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How to Plan Office Relocation in Dubai

Expanding your office space and moving to a brand new location is one of the best achievements of a business. The work which your team has accomplished with dedication and hard work is the result of this growth and expansion. However, the real challenge lies in actually getting on the ground and starting to move your office physically. Make things easy for you and hire professional office movers and packers in Dubai, professional movers and packers are not only experienced but are trained to take care of all the relocation responsibilities carefully for you.

Lyon Movers are one of the best professional offices movers in Dubai; we have over ten years of experience working in this industry and have successfully carried out several offices, industrial, home and other types of relocations locally as well as internationally. Lyon Movers and our entire team will always be there for your aid at any time during your office relocation. However, to have a smooth relocation experience, we suggest following the steps listed below by us.

Start Early

Most office relocations are planned well in advance. Many office relocations are planned six months in advance, while some bigger industrial relocations begin as early as two years. So the sooner you start to chalk out a relocation plan, the easier relocation will get for you. At Lyon movers, we generally suggest our clients to have at least one month’s window to plan and manage their office relocations. As you start early, you get ample time in your hand to make any shifts in your plans or last moment changes.

Dedicate a person-in-charge

Similar to most of your office projects, chose a team leader to finish the office relocation project as well. Relocation is also an important project for your office, and choosing a dedicated person for it will help your organization finish the project well in time and in an expected way. When responsibilities are given to a dedicated person while relocation planning, he becomes a single point contact person for your entire office staff and the logistics of moving. That person could be anyone you trust and is capable of carrying out this task. Don’t stop at choosing just one person, go ahead and ask him to form a team so that his workload gets distributed. Even while we plan relocation for any of our clients in the Lyon Movers office, we give the responsibility of completing that project to one person, who leads the team and gets the project completed. Out of many office movers in Dubai, there are very few office movers who are experienced and dedicated in office relocations.

Make a checklist of things to do and fix a budget

Paying bills, canceling the lease, informing the landlord, and hiring a relocation company, there are so many errands to be completed before moving your office to a new place. And similarly, you will have several tasks to be completed for your new space like getting an internet connection, hiring cleaning staff, subscribing to necessities like newspapers and magazines.

To avoid forgetting finishing any of the important tasks, make a checklist of things to do. While you are making a checklist and to-do lists, this is the best time to fix a budget for your relocation. A fixed budget will help you save on a lot of unnecessary expenses. In-experienced office movers in Dubai tend to over-charge their clients. When you hire experienced and professional office movers and packers in Dubai like us “Lyon Movers” you get the best services at the most affordable quotation.

Bond with your team

Moving and relocating to a new office space means growth, which your entire team worked for and accomplished. So take this opportunity of moving to a new place to bond and celebrate with your team. Many organizations host parties on the last day of their former office space for all the employees. They organize many fun things like clicking pictures in a fun photo booth with props. Some organizations go ahead and create a special hashtag for their social media accounts so that they can post their offices’ entire relocation journey on social media.

Take your entire team’s suggestion

When an office space is relocated to a new place, it affects the entire team member in some way. Some members may have certain difficulties with a new location, like it being far away from their home. You can address the concerns of your team member when you take their suggestions. Asking suggestions from your entire office team will make everyone feel included, and you will also have a wealth of valuable recommendations and tips for relocation.

Secure your important documents

The real wealth of any organization lies in its essential documents and other valuable assets like hard drives and storage devices. Your years of efforts, ideas, and secrets lie in those documents and gadgets; at any cost you wouldn’t want to lose them. Although we treat your valuable like our own at Lyon Movers, we always suggest to our clients that they keep their valuable documents safely and securely in their custody.

We suggest that you compile the entire valuables of your office in a box and store it in a locker or a safe storage unit until you move to your new office space. This will ensure your valuables stay safe and secure. Lyon movers have a storage and warehousing facility according to your needs, you can choose the size of the storage unit and store your important materials with us.

Not many office movers and packers in Dubai have a storage facility. Lyon Movers offers their storage space at very affordable and budget-friendly prices.

While there are many office movers in Dubai, licensed and professional movers are very few. Before you finalize and hire your office movers, verify their licenses. Lyon Movers being experienced for over ten years has all the necessary licenses, and we always comply with local norms.

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