:

Following the above tips will help you keep your delicate goods secure during your next relocation.

Lyon Movers is one of the leading moving companies in Dubai we offer several services for moving your house, office, and another commercial as well as industrial spaces. If you want to hire us for packing only fragile items we can do it for you.

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