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The Hassle-free Way to Move Furniture

Many people consider moving a difficult task. However, at some point in life everybody has to move their houses. Some may have to move overseas while some may have to move across the street. The most difficult task that most people find during moving is moving of furniture.

A recent survey conducted by university professionals reveal that 7 out of 10 people find moving furniture one of the most difficult tasks and it either makes them postpone relocation or makes them consider buying new set of furniture pieces. Nothing in life can be permanently difficult and the same is true for moving furniture as well. If you take guidance and hire experienced furniture movers and packers Dubai for your furniture move you will have a great experience while moving your home and furniture within it.

Many people think that they will good by taking help of their friends and family for moving but this is exactly where they go wrong. There is no harm in having friends come over and aid you in your big house relocation. But a professional moving company will always be a better solution when it comes to moving big and bulky pieces.

Start Planning Early

Good things take time and like they say Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly a successful furniture removal wasn’t achieved over night. The secret to efficient work and relocation lies in planning and planning early. Whether it is office furniture move you are worried about or your villa move you can put your worries to end by at least consulting with renowned office movers and packers in Dubai or villa movers and packers in Dubai.

Professional and reputed movers like Lyon Movers have their doors always open for people who have doubts related to moving. Even if you don’t want to hire us you can consult our team any time you wish and clear all your doubts.

Make an inventory list

The next stop in your relocation journey should be making an inventory list. Many people feel that they know exactly what all they own and they do not need an inventory list. But this is where most people get wrong. Preparing an inventory list helps you go through all the pieces that you own. Once you do that it’s easier for you to decide which things you want to take along with you and which you want to leave behind.

Most local movers in Dubai prefer to get an inventory list made before they begin moving your furniture. Making an inventory list will help you keep a track of all things that you own. It’s a great idea to keep your old furniture with you even when you are moving to a bigger house. As you will have time to decide what works best and what doesn’t work best. If you shift in your new home without any furniture you will be forced to make a decision and get furniture as soon as possible. If you are downsizing your home and moving to a smaller apartment then to inventory list will help you identify what is worth keeping and what is not. When you hire house movers and packers in Dubai for your furniture relocation and they make inventory list for you it’s easier to get a moving insurance because of the inventory list.

Begin Dis-Assembling Your Furniture

Whenever possible you should dis-assemble a giant piece of furniture into smaller parts. Often time’s people do not have necessary tools or expertise to handle dis-assembly of complex furniture pieces. When they somehow dis-assemble furniture they are unsure about how to assemble it again. Most professional movers and packers in Dubai prefer to click pictures of furniture pieces before dis-assembling them so that they do not make any mistake while reassembling it again.

You can alternatively hire handyman services from reputed movers and packers in Dubai like Lyon movers who can help you with just assembly or disassembly of furniture. If you do not wish to hire all services you can even just hire movers for packing services. You can even hire Lyon Movers just to pack two to three precious items of yours. Services of Lyon movers are very versatile and customizable as per your requirements.

Wrap and Protect Your Furniture Pieces

Once you are done with dis-assembly of your furniture pieces it is time to wrap and protect those pieces. Any furniture movers in Dubai you hire will take extra and special care of your furniture pieces by packing them with special materials. People often feel that these big pieces of furniture do not need any protection and carry them as it is. Doing so causes dents and scratched on the surface of these pieces. There is a certain way every big and small piece can be packed efficiently for move. Don’t forget packing the edges. Edges are more prone to damage like chipping and clipping than any other surface. You can protect edges by taping them and then putting thick cardboard papers over them.

Load heavy items first

Whenever you are moving furniture Dubai you will have to hire a moving truck or a moving van. In this moving truck you will have to load heavy items first. By loading heavy items first you can secure those items from damaging other smaller pieces. When you load heavy pieces make sure you secure them with straps and belts so that they don’t fall loose and move while travelling.

Concluding Lines

You can easily move furniture internationally or locally by following this above described blog. If you have any doubts you can always visit Lyon Movers to get guidance on different types of move and relocation. Be it office relocation or just packing fragile pieces or big bulky furniture pieces Lyon Movers is just a call away for you.

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