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Top 10 Dos & Don’ts for Storage and Warehousing in Dubai

Managing and maintaining a warehouse is no easy task. To say that there is one specific way of managing the warehouse would be folly. Managing a warehouse efficiently necessitates a great deal of collaboration and seamless efforts from all parties involved.

To manage all operations with efficiency and maintain everything smoothly requires strict adherence to time management and discipline in the work culture.

Problems in warehouse management can further create problems for other operations and even for clients who use warehousing facilities. To avoid common problems that frequently occur in warehousing, here are 10 dos and don’ts for storage and warehousing, brought to you by Lyon Movers, who are one of the leading and most professional movers and packers in Dubai.

Keep reading until the end to know all the dos and don’ts of storage and warehousing in Dubai.

The Major Mistakes That Happen In Warehousing In other words, the “Don’ts” of warehousing

1. Maintaining Excessive Inventory

When a business gets attracted to bulk deals, they end up having excessive inventory. Such bulk deals that are too good to be true must be left alone, and businesses should focus on managing inventory that is easily feasible for them. You will get a discount initially for these bulk products, but these products will take weeks, most of the time months, to reach the end user. You will end up paying a hefty amount over and above your monthly storage expenses. There are many long-term and short-term storage services in Dubai that offer good packages, but in the end, rather than wasting your money on storage, utilize it in a better way and manage a fast-moving inventory that can generate more revenue in a short period rather than locking your investment in slow-moving inventory.

2. Letting Your Receiving Department Lag Behind

During rush hours and especially through the discount days such as Black Friday, the pressure on inbound and outbound teams is huge. Most commonly, the inbound (receiving) department receives major flakes on such big days. The pressurized workers of the inbound department may lag. Some of the best movers and packers in Dubai suggest that you invest in a digital solution that can offer a comprehensive solution for managing inbound loads and increasing manpower to cater to such heavy loads.

3. Picking Paths Poorly and Inefficiently

Paths are one major area that is overlooked by many warehouse managers. Setting up a criss-cross path or loading frequently ordered units on top shelves causes unnecessary pressure on the workers. To avoid such mishaps, data is necessary; by going through data, you can set proper picking paths, which can reduce the time of picking products and also reduce frustration among workers. Most office movers and packers in Dubai vouch for having proper picking paths when it comes to warehousing management.

4. Not Giving Importance to Cleaning

Cleanliness is equal to godliness is a phrase that is taught to toddlers studying in kindergarten across the world. It seems like many warehouse managers need to be given this lesson from the warehouse. Many goods are sensitive. Goods like medicines, cosmetics, FMCG, eatables, ready-to-eat food packets, and so on require a very clean and hygienic place for storing. Even while choosing a warehouse in Dubai, most clients prefer clean and tidy places over unclean ones. That is why special importance should be given to cleaning the warehouse at regular intervals.

5. Not Prioritizing Safety Procedures

Just because you maintain your warehouse clean and manage tidiness and there have been no hazards reported in the last few months doesn’t mean you forget about safety procedures. The nature of warehousing work is such that it is constantly prone to accidents. That is why routine safety and maintenance should be undertaken. Even home movers and packers in Dubai take extreme precautions when relocating homes and do not place anything on a pedestal.

6. Not Training Employees

Training their employees is the most important factor any business should consider. Many warehouse managers consider warehousing jobs tor any business should consider. Many warehouse managers consider warehousing jobs easy, and they end up not providing enough training to their employees. This must be avoided as well-trained employees can deliver better results. Trained employees make for better warehouse storage in Dubai.

7. Mixing Multiple Units in One Bin

Whenever you store your products, don’t mix multiple products in one bin. In that way, you create confusion and frustration for our employees, and as a result, you reduce their efficiency.

8. It’s Not Collecting Data

Collecting data helps in more ways than one. It helps formulate future business strategies and also helps in making plans for customer growth.

Do’s Of Warehousing

1. Data Collection Automation

Automated data is more accurate and helps businesses make better decisions. It saves time that employees waste on manually writing everything for data collection.

2. Bin Locations for Locating Specific Products

Even pharmacies have software-backed bin location solutions to locate specific medicines in particular storage bins. So a big warehouse storing numerous products should also have a digital bin location facility for locating particular products.

3. Shipping Notifications

Today’s era is of staying connected. Everybody wants to know what is going on with their order and work. That is why a modern warehousing facility in Dubai must have shipping notifications in place. Most service providers of moving and storage in Dubai are upgrading themselves to help end users get notifications of shipping.

4. Making Better Information Visibility

All the employees, irrespective of their position, should be able to access vital information that is necessary for day-to-day functioning.

5. Having Proper Return Processes

If a warehouse deals with the most time and resource-consuming thing then it has to be returned. Returns become an absolute waste of money and put a burden on revenue. That is why a proper system should be set up for returns that aim at reducing losses.

6. Prioritizing Important Tasks

Quite often, warehouse managers are unable to identify tasks that are vital and need prioritizing. That is why many vital tasks are overlooked and aren’t performed on time.

7. Maintain Good Relations With Vendors

Any business requires cordial relations with vendors. So it is true that warehousing vendors provide good services, and that is why relations with them should be maintained cordially.

8. Analysis Of Floor Space Analysis And Its Optimum Utilization

Any good warehouse should focus on optimizing available space for maximum storage capacity. For that, routine floor space analysis must be conducted.

9. Supply Chain Management

When it comes to warehousing, the entire supply chain line should be managed in such a way that each part complements the other part. When the entire supply chain is managed healthily, the entire supply chain becomes revenue generating.

10. Implement Modern Tech And Gadget

Using modern technologies and gadgets has proved to be a boon for warehousing. Contrary to old methods, modern devices help save time and are better at providing safety to workers as well. Using technology, both digital as well as mechanical proves very beneficial to the warehousing business.

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