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Let’s Prepare Your Home For A Move

Are you confused and wondering how to prepare for relocating and moving your house? Well, you have landed in the right place. Moving your house and shifting to a new location can become an overwhelming experience for many people. Especially, it gets daunting if you are new in a city and don’t have many friends and family to help you out. You don’t need to worry about the daunting task of preparing your house for a relocation. Lyon movers one of the best movers and packers in Dubai has brought this article to help you prepare your house for the move and avoid stress and headaches.

Prepare A Plan

The way you prepare for that dream Europe trip months in advance, moving and relocating is an equally important task. And most people only move their houses once or twice in their entire lifetime. So when you start planning your home relocation at least two months in advance, you get a clear idea of what things are to be done and what is not to be done. You get time to search for professional movers and packers in Dubai, compare different movers and packers companies, and finally select one.

When you start to plan, do a few things like taking inventory of your household belongings. Take a file and note down the number of books you own, and the number of clothes you have, and similarly make a detailed inventory list of all the different things you own. Having an inventory list will help you keep a track of things you own, and it will reduce the chances of you losing anything.

Set A Moving Budget

Whether you are moving to a villa or moving to a small studio apartment of yours, setting a fixed budget will help you save from spending extra money on moving and relocating your house. That is one reason Lyon Movers recommends its clients prepare an inventory list for them. Having an inventory will help you in understanding the number of boxes you need to pack all your stuff and the cost of transportation. By knowing the things you own, you can easily get estimates of relocation from different house movers and packers in Dubai. When Lyon Movers goes for a preliminary visit to any of our client’s homes, we give a free detailed quotation of probable costs involved with moving. The free budget estimate you get from us will help you in assigning a fixed budget for your home relocation.

Clean, Defrost And Tidy Up Your Home

One of the most important things about moving is cleaning your old home and keeping it in a good shape. There are chances that your moving company may have to make a few adjustments to your house, such as removing the door frame to move out your bulky furniture.

On the other hand, you will be taking all the pictures you hung on the walls along with you. Fill up the holes made by removing hanging pictures and fixing all the adjustments you had to make for moving your furniture. You also would want to defrost freezers and refrigerators before you move, as you don’t want to end up with a wet moving truck. Cleaning the interiors of your appliances like refrigerators and other things before you move them will help you maintain hygiene and avoid building up of bacteria inside the appliances due to leftover dirt. Professional apartment movers in Dubai do all the cleaning and tidying up before they start moving. By cleaning and tidying up your place, you not only make things easy for you, but you also make a good impression on your old home’s landlord.

Move Your Subscriptions To Your New Address

Whether you are shifting your apartment or your huge villa, you will have several monthly and periodical subscriptions. Your professional movers and packers company will do all the things on your behalf of you when you opt for a full-service package. But there are a few errands that you will have to do on your own when you are preparing your house for a relocation.

You don’t want to keep visiting your old home for a couple of months just to collect your mail. When subscriptions take up to one month to update your address and thus if you plan your move in advance you can cancel the subscription early and start getting all the mails regularly to your new home. Most home movers and packers in Dubai will suggest you start doing this as early as possible to avoid running back and forth between your new and old place to collect your mails.

Double Check Everything

Whether you are moving to a small apartment or a big villa and hire villa movers and packers in Dubai for your house’s relocation. There will be tiny nooks and crannies in your house that only you know about and have access to. When you hire Lyon movers for your relocation, we always do a double check of all the premises to ensure nothing is left around. But in those small nooks and crannies if you personally do a double check you can be sure that none of your belongings and important possessions are left behind. Many people have a habit of keeping valuables like jewelry in the narrowest and tiniest of spaces, so by visiting each of your secret spots, you will be sure that you have packed everything with you to your new house.

Always Choose A Local Mover

When you are preparing your house for moving and want to hire movers and packers. Always pick a moving company that is local to the area you are moving from. Lyon Movers is one of the oldest local movers in Dubai. By hiring local movers, you make it easy for you to comply with local authorities and norms. The local moving company is also well versed in the surrounding area and can aid you with any difficulty that may arise on your relocation journey.

Other things you can do for preparing your home for moving are starting to pack all belongings and labeling different boxes category-wise. Follow the above-mentioned tips by Lyon Movers to prepare your house for moving. For any difficulties and for a free estimate, call Lyon Movers.

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