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Trusted Sea Freight and Air Freight Services in Dubai

At Lyon Movers, we understand the importance of timely transport and logistics for businesses. That is why, to help industries and start-ups alike, we have developed sea freight and air freight services in Dubai that help businesses save time and enhance their profitability. We take our business relationships as partnerships. Because trustful relationships help two parties understand each other’s needs and requirements in a better way. To help our clientele have easy and fast air freight and sea freight, we are continuously involved in improving our systems and tools to help them grow. In doing so, we use principles of sustainability to deliver results that are eco-friendly and good for our planet.

Your Sea Freight & Air Freight Services in Dubai

We have expertise in both sea freight and air freight Services in Dubai. Lyon Movers has been serving for the last ten years in the industry, making it one of the best freight forwarding companies in Dubai. Our expertise, combined with the continuous development of our services and digital tools, ensures the smooth transportation of your goods from one source to the other source.

Air freight services in Dubai Sea freight services in Dubai

In Sea freight services in Dubai, we can transport full-loaded containers, partial-loaded containers, and even entire project shipments as well for you. Another benefit you get from working with Lyon Movers is that we get all documentation processes done by us, so you need not do a single bit. Customs clearances and all other necessary clearances are managed by us as well. After we get customs clearance, we then ship your load to your desired location.

Air freight Service in Dubai is a dynamic business with constantly volatile markets. In this constant volatility, Lyon Movers will be your reliable air freight partner. Our carefully knitted services will allow you to focus on your business while we take care of your logistics. Having a wide range of air freight services and products when combined with the value-added services that we provide will surely give you a solution that is sustainable as well as profitable for your business.

Quality Air Freight Services in Dubai

Having a worldwide network with the best in the industry allows Lyon Movers to provide quality air freight services even in the remotest nations of the world. Having covered more than 50 remote areas in the last decade makes us one of the best freight forwarders in Dubai.

Our on-site offices in many nations are well equipped with modern facilities and cutting-edge technology to cater to the various orders of our clients. Be it automobiles, textiles, or perishable food supplies, Lyon Movers has got the right set of expert professionals on board to provide you with the best solution every time.

Choose Your Own Freight Services

When you deal with Lyon Movers, you have complete flexibility to choose what you desire. You will never be forced to pay for shipping an entire container when your load is only half a container. You can choose air or sea freight services and customize them the way you want. Lyon Movers has a wide array of services such as office movers and packers in Dubai, pick up rental Dubai,  that can cater to the requirements of all budgets and types.

Charter Sea Freight & Air Freight Services

When we say customized, we mean it. You can charter any of Lyon Movers’ air or sea freight services any time you wish. For sensitive and perishable goods, we have special temperature-controlled services that you can avail of. Additionally, we have special solutions for automobile logistics and other similar goods. You can request additional insurance coverage, customs brokerage, and special handling for non-standard cargo.



FAQs on Sea Freight & Air Freight Services in Dubai

Yes, with Lyon Movers, you have complete freedom and flexibility to choose services as per your needs and requirements. We never force our clients to fit into pre-set packages. We offer customizable solutions which can give maximum benefits to our clients. If your project requires you to ship it in parts, we can certainly do it for you without any hassle and without levying any additional charges to you.

Yes, at Lyon Movers, one of our biggest USPs is that when our clients desire, we do offer a complete customs clearance solution to them. Right from handling custom brokerage to doing all those little errands related to customs clearance, we can do it for you.

Port-free days are the days when a port authority allows an importer to use the port to store their goods. Once the port-free days are over, the port trust will start levying charges on the importer. Whereas, line-free days are the days when a shipping company allows its customers to pick up the container, unpack it, and ship the empty container back to the shipping company. At Lyon Movers, you have the freedom to choose both. That is, if you want, we can ship the container right to your doorstep. On the other hand, if you have it figured out, you can pick up your container from the port and return it to us.

Yes, Lyon Movers has special services for urgent and perishable goods like medication and food items. You can schedule your air freight services in Dubai  for the most remote parts of the world and our team will make sure it reaches its destination within a short period. Providing such urgent services makes Lyon Movers one of the best air cargo services in Dubai.

Yes, India or any other part of the world can handle half and partial container loads to and from Dubai at very reasonable rates. You can call us any time and get further details. Providing prompt services has ranked us among the top sea cargo & air cargo services in Dubai.