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Moving Furniture? Lyon Movers is the best choice for you!

Whether you are re-arranging or re-locating your house or office, moving furniture is the most time-consuming and cumbersome errand you will have to do. The task of moving your furniture gets even more difficult, especially if you have recently moved to a city like Dubai with very few friends and family.

We highly suggest, rather than breaking your back while moving furniture, you do the smart work and hire professional furniture movers and packers from Dubai. Lyon Movers is one of the best furniture movers in Dubai. With an experience of over 10 years of working in the industry, we have consistently delivered satisfactory services to our clients.

Furniture pieces are awkward in size and shape

From your piano to that comfy couch, the furniture comes in a lot of odd sizes and shapes. You cannot pack them in a box and some pieces hold sentimental value to you like the vintage dresser you inherited from your grandmother or the costly watch you bought on one of your Europe trips. You wouldn’t want to see any of those pieces getting even slightly damaged. Rather than breaking your back trying to do things yourself, your best bet would be searching for furniture movers in Dubai finalizing one of them, and letting the professionals do the work. When you choose to hire professional furniture movers like Lyon Movers, you choose peace of mind for yourself.

Hiring Lyon Movers is cheaper

If you do the math and calculate all the expenses required for moving your heavy and bulky furniture, hiring Lyon Movers will prove to be more profitable for you.

You will need a lot of stuff when you decide to move bulky furniture yourself. First, if you have furniture pieces that can be disassembled, you will need a wide array of tools to disassemble your furniture. The tools required can be anything from wrenches to pneumatic guns, and it’s a very costly affair to invest in these many tools just for relocating your furniture.

In many cases, even when you disassemble your furniture, the pieces are so oddly shaped that you have to open door frames to get them out. This requires yet another set of skills and experts to open door frames, move furniture and then again fix the door frames. Hiring professional furniture movers and packers in Dubai like Lyon Movers will reduce all your headaches in one go and save you a tonne of money.

Save your time

Will you prefer to wrestle with that heavy and floppy mattress of yours for a couple of hours, or will you choose to let a team of experts move that mattress for you? Professional furniture movers and packers in Dubai like Lyon Movers have a skilled and experienced team who has worked over a decade in this field. We have all the necessary equipment like straps, girders, slides, and specially designed trucks to make the entire process of furniture move an easy process.

When you do things yourself, you spend hours doing trials and checking errors. Whereas, when you hire us Lyon movers, you can rest back and see your furniture getting moved like magic in a short time.

All you need to lift is your phone

It’s like an old English saying “whether brawn is bigger or brain”. To shift and move your heavy bulky furniture all you need to lift is your phone and dial Lyon movers on (insert phone number here) within a couple of hours our team will reach your house or office, explain to you in detail how we carry re-locations and give you a quotation as per your budget requirements. Then, as you finalize and fix a date, Lyon Movers will visit your home and move all your furniture like a breeze. So you can choose whether you want to just lift your phone or want to lift all that bulky couch and bed.

Moving furniture in Dubai will get easy for you when you hire the right people, i.e. Lyon Movers.

Be insured and secure

Many furniture movers in Dubai claim many things, but are they licensed, do they provide the insurance you must verify this before you hire movers and packers for your relocation. At Lyon Movers, being one of the top ten best professional furniture movers and packers in Dubai, we provide complete transit insurance to the belongings of our clients. So by chance even if any unforeseen incident occurs and there is damage to one of your pieces you will be completely covered and protected. Although we will pack your furniture with such precision that even if say we have to drive through a Motocross-track not even a needle will move from its place.

We can adjust our pace as per your need

Many people choose to move in stages, in such time people get confused about how to move. What to pack and what to not pack is the big concern people have. Lyon Movers, expert team members will counsel you, understand your needs and requirements, and will chalk out a customized moving plan for you so that your relocation gets easy and joyful.

Store things whenever you want

In case your move is such that you need to store the entire contents of your house for some time, then Lyon movers have a dedicated storage facility for you. You can store the contents of your house or office for as long as you want in our storage facility. You can get your contents shipped directly to your new place from our storage units. The safety of your goods will be another concern when storing them at any random storage facility. By choosing professionals like Lyon Movers you get benefits like insurance coverage and protection, you can rest assured.

So for moving big and bulky furniture, hiring professional furniture movers and packers in Dubai will save you a lot of time, money, and effort. Choosing Lyon Movers will be the best choice for you!

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