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When we move abroad or relocate to a new neighborhood, there are things that don’t fit in our new house. But they are so precious to us that parting from those things or selling them off is not a question. Instead of cramming your new place or asking your friends to take your stuff, you can use the storage facility of Lyon Movers. Our storage facilities are equipped with modern technology to keep your belongings safe and secure while you enjoy settling into your new space.

Store Your Office & Commercial Goods at Lyon Movers Warehouse in Dubai

Lyon Movers is the best choice for storing your office goods and belongings. You can also store any of your commercial equipment, tools, and goods at the Lyon Movers facility without any worries. While you explore new places and learn new things in a foreign country, your commercial stocks and goods stay safe and secure at the Lyon Movers warehousing in Dubai.

Features & Benefits

Are you worried about having to pay huge storage bills? When you choose Lyon Movers to store your belongings and goods, the amount you pay for storage will be much less than anywhere else in the city. Our affordable rates are one of the main reasons many corporate and retail clients choose to use our facility instead of buying their own space specifically for storage.

If you want to use our storage facility for more than a year, you can use it for as much longer as you like. While we offer generous rates for long-term storage, we also offer attractive rates for short-term storage. Even if you want to store your things for less than a month, you can easily do that at our storage facility. Our climate-controlled features will ensure that your precious goods stay in the best shape when they are stored for a long time at our facility.

Lyon Movers offers the best moving and storage facilities in Dubai. So, whether you will be storing big pieces of bulky furniture in our units or a number of small boxes, you will always find a storage unit that fits your needs with us. Our climate-controlled units will ensure that your wooden furniture doesn’t change its size due to changing temperatures and stays just like the way you put it in storage units. While our units will keep your wooden furniture in good condition, you can pack it in good packing materials so that no scratches or dents form on its surface during transit. If you find it difficult to pack numerous big furniture pieces yourself, you can use the packing services of Lyon Movers. Our team will see that your furniture is packed properly and then shipped with the utmost care to our storage facility.

Lyon Movers is one of the most reputed and oldest movers and packers in the UAE and also offers moving and storage services in Dubai. Having years of experience and a reputation to manage, you can rest assured that even a tiny pin that you will store in our facility will be safe and secure. We have installed most of our premises with CCTV cameras, and a record is maintained of every person who enters our premises. We also do strict background checks on our employees.



Frequently Asked Questions On Storage & Warehousing in Dubai

Yes, you can easily store your goods and belongings at Lyon Movers’ storage facility for as little as two to three days.

You can call us and enquire about the different types of storage units that are available with us. Then you can directly book your storage unit and ship your belongings here. Afterward, you can proceed with the payment and paperwork.

Most of our storage units are climate controlled. Depending upon what you are storing at our facility, you can choose your desired temperature. These will allow you to have all your belongings safe and secure at Lyon Movers storage facility.

At Lyon Movers, we have general insurance of our premises so in case of overall and general damage if your storage unit gets affected our insurance will cover it. But if you are storing something very special and valuable like artwork then we suggest you get additional insurance of yours that will be better.