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When you are juggling a lot of things at once, you are bound to make a few mistakes. And, while it is human to make mistakes, moving is already stressful mistakes are bound to happen when moving. The fewer moving mistakes you make, the more enjoyable (and cost-effective) the entire process will be.

Cooking, trigonometry, and driving a car are just a few examples of things that are better learned the hard way. But how to move is not one of them. The more you know about what you should and shouldn’t do before making your next move during the relocation process, the better your decision will be. So keep reading this article compiled by the team of Lyon Movers, until the end to find out important moving mistakes you should avoid.

You Don’t Budget Correctly

Because it is impossible to predict the cost of your move to every single penny, moving companies provide estimates rather than quotes. But it’s still a good idea to get a general idea of how much your move will cost, especially if you are trying to keep costs within a budget or a certain range. Paying higher moving bills is a common shock after a move, but it can be avoided by doing research ahead of time to determine what you are comfortable paying and how much you will need to budget.

Rather than deciding jiffy instead, try this:

Use a moving cost calculator to estimate how much you will spend based on the number of belongings you have and the distance you’ll be traveling. Don’t forget to factor in extra costs such as packing supplies and potential days off from work. You can hire the best movers and packers in Dubai such as Lyon Movers who will guide you through every step of moving carefully.

You Try To Do A DIY Move Rather Than Hiring Help

Hiring professional movers comes at a cost, but the price you pay is almost always worthwhile. Moving, even with friends to assist, will take more time and effort than hiring professionals. It will be far more dangerous if you have high-value items. While there are many situations in which moving yourself is perfectly acceptable, it is a mistake to dismiss the idea of hiring a moving company simply because you want to save money or believe it will be a simple task because it rarely is. Whether you move a villa or an apartment and hire villa movers and packers in Dubai, hiring the right moving company will always help you save more money rather than attempting a DIY move.

You Try To Move without Insurance

No reputed and professional movers and packers in Dubai will ever attempt to have relocation with proper insurance. Government regulations require that office or home movers and packers in Dubai provide their clients with both released-value and full-value protection. However, full-value protection does not imply that the moving company will write you a check for that amount if your contents are damaged (rather, you will receive an equal-value replacement item or the company will pay for the item’s repair). Separate liability insurance, which is offered by some movers and is governed by state law, is another option, as is additional moving insurance from a third-party company.

While the requirement of having to use your insurance is low when you chose to work with a reputable moving company, you must decide how much risk you are willing to accept. If you don’t, you may find yourself with little to no recourse if something goes wrong.

You Don’t Do Enough Research On The Moving Company

There are many moving companies, although not all of them are created equal. To find the best professional movers for the job, ask for recommendations, read reviews, and call a few different companies for data and estimates. If you simply select the first name that appears on the search engine results page, you are putting both your possessions and your peace of mind at risk. You are also not helping your wallet because the only way to know if you are getting a good deal is to compare prices. At Lyon Movers, we have been constantly ranked among the top ten office and house movers and packers in Dubai, we always insist our clients do through background checks of any mover before hiring them.

You Don’t Give Yourself Enough Time To Pack

Packing takes time, even if you are just throwing things into moving boxes haphazardly. It’s almost unavoidable that areas that you thought would take 10 minutes to bundle take nearer to an hour, and then there are those areas that you know will be a challenge from the start like the kitchen. Giving yourself insufficient time will always result in stress, stress that might have been avoided with proper planning.

Instead, try this:

When it comes to packing, be realistic. A small studio flat or a one-bedroom apartment should take about two days for packing, whereas a two-bedroom house should take about 3 days, and a three-bedroom house should take about five days to complete packing. You must add a minimum of two days if you have a lot of delicate items to pack. Hiring apartment movers in Dubai can significantly reduce the time for packing everything up.

You Don’t Declutter and Get Rid Of Things

The ultimate moving advice you will ever receive will include the idea that there is no better time than during a move to declutter and reduce your personal belongings. The less you have to move, the better it will be to move. And at the same time, it’s pointless to waste time packing and unpacking items you no longer want or need. Yet, all too often, many people get caught up in the desire to reduce the number of tasks and simply throw everything into a box rather than organize and get rid of things. Aside from being a waste of time, bringing unnecessary items can increase the cost of your move. Hiring local movers in Dubai can help you with decluttering and disposing of as well.

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