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Packing for a move can be the most tiring part of the entire moving process. However, when you manage things carefully, this tiresome thing can become fun too. Generally, the best way to manage the tiring part of packing is by hiring professional movers. When you reside in the Middle East, there are many reputed moving companies that offer their packing services in Dubai at affordable rates. Lyon Movers is one such reputed moving company in Dubai that provides excellent packing services and is regarded as one of the best movers and packers in the UAE.

If you are curious to see easy packing tips before you move your house, then this article covers all those topics. Read till the end to find out all the details.

1. Pack The Least Used Room And Items First

You will wonder what sort of tip this is and question who on earth packs the least used things first. Hold on and read this section till the end to know why we suggest this. Generally, most professional packing and moving companies in Dubai suggest that you begin packing at least two months in advance. When you begin so early, you need the most frequently used items from your home daily. If you begin packing these things first, then there will be no point in packing early as every day you will have to open all the boxes and find the items that you need. Instead of saving your time and organizing things, you will end up being disorganized and wasting your time.

That’s why at Lyon Movers we suggest to our clients that they start packing the least used room and belongings first. As a result, when moving day arrives, you will still have access to your daily necessities while remaining organized and on track for your move.

2. Hire a Moving and Packing Company

One of the easiest ways to have easy packing and safe relocation is to hire professional movers and packers in Dubai. Instead of attempting a DIY pack and move, you can have a safe bet by hiring professionals. You hire professionals for most things, so why not for this important one? Professional movers are equipped with all the necessary tools and have enough manpower with them as well. That is why they can manage all your packing-related activities with ease and efficiency.

And if you don’t want to hire moving companies for everything, you can just hire them for packing services.

3. Protect Your Fragile Goods Carefully

Showpieces, vases, photo frames, and so many other things in our house can be vulnerable to breakage and damage. If you are attempting to pack on your own for your home relocation, then you should be extra careful while picking and packing these fragile things. You can fill your glassware with socks and face napkins, or you can even buy packing materials to pack them safely. Professional movers and packers in Dubai use special types of packing materials to fill up glassware and dinnerware. Professional moving companies use special boxes that are thick and specially made for packing artwork. If you don’t want to hire movers for packing all your goods, you can hire movers specifically for packing such fragile goods. At Lyon Movers, we have all types of customizable services to help our clients get the best solution for their relocation.

4. Prepare a Packing Schedule

Organizing things is the best tip for staying on track with packing. One easy thing you can do to stay organized for your packing is to make a packing schedule. You don’t have to go fancy and get a leather folder to make this schedule. All you have to do is take a piece of paper and write down the free time you have until the moving day. In this free time, assign at least an hour each day to your packing. This way, you will be on schedule and on time by the time your moving day arrives. Professional movers can easily help you pack and move to Dubai, but if you do a DIY move, then you must stay on track and organized for your relocation. You can tackle one room at a time and one drawer at a time.

5. Take Photographs of Furniture and Electrical Circuits

Unless you are a professional handyman or carpenter, you will forget how furniture pieces stick to each other and where each wire can go in a circuit. Taking photographs of all these pieces will help you when you try to assemble them in your new home. In case you find yourself confused mid-way, you can immediately call Lyon Movers and hire our carpentry and handyman services. Along with moving and packing services, Lyon Movers even extends their services to include carpentry and handyman at very affordable rates.

6. Don’t Over-Pack Boxes or Leave Them Half-Filled

We were not going to limit at just five tips and that is why an extra valuable tip just for you.

Your household belongings will be traveling for miles. So when you are packing for a move, bear this in mind and pack carefully. Picking the right-sized boxes is very essential for packing. Overfilling boxes can make boxes tear and spill the belongings inside them. Keeping the boxes half-filled can cause them to be compressed by the pressure of other boxes kept on top of them, and this will damage the goods filled in them. As a safe option to have a successful relocation, you should always consider hiring professional help like Lyon Movers for your relocation needs. Lyon movers are one of the leading movers in Dubai that have been working in this field for more than a decade. You can find solutions to most of your moving-related problems with Lyon Movers.

Concluding Lines

Hiring professional movers like Lyon Movers is always your best bet related to moving and relocation. If you want to do it on your own, then by following the above tips you will have a great time organizing your packing and moving. If you have any doubts related to moving, you can contact Lyon Movers at any time. Our team will be happy to assist you.

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