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With the Best Movers in Dubai, you can be safe and secure.

Moving your office or home into a new space is a big decision to make. Many people get overwhelmed by the idea of the move itself. As they will be getting out of their comfort zones and exploring something new, it is a very big and bold step for many people. The safety and security of their belongings is the biggest concern most first-time home movers face. And it is right to be concerned as well because quite often we hear people talk about lost cargo and missing packages.

Relocating to a city like Dubai may feel intimidating to many, as the city is mostly preferred by ex-pats who live here for a short time and then move on to their next city. However, with the experience of others maybe you can choose to have a safe and secure relocation by hiring Lyon Movers; we are counted among the best professional movers and packers in Dubai.

Having over ten years of experience working in the logistics of the house moving and packing industry, our team has compiled a list for you to make your house moving a safe and secure journey.

Prioritize what is important to you

The entire process of relocation to a new place includes a lot of cumbersome activities, like choosing a good place to live within a budget, packing stuff into boxes, loading and unloading heavy boxes into the transit vehicle, and so on. Before you even begin, make a list of priorities for you. What facilities and amenities you had like to have in your new located home or office.

Start researching various neighborhoods around Dubai that suit your needs and meet your budget. After you finalize a neighborhood, you can go ahead and check different accommodations available in the locality. You can also start searching for a different moving company in Dubai to get an idea of the relocation transportation budget.

Take the help of your friends and colleagues

Whether it is a better amenity at a certain locality or you want to reduce the travel time to your office. Once you choose a house as per your needs, go ahead and ask your friends, family, and colleagues for help and recommendations. Do not hesitate in asking for help. There are chances that your friend or colleague has a better idea of how to have a safe and secure relocation. One of your friends could even suggest you reputed and trustworthy movers and packers in Dubai with whom they have prior experience of working. Lyon Movers gets quite a considerable business from mouth-to-mouth recommendations of people who have worked priory with us. This is one main reason we are always on the top list of the best movers and packers in Dubai.


Whether you are moving your home or an office, we always tend to store extra stuff with us. Decluttering helps you get rid of the extra stuff because don’t want to end up in your new office with an old stock of stationery material that is no longer needed and of use. Usually while having primary talks with their clients, most office movers and packers in Dubai suggest their clients declutter their stuff and get rid of any unnecessary stuff. This will also help you in saving extra costs which you may incur to transport that unneeded stuff.

Make it a Team Effort

Like the famous English saying “if you want to walk a short distance walk alone and if you want to walk a long-distance walk with a team”. The same goes for your relocation, if you want to have a safe and secure relocation, include your family or office colleagues if moving an office space.

No matter how big a house is, whether it is a villa or a studio apartment, Lyon Movers is well-equipped with all tools and skilled staff to make arrangements for a safe relocation. For moving and relocating big villas, many villa movers and packers in Dubai plan for a relocation that lasts for almost a month-long and in some cases even longer than that. But at Lyon movers, we take the schedule and needs of our clients into consideration and plan the duration of the move to suit them.

Be kind to the boxes

Many people choose to pack the boxes themselves and let the hired movers and packers take care of the logistics part. Lyon Movers has several types of cardboard boxes which you can use to pack your stuff in case you choose to pack yourself. However, in the end, cardboard boxes are made of cardboard and are weak, if you overstuff your boxes or keep them half-filled your belongings packed in them may get damaged. When the half-filled boxes are stacked one above, the other boxes get crushed. It is a better option to let the movers and packers do all the packing for you. Lyon Movers offers such attractive rates that you will anyway prefer to take our services fully.

Take advantage of the storage facility

Moving to a new home or office means you will be decorating your new space from scratch. However, after all the decluttering, you may still want to keep some really important stuff in your possession. Things like the antique furniture you inherited from your grandparents or the vintage piano on which you played your first song are all precious pieces and hold sentimental value for you. In case these big pieces do not match your new place’s decor, you can take advantage of the storage facility that Lyon Movers offers. Our experienced and expert staff will carefully pack all these big and odd-sized pieces for you and ship them to our storage units. You can choose to use our storage units for as long as you want.

Hiring professional movers and packers in Dubai, like Lyon Movers, will give you a smooth and exceptional moving experience while keeping all your priced possessions and belongings safe and secure.

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