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Top 5 Things To Remember When Packing For A Move

Moving to a new place is always exciting. We look forward to the new activities and new life we will live in a new city. The initial excitement of moving is often short-lived, and soon the stress of moving overwhelms us.

Like all other stress in our lives, we can handle this well too. With proper planning and with the help of professional movers and packers in Dubai like Lyon Movers, we can do our relocation smoothly and effortlessly.

When you take a full-service package from Lyon Movers, you will not even have to do all the packing. But in case you decide to take a half-service package and are confused about how to go about packing, then read this article compiled by our experienced team to get started. By following the five most important things listed below, you will have a smooth and wonderful packing experience for your next relocation.

Start As Early As Possible

It can get overwhelming for all of us, and some people start procrastinating things when they get overwhelmed. Do not make the mistake of putting off your packing. The sooner you start, the easier it will be for you to relocate to your new house or office.

Even if you take packing and moving services in Dubai, most movers would suggest starting early. Generally, most movers suggest starting your packing at least two months beforehand. When you start early, you have ample time on your hand to finish last-minute emergencies if any arise. Starting early also makes things easier and helps you avoid stress as everything is well done and prepped up before time.

If any sudden delays happen or suddenly you have to leave way earlier than planned, then at such times when you have packed early, these sudden changes won’t let you panic. Instead, you can relax and do your relocation easily. Especially when you are relocating internationally, you have to ensure that you begin at least a month before your actual day of moving.

Start Packing Non-Essential Things Before

You will wonder who gives you such a tip about packing non-essential things first. Keep reading on to find out more about it. When you start packing your home early, in such a case, you will still have to live in your old apartment. In such a situation, if you pack your essentials first, then it will be cumbersome for you to open boxes every day and then search for the necessary things that you require.

Things like seasonal festival decorations, books, show pieces, seasonal clothes like coats and boots, and other similar items are not required daily, and they can be packed ahead. Similarly, you should also start packing the least used room first. When you choose a room for packing, then start with extra rooms or guest bedrooms. This way, your daily life will not be hampered, and yet you will be able to carry on your packing smoothly.

Lyon Movers is one of the best movers and packers in Dubai, and whenever our clients ask for packing tips, we suggest they start by packing the least used room and least used items first.

Begin Decluttering Your Stuff

When you opt for a half-service package and choose to pack things on your own, you want to save the maximum amount of money. In such a case, if you pack all the belongings you have without decluttering anything, then you will end up paying more for shipping the things that you don’t even need.

Even when you hire house movers and packers in Dubai for a full-service package they would still suggest you declutter and sort out things that you have. Those old clothes or your child’s craft from 1st grade, however cute they are, add an unnecessary burden to your storage space and actually aren’t that much needed for you.

You can scan and preserve digital copies of your children’s art and craft projects. Other items, such as books and clothing, can be sold or donated. If at any cost you don’t want to let go of your stuff, then you can choose to store these excess belongings at a storage facility rather than shipping them with you.

Pack a Box of Essentials for Your Moving Day

If you have young children or elderly people in your family that are moving with you, then you have to make a special box containing essentials like face towels, emergency medicine, some basic tools, and some easily eatable items like cookies and crisps. When you are rushing here and there on your moving day, you don’t want to end up opening multiple boxes just to find that emergency medicine your child or parent may need.

Though the home movers and packers in Dubai that you will hire will be equipped with all the necessary equipment and tools, essentials like medicines and crisps will need to be carried by you.

Mark All the Boxes.

You don’t want to end up having a box of toiletries in your office in case you are relocating your home and office both at the same time. Most professional apartment movers in Dubai label each box room-wise. If you have two siblings sharing a common room, then you should mark each individual box with the holder’s name on it. Even when you share your room with your spouse, you wouldn’t want to have his pair of trousers get mixed with her pair of trousers. By marking boxes, you will ensure that the belongings of each room and individual are safely united with them when you start unpacking.

Concluding Lines

If you want to have absolutely no hassles when relocating, then you must hire local movers in Dubai like Lyon Movers for your local or international relocations. With us, you will not only save money but also save time.

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