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Leading Import and Export Services in Dubai

Dubai and the entire UAE region are central commercial hubs. Geographically and even from an economic point of view, the UAE region is highly important. From the times of the Silk Route, this region has been a highly important focal point. For centuries, the Arab region has been a bridge between the East and the West. Even today, in the 21st century, this region has registered offices and manufacturing units of the world’s leading business houses and manufacturers. All these businesses need very reliable and reputed Import and Export Services daily.

For the past ten years, Lyon Movers has been one of the leading Import and Export Service companies in Dubai, providing businesses with reliable import and export service. Whether you have an importing consignment or are exporting your order, Lyon Movers can provide you with an affordable and reasonable solution.

The Most Reliable Import and Export Service Company in Dubai

Import and Export Service consignments are very sensitive matters for any business. While handling such crucial services, a company always looks for reliable partners that have proven their worth. At Lyon Movers, we take immense pride in claiming that our clients and users have consistently proven their trust in us by becoming our repeat clients over the years. Even when your background checks us, you will find words of praise for us.

Import and Export Service

Multiple Services for Import and Export Service

At Lyon Movers, we understand that various businesses have different needs. To cater to all different needs, we have customized solutions for each of our clients. We offer packing and unpacking services for Import and Export Service consignments. Additionally, we provide complete air, sea, and land freight services

Get Complete Transparency

Businesses work on trust and transparency. That is why at Lyon Movers, our entire team is available for communication at all times. At midnight or early morning, you will be constantly updated with your consignment at all times. Moreover, our team members are skilled and experienced enough to solve any concerns and queries of our clients.

Large Project Execution

We are committed to helping you successfully fulfill your export and import orders with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. Fulfilling large orders is critical, and we at Lyon Movers understand the critical element of such situations. Our experienced team is spread across various parts of the world and has grass-roots level connections. Having this rich resource of manpower, even in the remotest areas of the world, empowers us to handle large-scale orders with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy. Our rich resources give us the confidence to commit to our clients to solve their most crucial and critical problems.

Storage & Warehousing in Dubai

When businesses Import and Export Service goods in Dubai, one of the most Import and Export Service they need is storage and warehousing. Many times, when an import consignment arrives, the importer company does not have ample storage space. At such times, at Lyon Movers, we can do the customs clearance for our clients and immediately ship the entire consignment to the storage and warehousing facility. We have a warehousing and storage facility that can handle all types of storage. Our temperature-controlled facility enables the storage of non-standard and perishable goods easily.

Land Freight Services in Dubai

An important aspect of catering to import and Export Service orders is providing land freight. Lyon Movers are renowned Import and Export Service in Dubai and is involved in every stage of import and export services. If a client desires to have packaging help, in packing a very delicate and fragile order, our skilled team can handle it easily. We can further take this order to the airport or seaport and do the export of the shipment. On the other hand, if you are expecting a big import order, we can cater to that too. Our team can unload the container ship it to your doorstep and offer further assistance in unpacking.



FAQs on Import & Export Services in Dubai

Yes, at Lyon Movers we have a professionally trained and dedicated team for customs clearance that can manage imports and exports both with equal ease. Our team will get all custom clearances done on your behalf and can give you additional help as and when required by you. In the past year of serving the shipping industry, our consistent services have made us one of the best Import and Export Service companies in Dubai.

Opportunities for exports from Dubai are wide. The time and duration that will be taken for your export consignment can vary depending upon the country it is being exported to and whether you are choosing air, sea, or land freight to export it. Exporting via air freight is the quickest way to export your goods, followed by sea and land. We try to get your consignment to its destination at the earliest possible time.

Yes, at Lyon Movers, we are constantly developing technology that enables our clients to track their consignments at all times. As soon as you book an export consignment with us, we provide you with a number that, in layman’s terms, is equal to a bill number, which helps you track your consignments easily. Lyon Movers provides the most technically advanced services for Dubai imports and exports.

When you choose a full-service package with Lyon Movers, you get services for all ends. Even packaging is covered by us in a full-service package. We will send a truck to your premises, and our team members will load the entire truck. From there onwards, all things will be taken care of by us. You can focus on your business while we take care of your import and export consignments.

Yes, in our full-service package we offer complete insurance for the goods that are being imported or exported. If you do not take a full-service package, even then, we can help you with getting insurance coverage for your consignment.

Lyon Movers has a third-party insurance policy that will cover your items in case of any damages that may occur during the move. If you would like to add an extra level of protection for your belongings, we recommend that you purchase additional insurance from your own insurer.

The day you choose can have a big effect on your move. If you’re moving during the week, it’s often best to schedule your move for a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. These days, most people are working, so there will be less traffic and fewer people trying to move at the same time as you. If you’re moving on a weekend, Saturday is usually the best day to schedule your move.

Lyon Movers offers a comprehensive range of moving services to make our customers move as stress-free as possible. Our prices are very competitive and we offer discounts for multiple moves. For a free quote, please call us at +971 4 569 9184 or email us at